Double Barreled Internet Sex Sting in Broward County


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Double Barreled Internet Sex Sting in Broward County March 2014

The latest Florida Internet Sex Sting dubbed “2 YNG 2″ ” too young to” which looks like it may still be running is in Ft. Lauderdale.  This Ft. Lauderdale sex sting hosted by Broward Sheriff’s Department headed by Sheriff Scott Israel has already announced 25 Broward county sex sting arrests of both men and women.  Many of the men that were entrapped were led to believe that initially they were talking with an adult.  Ultimately, the men were talked into meeting with what they thought were teenage boys.  The other half of the sting dealt with women who were arrested for prostitution.  Men paying women for sex has been around since humans began walking upright.  It is the World’s oldest profession, and in the more civilized societies, it is accepted.  Prostitution is a necessary evil that has been around for centuries.  In Broward County, it is a crime and when the police need a few statistics it is easy to make a few arrests by simply going on Backpage and looking for a hookup.  There is a misconception that women are forced into prostitution.  Although that may be true in a few instances, most of the time it is a choice where the easy buck usually prevails.

The Internet sex stings are another thing entirely.  Most of the men arrested are not sex predators looking for children.  They are men in adult sites looking to hook up with like minded men.  That should not be a crime.  It is law enforcement that creates the crime.  Basically when the run the stings, it is bait and switch from the word go.  Who is really doing the soliciting?  Most of the time it is the police chatters.  Who is doing the seducing?  It is the cops who most of the time invite the unsuspecting victim into traveling to meet a minor.  Not a month goes by that the police don’t run a sting.  It is good for their statistics.  It generates sex offender arrests.  It makes for good press when the sheriff comes on TV and says we are protecting the public from sex predators. What a joke.  It would be sad if it were not for the lives that are destroyed by the police entrapment techniques.
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Lake County Hub of Latest Internet Sex Sting in February of 2014

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Lake County Hub of Latest Internet Sex Sting in February of 2014

As I predicted in my blogs over the weekend, a sex sting was in fact running with ads posted on Craigslist in Sarasota and Lee County.  The police were soliciting with their old standard catch phrase home alone again and who knows how many people responded.  Another ad they were running mentionedFamily Fun and a “Dad + 3”.  The police were also targeting military men with catch phrases.

So far, six arrests have been made public but that number is going to rise as the day goes on.

As a sex sting lawyer, I track stings and the arrests as well as the cases as they go through the Court system.  Who knows how many men responded and did not fall for the bait and switch entrapment tactic?  Who knows how many people were contacted and solicited by a Sheriff’s detective or FDLE agent and did not fall for the entrapment scheme.  Hundreds of lives have been destroyed by police entrapment.  I am sure their press release will brag that the cops are arresting sex predators.  The absolute truth is the police are the sex predators preying on lonely adults simply looking to hook up or date another adult.  As more and more people realize the police are on Craigslist, the cops turn to the other dating sites and randomly respond to normal adult ads with the goal of luring, soliciting and enticing normal men and women into compromising situations.  They want you to travel and will invite you to come.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in this Orlando area sex sting, call for a free consultation.  Not all criminal lawyers regularly handle sex stings.  The law in this area is evolving daily with more and more Courts ruling on the entrapment defense.  I have handled Internet sex crime cases, including child pornography in central Florida as well as the Gulf Coast Counties.  Many people are tricked into sexting, sending sexually explicit videos and images to what they think may be an under aged person.  Never send a penis pic to anyone.  When you see a phrase like “I am really only 15” or “I don’t have much experience” terminate all contact and flag the ad.  Kids should not be on the Internet and in fact they are not.  The only so called kids on the Internet are cops.  When you see “NSA”, no strings attached, what that really means is that “handcuffs are attached”.  Call Today for a Free Consultation :941 366 3506

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Florida is leading the Country in Sex Sting arrests.  That is not because there are more pedophiles here than elsewhere.  It is because law enforcement agencies have found an easy way to pump up their statistics, generate publicity and make money.  Most of the people arrested in Polk , Seminole and Manatee County are not criminals.  They are young men that were entrapped by outrageous police conduct, typically bait and switch tactics.

If a loved one has been arrested, do not assume they are guilty.  Do not abandon them.  It is very likely that they were entrapped and lured and induced to respond to emails or texts by some slick undercover cop tolling the Internet for bored lonely men.  These cases can be defended successfully.  In Polk County that have run sting after sting luring men from all over Florida and enticing them to travel to meet a minor.  The police are not detecting crime, they are creating false arrests to make it look like they are doing their job.

The police post on adult sites like Backpage, Adam4Adam and Craigslist Casual Encounters and time after time as adults.  When they get a response they try and lure lonely men with suggestive comments or “winks” claiming that they are fourteen or fifteen.  Lonely bored young men, many time shy young men fall for this ploy.

Do not trust the fate of a love one to the public defender.  Most public defenders are overworked with an impossible caseload.  Many public defenders lack the experience in handling sex cases.  Would you want your father, your brother, your boyfriend or a loved one defended by an attorney basically doing on the job training?

How do I find the best sex sting lawyer?

No legitimate lawyer will ever claim he is the “best”.  There are some very fine criminal defense lawyers in Florida.  Not all of them handle sex cases on a regular basis.  You need to find a lawyer that has experience in defending sex cases.  Look at the attorney’s background and education.  How long has he or she been actually defending sex charges?  Beware of out of State lawyers who are really running referral services and will only take your money and then hire someone locally.  Beware of lawyers that will tell you what you want to hear to get you to hire them.  Do your homework.  Go on the Internet.  Go to the Florida Bar site and check for complaints.  It is impossible for any lawyer to represent thousands of people without someone being dissatisfied but beware of any attorney who has multiple sustained complaints.  Make sure the lawyer you hire is the one who is going to handle your case.  Not all lawyers are created equal nor is their level of experience.  Good criminal defense lawyers unfortunately are expensive.  That is because they devote enormous time and effort to presenting a successful defense.  A good example is the recent Zimmerman case.  Would a public defender have won that case?  Take the time to look into the criminal lawyers background, track record and check out his or hers reputation among his peers.  Beware of lawyers that bad mouth other lawyers.  Beware of lawyers that promise a successful result.  No reputable lawyer will do that.

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There are Defenses in Internet Sex Sting Cases


All across Florida they are continuing to run Internet Sex Stings.  In Polk County this month, June of 2013,  it was the ninth sting and it resulted in 41 arrests.  True, they may catch a real predator now and then but in the process they arrest dozens of innocent people destroying their lives forever.  There are valid defenses to these sex crime arrests and having an experienced sex crime lawyer can make a difference.  Under the Florida sentencing guidelines if you are convicted of traveling to meet a minor you are looking at a State prison sentence.  If you get convicted of solicitation of a minor, you are looking at jail.

The truth is that many people simply get drawn into chatting, texting and emailing with no intent to ever have sex with a minor.  Remember years ago when they had phone sex operators where women kept people on theline talking at three dollars a minute.  The Internet has replaced this business.  People sit for hours at a computer simply chatting and engaging in a pure fantasy with no real intent of ever acting out on it.  The Internet has become a trap for the lonely and many men who are simply lonely find themselves being lured by the police into compromising situations.

Entrapment is a defense in some cases.  Were the police in and adult site?  Did the police bring up sex?  Did the police send a photograph?  Did the police invite you over?  Did the police suggest travel?  Did the police ask for a “pic”

These are all issues that may give rise to an entrapment defense.  I have defended Internet sex crimes going as far back as the “To catch a predator” TV series by Chris Hansen.  As a sex crime lawyer, I understand how ordinary people get drawn into these situation with no real intent to ever interact with a minor.  I have handled cases in Sarasota, Lee, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Charlotte, Polk and Manatee County and in every County the police seem to be engaging in entrapment.  A judge in Manatee just this month threw out two cases.  The State is appealing but in my opinion will not win.  If you or a loved one have been arrested in a sex sting, do not give up hope.  Prison is not a certainty and having a public defender may not be a good choice.  I am not here to judge you, I am here to defend you.  Call my Sarasota office at 941 366 3506 or you can visit my site at