Craigslist Casual Encounter taken down..Finally

Peter D Aiken
The Sex Offender Defender

March 24 2018

Where did Craigslist personals and casual encounters go?

In response to the latest action in Congress, Craigslist has finally taken down the personals section including Casual Encounters. Had this been done years ago, it would have saved many men from becoming registered sex offender. For a decade, the police undercover chatters have been posting misleading ads in Craigslist personals. The police would post in the women for men section and in the men for men section first pretending to be over 18. When men would respond, the undercover chatters would change the age, then pretending to be young girls 13, 14 and 15. Thousands of men have been arrested and had their lives destroyed by these entrapment schemes. You may know someone who got arrested and faced a similar situation. Had this been done ten years ago, many men would never have been convicted and would never have become registered sex offenders.

The new law makes the providers liable criminally and any of them with any sense will now back off and shut down the personals. This is a death knell for the providers that provide services to the prostitutes. What the legislators really need to do is legalize prostitution. The true way to stop human trafficking is to legalize it and control it. Who would take their chances with a drug infected street hooker, if they could lawfully go to a regulated an approved licensed house of prostitution? As a sex crime lawyer, I have handled approximately four dozen Internet Sex Sting cases and almost everyone one of them began on Craigslist, Backpage or

This is going to take a bite out of the police ICAC chatters prosecution rate. Where do the police now go? The police will now target the telephone applications and other dating applications. Law enforcement has already started running child pornography stings. Is the FBI-ICAC task force putting out links to child porn and then arresting people who respond out of curiosity? We are coming into an entire new era for the police. Their tool is being taken away. Casual Encounters is done! The government can totally shut down child pornography. All they have to do is pass a law requiring Internet servers and providers to block the known videos and images when they are transmitted. Times are changing for everyone.