The Oldest Profession is now a “2015 Target Crime”

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It is hard to believe that in these modern times in a liberal society that prostitution is still illegal. In many of the countries it is legal and tolerated. Women have been selling sex since the cave man days and will until the end of time. As a criminal lawyer I find it comical that the cops are still wasting manpower and resources arresting people for solicitation of prostitution, engaging in underage prostitution and Internet solicitation. God know they don’t have enough to do enforcing real laws dealing with violent crime. Our laws are out of touch with reality. The police waste hours haunting the massage parlors and stress relief clinics. What is the big deal if two consenting adults want to engage in sex? It makes no sense. If a guy picks up a girl at “Jack Dusty’s”, buys her to a two hundred dollar dinner and then gets lucky it is no crime. He does however run the risk that she is a psycho that will stalk him, extort him and otherwise ruin his reputation. On the other hand, if he simply takes luck out of it and pays a professional call girl two hundred dollars, he gets professional attention and confidentiality. In some respects, I can see where there is more honesty in the relationship with the call girl.
Extortion is alive and well in Sarasota. There are some women that will intentionally hook up with a married man only to shake him down for big bucks later. There are some women that use the old gimmick telling a one night stand that they are pregnant simply to shake them down for money. We need to eliminate some of our laws. The way to reduce crime is to make less things a crime.
If you get arrested for solicitation, lewd and lascivious conduct, improper exhibition or some other sex crime and want to talk to a sex crime lawyer, call for a free consultation. I am not here to judge you, I am here to defend you. Good people do get arrested now and then.

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