Defending the Serious Sex Crime involving a minor

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Defending the Serious Sex Crime involving a minor
Throughout Florida and the United States there are arrests for child porn sex stings daily. The charges range from solicitation of a child, possession or transmission of child pornography across the internet to lewd and lascivious, sexual battery on a child without a victim to traveling to meet with intent to have sex with a child. Although the facts are not always made public, in all likelihood undercover Sheriff’s deputies are again trolling the Internet trying to induce men into either sending or receiving child porn or traveling to meet a minor. In the past, as the true facts unfold we learn that in many of the so called sex stings, it is the undercover officers that are the ones luring, seducing and enticing otherwise law abiding men into succumbing to temptation. It is important to remember that these men are assumed to be innocent. If a loved one has been arrested in a sex sting, do not assume they are guilty. Sadly, most of the time, families and employers abandon men based solely on the criminal charges that are filed.
As a sex sting and sex crime lawyer, the one thing I have learned is not to prejudge a situation. There is a world of difference between an accusation and proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Over the next few days and weeks we will learn more about this in the latest Florida sex sting.
As a Child Pornography Defense Attorney, I often see that some people assume that if a person possesses child porn, they go on to molest children. In most instances, this is simply not true. Over the years I have found that many of the men that are charged with possession of child pornography were victims themselves in their youth. Viewing pictures of minors does not mean that a person molests minors. Often child pornography images can end up accidently on a computer. Even if a person tries to delete a child pornography image, it unfortunately still remains in the unallocated space part of the hard drive. Not all criminal defense lawyers understand the ins and outs of child pornography defense or understand or appreciate the difficulty of defending sex crimes. If a relative or loved one has been arrested in a sex sting feel free to call for a free consultation.
As a Sex Crime Attorney, I have handled sex sting or child porn cases in Sarasota, Manatee, Lee, Polk, Seminole, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Brevard. I have followed cases of those arrested for serious sex crimes in many other cities and counties in Florida and other States for years and have good grip on what it a takes to successfully defend difficult sex crimes. Call my office in Sarasota at 941 366 3506 or Click here to visit our website:

Is There Another Sex Sting In the Works for Manatee County?

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Is There Another Sex Sting In the Works for Manatee County?
Many people feel that the police are entrapping law abiding citizens with some of the tactics they use in the Internet sex crime investigations. One of the police tactics under scrutiny involves posting ads as adults on like Craigslist, Backpage, Adam4Adam, kik, facebook and other dating and social media sites.
There are ads running right now, on March 2015, that are either being posted by the police or by real people seeking a sexual encounter with children. Either way, it should stop. The police should not pretend to be adults and then try and convince people to travel, seduce or meet children with the intent of having sex, create situations that would have harmful materials transmitted to a child or abuse a child without great harm … Internet transmission of harmful pictures without physical contact. One of the most recent ploys involves ads that use unusual tag lines hinting at sex like “Family Fun Time”. When you see an ad that talks about “a unique situation that is not for everyone” or “a Dad + 3 hit me up”, you should not respond even out of curiosity. If it is a real person, the ad should be flagged for removal. If it is the police, you could get in trouble for simply responding and asking questions.
If the police really wanted to stop the Internet Predators, the real ones, they need to take on the giants like Craigslist that routinely permit this type of stuff to happen. There is nothing wrong with adults hooking up with other adults on the Internet. It is wrong for adults to hook up with kids that are under 18. I do not believe there are any real children advertising on the Internet asking for sex. I do not believe there are any parents advertising for sex with their children. In my experience as a sex crime lawyer, every single ad that is posted like that in internet sex stings is done by a law enforcement agency like the FDLE, the Sheriff or some Police Department.
Another ploy being used by police involves “two sisters” or “two brothers”, one of which they will later tell you is underage. If you see anything that remotely hints at any type of incest relationship, do not respond. The best way to avoid being arrested is to not commit a crime. If you inquire, even out of curiosity, they may talk you into a compromising situation. Never travel to meet anyone who could even possibly be a minor. Lately, in Pinellas County, the police did not even mention age until the people were already in route.
The police are also responding to ads posted by adults. They target military men and then try and switch the conversation suggesting travel to meet a minor. They also try and file charges for “solicitation of a minor”. The truth is the police are the real sex predators preying on adults seeking adults. Do not get arrested for a crime you had no predisposition to commit.
My advice….Stay off Craigslist. Let me hear your opinion on this subject. You can visit my sex defense site at
I am not here to judge you. I am here to defend you.
For over thirty years I have been defending criminal cases of all types. Defending a gay defendant presents challenges that many criminal defense attorneys have not encountered. This is particularly true when the accusation involves a sex crime. It may be something as simple as a lewd and lascivious misdemeanor charge at a local park or beach or something more serious like child pornography or a Federal offense like child pornography. In my experience I have found that many of the cops are homophobic. The cops work the parks and gay hookup sites trying to entice gay defendants and in some instance actually soliciting sexual encounters. Entrapment is a defense to this type of police conduct.
The Internet Sex Stings also target men on Craigslist Casual Encounters and Adam4adam and other gay social media sites. The police undercover ads are terribly suggestive and outright entrapment. When a gay person responds, the cops know exactly what to say to make a meeting seem appealing and the police are actually trained in seducing and enticing a gay defendant. I have been defending Internet sex stings all over Florida for many years. I know how prejudiced the prosecutors, judges and jurors really are. Overcoming that prejudice is the first hurdle you have to overcome in defending a gay defendant.
Overcoming the embarrassment of the  sex sting arrest is the first problem. Friends and family sometime just don’t understand. At our criminal defense firm, we do. I am a former Federal prosecutor and my partner Sean O’Halloran is a former state prosecutor. We have both prosecuted and defended sex crimes for years. We understand the challenges in sex cases. Not all criminal defense lawyers really understand how to defend sex sting cases. I encourage you to visit our website devoted to the defense of sex crimes. Go to to review our qualifications and compare them with other lawyers. If you have a sex arrest in Bradenton or Lee, Charlotte, Manatee, Volusia, Hillsborough, Polk or Sarasota County or any of the nearby areas, call Peter Aiken today for a free consultation 941-366-3506.

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No Trick or Treat for Sex Offenders

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No Trick or Treat for Sex Offenders

Incredibly, In Lee County, dozens of law enforcement officers and deputies were assigned to investigating registered sex offender to see if they were participating in Halloween trick or treat.  Do the police have nothing better to do?  They wanted the sex offenders to keep their lights off and make sure they were not giving out candy.  This is absolutely ridiculous and an enormous waste of valuable police manpower.  This only fuels the paranoia associated with the myth that sex offenders prey on neighbor kids.  The truth is that most sex offenders are relatives and most sex offenses occur within the house.  “Stranger Danger” is a total misconception.

No sex offenders were arrested for giving out candy.  What a joke!  As a sex crime lawyer ,I am all too familiar with the extremes the police will go to in order to re-arrest someone who is already in their sites.  Sex offenders are humans too and many of the men have been convicted of victimless crimes.  They have a tough enough life just finding a place to live and someplace to work.  As a criminal lawyer it sickens me to see these guys being picked on when they are simply trying to comply with sex offender probation and get through the rest of their life. As a Sex Crimes Lawyer, handling internet sex stings, I have been involved with cases in Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Charlotte and Lee counties. If you, your brother, your father, your husband, your friend or a family member has been arrested for a crime involving a child and need questions answered call me Peter D. Aiken, today for a free consultation in Sarasota 941 966 3506 or Sean O’Halloran in Ft Myers 239 334 8890.


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Whether the undercover cops and ICAC task force pose as a fake girl or Fake child in an internet sex sting operation the consequences are all the same. An experienced sex sting lawyer will tell you that they can label the charges differently but the score sheet will usually read alike when they refer to child sex abuse in a sex sting operation in 2014. In most of these sex stings prosecutors are charging the adults in the adult sites looking for a date or companion after what looks to be a bait and switch with, TRAVELING TO MEET A PARENT TO SOLICIT/ENTICE A CHILD TO COMMIT A SEX ACT, USE OF A COMPUTER TO SOLICIT A PARENT TO COMMIT SEX ACTS WITH A CHILD, ATTEMPTED LEWD OR LASCIVOUS BATTERY (VICTIM 12 OR OLDER LESS THAN 16), TRANSMISSION OF MATERIAL HARMFUL TO MINORS (SENDER AND RECIPIENT IN STATE), USE OF A COMPUTER TO SEDUCE SOLICIT ENTICE A CHILD TO COMMIT A SEX ACT, TRAVELING TO SEDUCE/SOLICIT/ENTICE A CHILD TO COMMIT A SEX ACT, ATTEMPTED LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS BATTERY, use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted, Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted, and Transmission of Materials Harmful to Minors. These are just some of the terms that are used when charges are filed.
In most cases there is a NOTICE OF INTENT TO FILE COMPLAINT FOR JUDGMENT OF FORFEITURE when personal property and vehicles can be seized. (A Civil Forfeiture).These must also be addressed.
Then there is the internet exposure of your name, that even if you can get the charges reduced or you have been found not guilty in a sex sting trial, the exposure can linger indefinitely.
It has been several weeks since the last Florida Sex sting. I would expect there soon to be an ICAC and State Law enforcement internet sex sting in Pasco, Seminole, Orange, Pinellas, Manatee, Lee, Charlotte, Broward, Brevard, Lake, Hillsborough, Sarasota or Polk counties as these seem to be the hot spots.
As an experienced sex sting attorney I can try to help you and your family with the entire child sex sting nightmare. As a sex crime Lawyer, NO MATTER HOW BAD YOU THINK IT IS, I AM NOT HERE TO JUDGE YOU, I AM HERE TO HELP YOU.
If you or a family member has been arrested or are under investigation for an Internet sex sting involving an under aged child, internet sex sting or child pornography internet sting, it is to your advantage not talk to the sex sting investigators, call me, Peter D. Aiken, today for a free consultation at 941-366-3506.


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Internet Child Porn Stings in Florida

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Internet Child Porn Stings in Florida last quarter 2014
The Internet Sex stings are taking a new twist here in Florida. Grady Judd seems to be shifting to Internet prostitution Stings. In Sarasota, Lee, St Johns, Brevard, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Volusia, Pasco, Alachua, Citrus, Broward, Desoto, Polk, Osceola, Seminole, Orange and Miami Dade counties there seems to be a push to get people to either send child pornography or exchange kiddie porn. Child pornography carries incredibly harsh penalties and if you are prosecuted in Federal Court the penalties can be even worse which can include sex offender registration and sex offender probation.
There is also a push to get men to respond to ads for sex with children in foreign countries. There has been recent arrests for simular sex crimes against children charges in Montana, Washington, Orgegon, Utah, Georgia, Texas, California, New York, Ohio,Virginia, Michigan, Alabama and the Carolina’s.The best way to not get arrested for a sex offense is to not commit a sex crime offense. The various law enforcement entities have now realized that sex is the best bait when it comes to creating criminal violations. Sarasota is overdue for another Internet sex sting as is Bradenton and Tampa. In the last few stings, arrests have fallen off and my bet is that you will see the police phase into more child pornography stings. Never respond to any ad that even suggests it has anything to do with images of children is sexual situations. Never, no never send or receive any child porn.
The problem is what you can do if you accidentally get a child porn image with a hash tag value sent to you while viewing regular adult porn. It is not an intentional possession but the police do not care. Simply hitting the delete button on your computer will not erase it. It stays in your computer in “unallocated space”. If you accidentally get child porn and take it to a repairman to delete it, chances are you will be reported and arrested. I even knew of a case where a man threw his computer into a canal. It was recovered and the images were still on the hard drive. Reformatting the entire hard drive is said to be an option but many people simply do not have the technical skills to do it. I have heard of cases recently where computers are hacked and porn is sent without the owner’s knowledge. If you live in an apartment building or your home is close to another house you run the risk of someone accessing your wi-fi. Unfortunately, we live in dangerous times and you do not have to commit a crime to get arrested.
Never allow anyone access to your computer. Password protect your computer or phone. If you have a teenage boy and he gets access to your computer he could interact with another teenage girl without making physical contact and you could find the police at your door. Never surrender your computer without a search warrant. If contacted, call us for a free consultation before answering any questions by law enforcement. Call Peter D. Aiken, 941 366 3506 or visit

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Should I Talk to the Police?

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Should I Talk to the Police?
There is no standard answer to this question. It all depends on your individual circumstances and the nature of the investigation. In internet sex sting and child pornography investigations, almost always, you should consult with a qualified criminal attorney first. This is particularly true if there is some type of allegation of improper conduct with a minor. For example, a girl under 16 cannot consent to sexual contact, no matter how mature she seems to be, even if her mother or father approve. If you are over 24 years old the young lady must be over 17. Many times the police try and trick you by saying you forced her to get you to respond that she consented. In those situations, if you are accused of any conduct with a minor, speak to an attorney before any questioning.
If you get a visit from the FBI, Homeland Security or any other Federal agency and they want to talk to you about being on the Internet, immediately contact and attorney. Never surrender your computer unless the police actually have a search warrant. Do not assume that you have erased your search or visit history. If you accidently get child pornography on your computer and think you have erased it, chances are you are wrong and it is still there. Google now tracks the hash values of almost every image sent or exchanged and sends a report to ICAC about suspected computer users who may have sent or received an illegal image.
If you are arrested, it never pays to try and talk your way out of an arrest. Once you are taken into custody, the police are not going to change their mind and release you. You will only be hurting your chances of winning by making statements. When you hear the words, “You have the right to an attorney” pay attention. They have to warn you for a reason. As a criminal sex sting, child pornography defense attorney, I can’t tell you how many times I get cases where the most damaging evidence is a post arrest admission during a post arrest statement. Admitting you possessed something, admitting something was in your car, admitting Internet contact or admitting identity can provide the missing piece for a criminal prosecution. Most criminal lawyers, including myself and my partners at Aiken, O’Halloran and Banyai, get calls every day asking for advice. Most criminal sex crime lawyers do not charge for an initial consultation. Often hiring an attorney early in an investigation can make a difference in whether or not an arrest is ultimately made. I have handled sex crimes and Internet sex sting cases in Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Polk, Hillsborough, Lake county, Brevard, Seminole, orange, Hernando, Pasco and Lee Counties. In the last month, I have answered Internet Sex Sting questions in Montana, Utah, Arizona California, Florida,Washington, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Mississippi.  If you are under investigation, call today for a free consultation at our Sarasota office 941-366-3506 or Ft. Myers 239-334-8890. or click one of the links below for a direct phone mobile link.
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Operation Cyber Vigilance Entraps Innocent Men AUGUST 2014

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Operation Cyber Vigilance Entraps Innocent Men
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd loves the limelight of the television cameras and feeds his ego with press conferences where he parades photographs of all the men whose lives he has destroyed. Hopefully Noah Pransky’s interviews with him will do something to educate the public to the huge lies and the spin put on the various stings running now almost every week in Central Florida in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Lake, Sarasota, and Manatee counties.
I am presently defending a case in Federal Court and as soon as the present trial ends, I will be filing an action in Pinellas attacking some of the illegalities and improper conduct in several of the current cases. There is something huge about to happen relating to how the Internet Sex Stings have been run and the people participating from various branches of law enforcement.
In a deposition a little over a week ago an issue came up that is going to expose the unlawfulness of some of the current police conduct. It is sad that to get votes, Grady Judd puts on a dog and pony show with photographs of the men that have been entrapped in his ICAC operations. In truth about one in ten of the men arrested ever had any intention of soliciting a minor on the Internet. The truth is that the police in almost every instance were the ones luring, soliciting and enticing socially inept young men into traveling to meet a minor. The law is terribly being abused to run up arrest statistics and create press for many of the Sheriffs who have to regularly run for election. They claim they are protecting their voters from sex predators but the truth is they are creating crime, not preventing it.
Each sting costs the taxpayers about $80,000 in manpower. That does not even take into account the money it takes to get the cases through the Court system. They have all missed the boat. The ICAC funding should be spent on educating kids and parents about the dangers of the Internet. How about changing the laws requiring a person on the Internet hookup sites to provide proof of age. Keeping kids off the Internet should be the real goal. No kids on the Internet in Adult sites is the real answer. Require anyone on the sites like Craigslist Casual Encounters, Badoo, Adam4Adam, to provide proof of age before being able to post, search or chat in the strictly adult site. It is a simple answer to the problem. Of course, that will not create the publicity the Sheriff needs to stay in power.
I am a sex sting lawyer and have been fighting this battle for many years all over central Florida. I can be contacted at 941 366 3506 or


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Lee County Jumps on Internet Sex Sting Bandwagon June 2014

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 Lee County Jumps on Internet Sex Sting Bandwagon

Just as I predicted on May 20, a week before the sting started, Lee County  joined the growing number of law enforcement agencies entrapping unsuspecting adults looking for other adults on Internet dating sites.  Sheriff Mike Scott makes it sound like the public is being protected from sex predators preying on children.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When the facts come out it will be obvious that it was the police doing the luring, enticing and seducing in the latest Internet sex sting operation called “Operation Safe Summer”.  The truth is that the police actually contact adults on the Internet, first posing as adults themselves.  They then do the basic bait and switch saying “I lied, I am really only 15”.  These men were not looking for children.  They are not sex predators.  Most of them are shy men trying to hookup with another adult.  They get lured into chatting and texting with cops experienced in entrapping people into traveling to meet a minor.  I have now been involved in about twenty of these case in multiple Counties including Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Polk , Sarasota and Lee County.  I actually began defending these type of Internet Stings back when Chris Hansen was doing his famous TV show “To Catch a Predator”.  One of his first shows was in Lee County in a house down the street from mine on McGregor Avenue.

As a sex sting lawyer and sex crime lawyer, I see a real pattern in the police conduct.  What they are doing is simply not right.  They are not catching real pedophiles.  They are creating crime.

In this case, 40 officers were involved and the sting cost about $80,000 in law enforcement resources.  Imagine how that money could have been spent actually keeping kids off the Internet.  In all of the cases I have handled I have yet to see a single one where a child has been on Craigslist or PlenntyOFish or any of the other hookup sites.  The public is being misled into believing that these stings really detect crime.  It is simply not true.  If a loved one has been arrested, do not assume they are guilty.  Call today for a free consultation. Do not be afraid to call and ask questions, the answers to these questions can make an overall difference in the outcome of your case.

My office is in downtown Ft. Myers on Cleveland Avenue and we will set up an appointment or go visit your loved one in jail.  Do not let him become a registered sex offender.

Call today at 239 334 8890 or visit thesexoffenderdefender or aikenandohalloran websites.

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Peter D. Aiken Criminal Defense lawyer on Sex Stings

Jan 10, 2014 – Uploaded by Peter D. Aiken

Peter D. Aiken Criminal Defense Sex Sting Lawyer interview.

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Undercover Child Porn Sex Sting in Polk County


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Undercover Child Porn Sex Sting in Polk County

Sheriff Grady Judd is expanding his sex sting operations to include child pornography with his latest program called “Operation Guardian Angel”.  Nine men were arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.  One man was arrested for simply not reporting it.  The Sheriff charged him with failing to report child abuse.  Child pornography is an illness and an addiction.  I have been defending sex crimes for over thirty years and it has been my observation that many of the people charged with possession or distribution of kiddie porn were victims themselves as children.  There is a misconception that men who view child pornography go on to abuse children.  The majority of them to not.  In this latest investigation in Polk County they also arrested men for actually engaging in sex with minors and causing images to be created. lately I have seen many arrests for Possession of Child Pornography in Sarasota, Hillsborough, Pasco, Lake, Seminole, Orange, Pinellas, and Lee counties. Authorities seem to be scanning the internet all counties of the State of Florida in select Cyber Sex Child Sting Operations looking for preditors.

The possession of child pornography is a crime that cuts across all economic boundaries.  I have defended doctors, lawyers and people who you would never suspect might be involved in viewing images of children engaged in sex.  Child pornography can be prosecuted in both the State and Federal Courts.  The Federal Courts take a particularly hard position based on tough Federal Statutes and the horrible Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  In State Court, the penalties can be enhanced based on the number of images.  The Internet has caused a proliferation of Child pornography.  There is another misconception that the desire to make money is behind the production and distribution of child porn.  Now, most of the child pornography is created by people who are actually engaging in relations with minors.  There are victims in these cases.  Children worldwide are being abused.  In some instances, the men who view this stuff are victims themselves having developed a desire to see it based upon something that happened to them as children.

Every case is different.  In some cases, the issue is not guilt or innocence.  The issue in many cases is “what is an appropriate sentence”.  An experienced child porn lawyer can make a difference.  There may be technical defenses regarding the search and seizure of the computer.  There may be issues with the search warrant.  In defending these cases I now work with an attorney that has a background in computer technology.  Understanding computers, the Internet and the child pornography industry is the key to winning.  As a former federal agent and former federal prosecutor I truly understand the heavy hand of the Federal Government.

These Child Pornography cases are not hopeless.  Child Porn allegations can be defended and in some instances won.  If you have questions or comments, call me at  941 366 3506 at my office in Sarasota or you can visit my website at . You can also confidentially email me at

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Polk County Sheriff….at the Jail


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If you are a man and posted your profile on here is Sarasota or Bradenton, you can expect to be contacted by a Sarasota County Sheriff’s undercover deputy.  If you get a wink, a smile or some response, like “you look cute”, do not assume it is an adult.  When they run the next Internet Sex Sting here in Sarasota the police will be replying to profiles trying to lure, entice and seduce unsuspecting men into compromising situations and traveling to meet a minor.  They will lure you in and then mention that they are only 13 or 14.  They will suggest you send a “pic” in the hope it will be sexually explicit.  As a Sarasota sex crime lawyer, I have been tracking the Internet sex stings all over Florida for the last five years.  Sarasota is overdue for another sting.  The police just ran another sting on Valentine’s day in Bradenton and usually Sarasota follows within a month or so.

If you post on Craigslist, you can expect to be contacted.  If you see something like “my parents are gone for the weekend” don’t even think about responding.  If a person even mentions they are underage, do not respond and flag the post.  There are not young girls on these sites.  Young girls don’t need men to teach them about sex.  There are lots of boys their age to do that.

Do not get talked into doing something and do not be tempted out of curiosity to respond.  Your only “hookup” will be with handcuffs.  Another Operation Intercept is long overdue for Sarasota and sure to come.  You don’t want to see yourself on television as part of the Sheriff’s pronouncement that “more sex predators have been arrested in Sarasota.  I have defended these sex crime charges in Lee, Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Seminole County.  In the next Sarasota sex sting, you can expect to see the police target gays and military men and others looking for a NSA relationship.  You can also see them post ads implying that a parent or guardian wants someone to teach their son or daughter about sex.  If you see “Single Mom”, do not respond.  If you see “home alone”, do not respond.  Curiosity killed the cat.

Do not become a registered sex offender for life.  Do not end up in State prison or on Sex offender probation wearing an electronic monitor.  Think twice

If you are reading this too late or have a friend or relative arrested in Sarasota in the next Operation Intercept sex sting call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation oryou can visitmywebpage at    or Se habla espanol, llame 941-366-3506, o mande un correo electronico

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