Massage Parlor Sex Sting Nets over 200 Arrests

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This last week, in Seattle, over two hundred men were arrested when they showed up for a $100 hand job.

Law enforcement in King County took over and ran what used to be the Bamboo Spa. It was renamed the “Euro Spa” for the operation. The police advertised on and when men showed up, they were greeted by a number of hot undercover women posing as “massage” employees offering various forms of sex.

It is all about money.

The minimum fine if convicted is $2733.00 and the department expects to net $550,000. Wait until Grady Judd in Polk County hears about this. You can bet that given the huge amount of money to be made in the hand job business, the Polk County Sheriff’s office will open their own spa. When terrorists are attacking, when police are being shot, when thousands are overdosing on heroin, do our police have nothing better to do than offer hand jobs to consenting adults? Prostitution should be legal and regulated. It is the world’s oldest profession. What possible harm comes if some guy is so desperate that he will pay $100 to get jerked off? Wasting police resources on operations like this, in dangerous times like this, is in my opinion “criminal”. Think how many officers it took to run the massage parlor. Think about how the courts will be clogged with misdemeanor cases.

It is all about money.

The police basically created over 200 crimes and will profit to the tune of a half million dollars. They actually will make more money than the real prostitutes. They net $2733 and the prostitute would have only made $100. Go figure. This only goes to show that is an incredibly dangerous place. A hookup can result in a lockup. Do not go on or for consensual sex. As a Florida sex sting lawyer, this one even amazes me. I thought I had seen it all. It gives a whole new meaning to “protect and serve”

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