In 2015 Orange County Sheriff Sued Over 2011 Sex Sting Arrest

Peter D Aiken
The Sex Offender Defender

A man had his case thrown out in Orange County and has filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff in Orange County. He was arrested in a sex sting and clearly entrapped. The State Court Judge dismissed the case when it was shown that he clearly never intended to solicit or have sex with a minor. The police basically tricked him. He was not able to see his kids for over two years. He lost his job and was subjected to terrible publicity and disgraced. As his attorney said, most people will always look at him as a sex offender although he clearly did nothing wrong.

It is going to take a Federal lawsuit to reign in some of the outrageous police misconduct. This appears to be the first one so far in Florida. Some of the State Court judges are finally showing the courage to throw out a few of the cases. It is going to take a judgment against the Sheriff to finally wake up people like Grady Judd. So far, there has been no downside for law enforcement. If a judge later throws out an arrest, it is simply no big deal. Now, if they get sued, and if they lose, they may temper some of their terrible entrapment techniques.

The Orange County case was one of the ones that started on

Over and over the man indicated he was not interested in sex with a minor. It was classic bait and switch. Only when he showed up to meet the adult woman at her “home” was the fact that there were three of them mentioned. It was absolute trickery by the police.As a sex crime lawyer, I wish this man good luck. It will be years before the case is decided, but it is about time someone has taken on the system. To win a lawsuit against the police, you really need the perfect set of facts. Filing a lawsuit and winning it are two different things. You still have to convince a jury to return a verdict for a serious amount to make it worth while. We all wish him luck.

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