Sex Stings Expanding in Florida

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In a world where real crime like robbery, burglary, and fraud runs rampart, Grady Judd continues to expand the concept of set stings now targeting the Internet sites that promote prostitution. Prostitution has been around since the beginning of time. Men have been paying for sex going all the way back to the stone ages. In many societies it is accepted and tolerated. In Polk County however it is a heinous crime. The latest stings have targeted and the other sites promoting casual hookups, sometimes for money. The Internet Sex Stings have taken it a step further. When a man tries to hook up with an escort, the cops do the bait and switch and try and promote a hook up with a minor saying something like “you are really going to like her, she is only 15”. In a Manatee County case the undercover cop, after booking an hour with a fictitious escort, casually mentioned she was young but very experienced and hot. Do not fall for this bait and switch. If you are on the Internet and anyone suggests they are underage, walk away. Do not get sucked into meeting a minor under any circumstances.
Grady Judd claims now that this is targeting “human trafficking” when in fact, it is his agency that is creating the crime. The prostitution stings rope in the “Johns” as well as the call girls, escorts and hookers. There is a financial motive for the police to do these internet sex stings. They can forfeit the cars of the “johns”. The simple fact is that prostitution should be legal as it is in many other countries. There are both men and women that because of their jobs or careers simply cannot have a permanent relationship but still need sex. If they are in the military or in a field that is not conducive to marriage because of frequent travel they need to have the ability to satisfy their sexual needs. Rather than date and mislead a woman with promises they simplify the sexual relationship making it open and straight forward. Women have been offering sex since the Roman times, and before that. It goes back even before Biblical times. They really need to make prostitution legal and acceptable not waste precious law enforcement resources trying to stop something that has been going on since the beginning of time. Grady Judd sounds like a really frustrated man to me, venting his frustrations on the rest of the world, or at least Polk County. My guess is that someday Grady Judd will try and run for State wide office. That is really scary.
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