Super Bowl Sex Sting ?

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January 2020

Super bowl Sunday 2020 is coming up this week and that means, nationwide, there will probably be multiple sex stings targeting escort services and people responding to escort sites.  If this year is like the past years, law enforcement will try and lure buzzed partying fans with enticing escort promises.  The Super bowl is in Florida this year and you can count on Grady Judd in Polk County to have his undercover detectives working the escort sites.  In Florida there has already been an announcement that they will be targeting “human trafficking” which law enforcement equates to escort and sex sites.

The really sad thing is that in some of the stings, the undercover chatters will try and convert what is normally a misdemeanor (solicitation of prostitution) into a felony by telling the guy that the escort is under age (a minor).  Just “chatting” on some of the sites can get you arrested for “Internet solicitation”.  You don’t have to “travel” to get arrested.  You can get arrested for just “fantasy chat” and “role play”.

The Internet is a dangerous place, and as a sex crime lawyer, I have found that in the 40 plus cases I have handled, many times the guy was under the influence of alcohol.  Drinking and chatting on a dating or escort site can result in a person being arrested for just saying some stupid stuff.  Remember this!  If at any time the person you are chatting with even remotely hints that they are a minor or a child, immediately terminate all communication.  The police undercover chatters will try and tempt you and get you engaged in explicit sex talk and then try and talk you into traveling to a takedown site just like you see on the former TV show “To Catch a Predator”.  The truth is that in these times, the police are the predators.

In Florida law enforcement has also made a full court press on child pornography cases. Here in Sarasota and Manatee County, the State attorney’s office has gone all out in seeking life sentences on men for simply looking at a video.  Here in Sarasota, the State always files 40 counts of second degree felonies running the sentencing guidelines to life in prison.  Never, no never, even out of curiosity download a picture or video of a child engaged in sex.  If you are on the Internet, you have to know what you are downloading.  Never uses any type of peer to peer file sharing application.  If you do, law enforcement can come into your computer without your knowledge and extract stuff.  When you are not home, shut your computer down.  Never let anybody use your computer, including relatives and friends. To be safe, if you have WiFi, make sure it is password protected and don’t give anyone your password.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so don’t be tempted to do anything remotely illegal with a minor.  Have a safe and happy Super Bowl.

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Sarasota and Bradenton Sex Sting long overdue

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Here we are in late February 2017 and so far this year there has been no sex sting in Manatee and Sarasota area.

In light of the fact that Polk County just ran a sting with forty two arrests you can expect that the Sheriff in Manatee and the Sheriff in Sarasota will soon follow suit. We usually see sex sting cases right around Valentine’s day so we are a week overdue for another sting here. In the Polk sting, the Sheriff’s office focused on child pornography with great success.

I cannot impress upon you too much how terrible the penalties are, particularly here in Sarasota County.

The State is enhancing all the third degree felonies to second degree charges and running the guidelines through the roof when it comes to State prison time.

The best way to not get arrested is to stay away from the peer to peer sharing programs and more importantly, never, no never download or view kiddie porn. You can end up doing more time for looking at a video of a thirteen year old than actually having sex with a 13 year old. The State attorney in Manatee and Sarasota has a scorched earth policy and files dozens of charges running the Florida sentencing guidelines up to thirty to fifty years, for just viewing a video. If you are on the Internet and anyone ever asks you to send child pornography to them, do not do it. In the sex stings, the cops will engage a person in chat and then suggest an exchange of child pornography. Never do that. Nothing good comes of ever viewing an underage person engaged in sex. Most of the time, you will end up in prison for letting curiosity get the best of you.

There is a scam running now on the Internet.

If you are on or a woman claiming at first to be an adult will get you to exchange dirty pics. She will send you a sexually explicit vagina pic and ask you to send her a dick pic. When you do fall for this, you will get a later text, email or call from someone pretending to be a detective. The “detective” will tell you that you have been communicating with a minor and offer you a “diversion” program for a fee. This is a money hustle and a scam.
As a sex crime criminal defense lawyer I get calls almost every week from men who have been contacted by someone pretending to be a cop. Real cops do not do that so if you get a call like that, terminate the call and block future texts emails and calls from that person

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Valentine’s Sex Sting this year?

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February 7 2017

It is that time of year again.

Valentines is only days away and in the past, this has been the time of year the police run their Internet sex stings.

They are doing things a little different now. In the past, they stalked Craigslist casual encounters. Since the arrests have been falling off, they now are actually contacting people on the phone applications and dating sites. is one of the prime targets. Even if a person posts as an adult looking for an adult, the police try and pull the bait and switch. My advice is to totally avoid the Internet dating sites. Nothing on the Internet is true. Everyone lies about who they are, what they want and in particular, their age. Men pretend to be women. Women pretend to be something other than what they are. Cops pretend to be a legit date.

If anyone even ever remotely suggests they are underage, flag their ad or post and walk away. Everyone should to their part to keep kids off the Internet and flagging someone that claims they are a minor is a good start. Never, no never chat or text with anyone claiming to be 13 or 14 years old. Never, no never send a penis pic to anyone. Your penis isn’t that pretty and you run the risk of getting scammed or arrested. Nothing good comes of seeing your penis on the Internet, ever. If you are straight, chances are you are actually texting or emailing with a gay guy, not some woman or girl. If you are gay, you are likely being targeted by the cops and they will try and trick you into traveling to meet a minor. The best way to not get arrested for Internet solicitation is to simply not chat with anyone absent proof of age. Everyone lies about age. Demand to see a photo ID before meeting with anyone. The Internet is a dangerous place and men are getting robbed, shot and killed showing up to meet what they think are prostitutes.

Nothing is real on the Internet….Nothing.

When the cops lie on the Internet, there is no consequence.

If you lie, your lie can get you arrested.

If you chat with a minor, even if you are lying, you put yourself at risk.

If you are reading this too late you need to talk to a sex crime lawyer

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Okaloosa Internet Sex Sting Overdue

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It has been about a year since the last Okaloosa sex sting. I would be willing to bet they run one in the near future. Sadly, in the last few stings I looked at, the undercover operations seemed to ensnare young men with mental disabilities. If you are a parent and have a son with a learning deficit, even if he is an adult, you need to monitor his Internet access. Young men with mental disabilities are the low hanging fruit for the police entrapment techniques.

The police also frequently run ads on Craigslist, pretending to be mothers who want someone to teach their daughters about sex.

That is ridiculous. There are no real mothers that would ever do that. No real mother would ever want her child to hook up with an adult. It is a crime for a mother to do that.

It is a crime to hook up with a child.
Do not commit a crime.
Do not participate in a crime.

It should be everyone’s goal to protect children and although the police have good intentions, their tactics leave a lot to be desired.

The real predators know better than to go on Craigslist Casual Encounters, and they know that any ad that even hints or pretends to be a young girl looking for experience, or sex, is really a police sting ad.

The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.

Never, no never, interact with anyone on the Internet that pretends to be 13 or 14 years old. Do not let temptation or curiosity get the best of you. Many lonely men drinking and sitting at home alone get sucked into saying stupid stuff on the Internet.

It is a second degree felony to travel to meet a minor for sex.

It is also a crime to send a penis pic to a minor.

Do not do it. Do not commit a crime.

Some of the recent sex stings also target child pornography.

I recently learned that the FBI actually took over a child porn site and ran it for a while allowing people to get kiddie porn from the site. Federal Courts are now looking into that.

If you are talking to someone on the Internet and they even hint that they are underage, break off contact immediately.

Do not try and be a vigilante. Let the police do their job. Hopefully the police monitor Craigslist and if they see a child there they will do something like contacting her parents. If there is any real mother out there trying to get someone to mentor or teach her child about sex, hopefully, the police will arrest her. The Internet is a dangerous place. We should all do our part to protect children. Parental controls on the computer is a huge first step. As a sex sting lawyer, my goal is to help people prevent crime. Crime prevention is the answer, not the creation of sex predators out of innocent men. Never, no never, email, text, skype or instant message a minor. There are plenty of adult women who want sex. Stick to adults and leave the kids alone. They don’t call it jail bait for nothing.

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Is there another Sex Sting running in Pinellas County?


Peter D Aiken
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It is hard to tell if there is another sex sting or an isolated arrest in January 2016. When the Sheriff runs a sex sting now, the information regarding the arrests is blocked from the public and the media. The Sheriff or the Chief of police after several days will make a big press release disclosing all of the arrests at one time. The sex stings seem to have fallen off in the last year (except for the ones run by Grady Judd) and St. Petersburg is long overdue. Usually in the past the bait was a suggestive ad in the adult section of Craigslist Casual Encounters. Lately, the police have targeted the escort sites and other social medial sites and the various hook up phone applications. Whey they run an escort ad, after they get a response or a call they will try and do the “switch” claiming that the prostitute is really a minor but “you will really like her”. They try and get men who are looking for an adult escort interested in an under aged fictitious person. They will lure the unsuspecting “John” to a takedown location and then arrest them for traveling to meet a minor or attempting to commit a lewd act with a minor.
The best way to not get arrested is to never fall for that temptation to hook up with a young girl. Never, no never travel to meet anyone underage, no matter how tempting they make it sound. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit any crime, particularly something like soliciting or enticing a minor. Face it guys, there are no real underage girls out there who want experience. Face it guys, there are no real underage girls out there who want experience. They can get all the experience they want from teenage boyfriends and if you get a text even suggesting a tryst with a minor, terminate all contact immediately. Do not even engage in any “fantasy’ talk. The police will arrest you for talking dirty with a minor. It is not a crime but that will not stop them from arresting you not even engage in any “fantasy’ talk. The police will arrest you for talking dirty with a minor. It is not a crime but that will not stop them from arresting you.
The best way to do that is prevention. Parents have the prime responsibility to keep their kids from being molested. The police should be giving lectures in middle school on the dangers of the Internet.  If a loved one has been arrested in one of these Internet sex stings, call an experienced sex crime attorney


What’s Going On in Sarasota? Another Sex Sting?

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There was some unusual law enforcement activity in Sarasota yesterday.

Police vehicles from Polk, Pinellas, Manatee , Clearwater, Northport, Bradenton and FDLE all converged on the Sarasota Police Department yesterday. Usually, this means that another Florida sex sting is in the works. Unfortunately, often men who have no intentions of ever hooking up with a minor get talked into chatting or texting with undercover police investigators. Let me remind you, the best way not to get arrested is to simply not commit a crime. In recent months the police have been running child pornography stings engaging men on the Internet hinting towards an exchange of kiddie porn on peer to peer file sharing programs. Never, no never, receive or transmit child pornography. It is a crime. Do not do it. If someone suggests it, terminate contact immediately. If someone sends you an unsolicited child pornography image you have a problem. If you truly did not intend to receive it, you may find yourself in a situation where you are in possession of something you never intended to possess. I have suspected for years that the police are sending some of the illegal images to entrap people into transmitting images back to them. The police then track the images back to an IP address, get a search warrant and then charge someone with a crime. It is a tough world out there and as much as I would like to believe police do not engage in illegal activity, I have my suspicions.
The latest child sex sting they are running is where a father or an uncle is pretending to have a son or nephew that needs “teaching”. The undercover stings target adult gay men, luring them with a promised encounter with a 13 or 14 year old boy. It is a crime to have sex with an under aged boy. Do not even think about doing it. I am a believer that the best way to lower the crime rate is to encourage people not to commit a crime. The police are getting desperate and when they cannot catch people committing a crime, they simply create one with one of their so called “Operations”. The police have moved away from Craigslist Casual Encounters and are now using a more subtle approach with other adult social media sites. They still troll the adult dating sites like Adam4Adam, Omegle, Backpage and others. Many lonely men fall for the bait and switch and get roped into doing something they would never think about doing. Do your part towards reducing the crime rate. Do not commit a crime. Do not get entrapped.
If you see a minor on the Internet suggesting sex, Flag the ad. Do your part to keep minors off the Internet. Education, not prosecution is the answer. Prevention, not prosecution is the solution. Let’s all do our part.

If you think you have stumbled into a sting or are under investigation for a sex crime in Sarasota or Bradenton call a criminal defense attorney



Could Another Sex Sting be In Progress in Sarasota?


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Could Another Sex Sting be In Progress in Sarasota?
We are now into Mid July 2014 and there may be another Internet Sex Sting coming soon to Sarasota looking for internet sex crimes. The last one a few months ago was not that successful so you can expect the Sheriff to increase the entrapment techniques by seeking charges of internet chat room and Social network solicitation of minors also trying some new stuff. In Polk County recently, Sheriff Grady Judd expanded the scope of the sex stings to include Chile Pornography and prostitution. We may be seeing the same thing coming to Sarasota soon. Instead of focusing on Craigslist like they have in the past my predictions is that they will target kiddie porn and prostitution along with the Social Media sites. There is a good possibility that these sex sting operations  it will also include targeting the gay hookup sites also.
As a Florida Internet Sex Crimes Attorney, I affirm that the police no longer simply reply to sex oriented ads. Now they are going on regular dating sites and responding to adult ads and ICAC and or the cooperating law enforcement agencies will be running the bait and switch saying stuff like, “ I hope you are not mad, I am really only 14”. As an experienced sex sting lawyer, Do not fall for this entrapment technique. Never, no never try and hook up with anyone under 18. In Florida, although the age of consent is 16, if you are older, it still may be a crime to even hook up with a seventeen year old. When you see things like “I have the house to myself” do not even think of responding. If you see an ad that mentions anything like “taboo sex” or “family fun”, never under any circumstances even think about responding. If you see an ad that hints that a single dad wants his daughters to learn about sex…do not respond. Curiosity killed the cat and it will land you in jail.
“Young love” will land you in jail. They don’t call it “jail bait” for nothing and sex offender probation or prison could be next. As a sex crime attorney based in Sarasota, I have handled dozens of these cases across Central Florida and you can expect something soon here is Sarasota. The best way to not get arrested is to have no contact with anyone posing as a minor. Never send a pic of your penis to anyone. If you are communicating on a dating site with anyone even close to 18, demand proof of age. The Internet is a dangerous place and even communicating with a minor can get you arrested. You do not want to get charged with traveling to meet a minor or Internet solicitation of a minor. Your car will get seized and you will get arrested and be looking at a huge bond and a criminal trial. It will cost you a small fortune. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Think twice and never chat with a minor on the Internet. If you are reading this too late, you can
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Sarasota Internet Sex Sting This Weekend, February 9th 2014?

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Sarasota Internet Sex Sting This Weekend, February 9th 2014?

Are the Police in Sarasota running another police sting trying to entrap people?  Who knows?

There are some ads running on Craigslist Casual Encounters that really look suspicious.  One of these ads has a post in the “adult” only w4m section that says “Family Fun time”.  The ad goes on to say “I have a unique situation here that is not for everyone. Serious Inquires only. Dad +3 hit me up if you are interested.  For some reason, Craigslist has not flagged this ad.  It is one of two things.  It is either an ad suggesting sex with a minor which is illegal or it is a post by police that will try and engage a person in emails or texts about sex with minors.  The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.  Never engage in texts or email with a minor.  Do not do it.  If you respond to a suggestive ad that even remotely suggests sex with a minor, notify law enforcement and flag it on Craigslist.  You may think you are in an adult site looking to hookup with an adult.  Do not continue to converse with any person that even hints they are a minor.  Do not unintentionally commit a crime.

There is another ad running on Craigslist right now captioned Home Alone Again.  This is either a child or an undercover police officer.  Never, no never respond to an ad like this.  Do not let simple curiosity get the best of you.  This ad suggests travel to Orlando.  Never, no never travel to meet a minor for anything.  Do not do anything illegal.  Minors do not advertise on the Internet.  Only police post ads suggesting sex with a minor.

The best way to stay out of trouble is to not commit a crime.  Never, no never converse with anyone that could even remotely by a minor.  As a Sex Sting Lawyer, the best advice I can give you is to not commit a crime.  If the people posting these ads are real, they should be arrested.

There is another ad running now called “Off the beaten Path”.  If you are a law abiding citizen and have no interest in children, keep it that way.  Get off Craigslist and get a life.  Sex is a terrible temptation and never give into temptation to have sex of any type with a minor.

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