Another Florida Sex Sting in Bay County just Ended

Peter D Aiken
The Sex Offender Defender

Here we go again. Sheriff Keith McKeithen of Bay County in Panama City, Florida, just announced the arrest of 16 men calling them “dirtbags” and talking about how law enforcement was preventing deaths and bodies being found. This is not even remotely true and once again just grandstanding.
This latest operation, “Operation Mirage”, an ICAC dog and pony show, was the result of the combined efforts of a number of law enforcement agencies. Sadly, these operations rarely catch real sex predators but instead entrap young men on adult websites, looking for adults. The sheriff stated that they were monitoring websites looking for men targeting children. The truth is that law enforcement is posting on adult websites trying to trick men into texting, sexting and emailing with undercover officers who then switch to age to 14 or 15.  As a Sex Sting lawyer, I have handled over 3 dozen of these cases and know first hand what law enforcement is really does.

The Public is being mislead

What generally is not disclosed to the public are the real methods and techniques used by the undercover cops. They post as adults on adult sites. They put up adult profiles. They are masters at luring introverted young men into compromising situations. They are masters at luring introverted young men into compromising situations. In truth and in fact, they are the ones doing the luring and seducing. The general public never hears or sees what is really happening in these sting operations. The public is being brainwashed into thinking there is an epidemic of child solicitation on the Internet. There is an epidemic of entrapment by misguided law enforcement officials.
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