Latest Sarasota Sex Sting targets Mobile Apps

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Latest Sarasota Sex Sting targets Mobile Apps

In the sex sting now running in Sarasota County the Sheriff has targeted men using mobile applications like Tindr, Grindr, Miumeet and Blendr.  These hookup applications enable people to hook up with like minded adults through the use of their smart phone or tablet.  The application notifies you when you come within a certain distance of a potential partner who meets or matches your profile.  The undercover chatters are now using these applications to engage unsuspecting men looking to hook up with both women and other men.

This is fertile ground for the bait and switch operation of the undercover sex sting operatives. When contact is made with a potential match the “chatter” will then disclose that they are really underage but still encourage a hookup.  The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.  Do not get sucked in by your curiosity no matter how tempting the chat or instant messaging may become.  It is perfectly ok for consenting adults to engage in sex.  It is against the law for adults to engage in sex or send sexually explicit images to a minor.  If you use one of these hook up applications and anyone ever even suggests they are underage, terminate all contact and report them to the police.  Chances are, you were talking with the police anyway.

As a Sarasota sex crime lawyer and forty year veteran criminal defense attorney, I have tracked the changing tactics of the police here in Central Florida.  So far this year, they have run sex stings in Pinellas, Sarasota, Lake and Manatee County and they are not going to stop.  It is the end of the month and a sex sting is a good way to boost up arrest statistics.  It makes for good publicity, great stats and revenue in the form of forfeited vehicles.  I expect the Sheriff here in Sarasota to announce today or tomorrow the results of the sex sting they have been running since last week.  So far, the Sheriff’s web page does not include any of the current arrests.  They are trying to keep it a secret.  Traveling to meet a minor is a serious crime.  Attempted lewd and lascivious acts with a minor are also crimes that can result in a State prison sentence and sex offender probation for years.  If you get convicted in one of these stings you can end up being a registered sex offender for no less than twenty years.  Not all lawyers are experienced in trying these types of cases.   Call me at 941 366 3506  or you can visit my website at

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