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The Sarasota Sheriff just won’t let you call one

In the latest Sarasota Sex Sting, all of the men that were arrested were held for 96 hours on the fourth floor of the jail with no access to telephones to call relatives or lawyers. It makes a mockery of the criminal justice system and the United States Constitution and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. This is not the first time the Sheriff has done this. Every time his deputies run a sex sting, to conceal the fact that a sex sting is in process, the men arrested are put in a section of the jail without phone access. Even when the fact they are in jail is “smuggled” out by other inmates, when relatives came to visit, they were denied access.

This is a pattern by the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department to effectively deny the men arrested the right to an attorney.

What is even worse is the manner in which the sting was run and the facts manipulated.
The arrest reports do not reflect what really happened.
The probable cause affidavits distort the facts and in some instances are an outright misrepresentation.
In most of the cases, it was the undercover detective that actively sought out the defendant in an adult site.
The men were not seeking children.

The affidavits falsely state that the undercover detectives were “posing as a 14 year old girl”. That is a flat out lie.

The detectives posed as adults, posting adult profiles on adult sites. It was only after hours and days of chats that the detectives in classic bait and switch claimed they were underage. They got young men hooked in the chat and then changed the age. They asked the young men to travel to them. They asked the young men to bring condoms. The hounded the young men with texts and calls. When the men balked they actively encouraged them to come.

These are classic cases of police entrapment.

The Sarasota sheriff’s deputies are the real sex predators preying on basically young men who were seeking only adult companionship. When the true facts come out, the public will be outraged.
Almost all of the men are still in jail on high bonds and only in the last 24 hours have been able to speak with anyone. What the Sheriff’s department is doing is just plain wrong. It is wrong on many levels. Hopefully as these cases get into the Courts, juries will find out what our Sheriff is really doing. There is no excuse for law enforcement to act in this manner.