Could Another Sex Sting be In Progress in Sarasota?


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Could Another Sex Sting be In Progress in Sarasota?
We are now into Mid July 2014 and there may be another Internet Sex Sting coming soon to Sarasota looking for internet sex crimes. The last one a few months ago was not that successful so you can expect the Sheriff to increase the entrapment techniques by seeking charges of internet chat room and Social network solicitation of minors also trying some new stuff. In Polk County recently, Sheriff Grady Judd expanded the scope of the sex stings to include Chile Pornography and prostitution. We may be seeing the same thing coming to Sarasota soon. Instead of focusing on Craigslist like they have in the past my predictions is that they will target kiddie porn and prostitution along with the Social Media sites. There is a good possibility that these sex sting operations  it will also include targeting the gay hookup sites also.
As a Florida Internet Sex Crimes Attorney, I affirm that the police no longer simply reply to sex oriented ads. Now they are going on regular dating sites and responding to adult ads and ICAC and or the cooperating law enforcement agencies will be running the bait and switch saying stuff like, “ I hope you are not mad, I am really only 14”. As an experienced sex sting lawyer, Do not fall for this entrapment technique. Never, no never try and hook up with anyone under 18. In Florida, although the age of consent is 16, if you are older, it still may be a crime to even hook up with a seventeen year old. When you see things like “I have the house to myself” do not even think of responding. If you see an ad that mentions anything like “taboo sex” or “family fun”, never under any circumstances even think about responding. If you see an ad that hints that a single dad wants his daughters to learn about sex…do not respond. Curiosity killed the cat and it will land you in jail.
“Young love” will land you in jail. They don’t call it “jail bait” for nothing and sex offender probation or prison could be next. As a sex crime attorney based in Sarasota, I have handled dozens of these cases across Central Florida and you can expect something soon here is Sarasota. The best way to not get arrested is to have no contact with anyone posing as a minor. Never send a pic of your penis to anyone. If you are communicating on a dating site with anyone even close to 18, demand proof of age. The Internet is a dangerous place and even communicating with a minor can get you arrested. You do not want to get charged with traveling to meet a minor or Internet solicitation of a minor. Your car will get seized and you will get arrested and be looking at a huge bond and a criminal trial. It will cost you a small fortune. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Think twice and never chat with a minor on the Internet. If you are reading this too late, you can
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