Sarasota Overdue for Sex Sting


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Sarasota Overdue for Sex Sting

If statistics hold true, Sarasota is due for another Internet Sex Sting in the near future.  Manatee has conducted three stings in three years all called Green Shepherd and the latest being Operation Green Shepherd III.  There have been two sex stings in Sarasota called Operation Intercept One and Two.  As they say, third time is a charm and I would be willing to bet we will see the police trolling the Internet here any day now.  My prediction is that the next sting here in Sarasota will result in multiple arrests and another media circus for the Sheriff.  Once again we will hear “We are protecting our community from sex predators.”  Sadly, it is the police that are the sex predators targeting young men on adult sites simply looking to hook up.

The police tactics will likely change.  As a Sarasota sex crime attorney I have been tracking and following the stings all over the State.  The trend seems to be targeting regular social media sites and not just Craigslist Casual Encounterslike before.  You can expect law enforcement to be responding to profiles posted on Meetme,, Backpage, and Adam4Adam.  Instead of posting ads on Craigslist like before, the police will actively be responding to ads and trying to bait and switch unsuspecting young adults.

If the pattern holds true you will see police actually contacting men with a “wink” or comment like “urcute”.  You will then see an email or a text usually using a phrase like “My parents are gone for the weekend” or the standby like “home alone”.  Eventually the undercover FDLE agent or the undercover Sheriff’s deputy will say, “I lied, I am really only 13” or “I am still in School”.  The best way to not get arrested in Sarasotais to not commit a crime.  Do not fall for the entrapment techniques used by the cops.  Never continue to talk to an under aged person on the Internet or a smartphone.  The truth is that there are not minors on the Internet looking for someone to teach them about sex.  When you see “I don’t have much experience” I can guarantee you, it is an Internet Child Sex Sting. As a Florida Sex Sting Attorney, go with your initial instinct, if you interact with someone who says they are a minor, report them and flag them on the Internet.  You don’t want to become the next victim of a Sarasota sex sting called Operation Intercept III.  Do your part, flag minors and get them off the Internet.

Over the last three years, I have defended men in these types of stings in Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Seminole County.  Over the years as a Sex Sting Lawyer I have also defended men in Lee, Polk and other jurisdictions.  If you or a loved one get arrested and read this blog too late, call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506 or you can learn more by visiting or or click here to visit my SEX STING LAWYER WEBSITE