Super Bowl Sex Sting ?

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January 2020

Super bowl Sunday 2020 is coming up this week and that means, nationwide, there will probably be multiple sex stings targeting escort services and people responding to escort sites.  If this year is like the past years, law enforcement will try and lure buzzed partying fans with enticing escort promises.  The Super bowl is in Florida this year and you can count on Grady Judd in Polk County to have his undercover detectives working the escort sites.  In Florida there has already been an announcement that they will be targeting “human trafficking” which law enforcement equates to escort and sex sites.

The really sad thing is that in some of the stings, the undercover chatters will try and convert what is normally a misdemeanor (solicitation of prostitution) into a felony by telling the guy that the escort is under age (a minor).  Just “chatting” on some of the sites can get you arrested for “Internet solicitation”.  You don’t have to “travel” to get arrested.  You can get arrested for just “fantasy chat” and “role play”.

The Internet is a dangerous place, and as a sex crime lawyer, I have found that in the 40 plus cases I have handled, many times the guy was under the influence of alcohol.  Drinking and chatting on a dating or escort site can result in a person being arrested for just saying some stupid stuff.  Remember this!  If at any time the person you are chatting with even remotely hints that they are a minor or a child, immediately terminate all communication.  The police undercover chatters will try and tempt you and get you engaged in explicit sex talk and then try and talk you into traveling to a takedown site just like you see on the former TV show “To Catch a Predator”.  The truth is that in these times, the police are the predators.

In Florida law enforcement has also made a full court press on child pornography cases. Here in Sarasota and Manatee County, the State attorney’s office has gone all out in seeking life sentences on men for simply looking at a video.  Here in Sarasota, the State always files 40 counts of second degree felonies running the sentencing guidelines to life in prison.  Never, no never, even out of curiosity download a picture or video of a child engaged in sex.  If you are on the Internet, you have to know what you are downloading.  Never uses any type of peer to peer file sharing application.  If you do, law enforcement can come into your computer without your knowledge and extract stuff.  When you are not home, shut your computer down.  Never let anybody use your computer, including relatives and friends. To be safe, if you have WiFi, make sure it is password protected and don’t give anyone your password.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so don’t be tempted to do anything remotely illegal with a minor.  Have a safe and happy Super Bowl.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in a super bowl LIV sex sting don’t abandon them. Call today for a free no obligation confidential consultation to see what options are available to you with the facts of your particular charge(s) and arrest.


More Teachers Getting Arrested


Almost every day you hear of another teacher getting arrested for some type of sex crime.
Are there actually more crimes or is the media just more on top of it? I have been doing sex crime defense for thirty years and in my opinion, nothing has changed. There has always been interaction between underage students and teachers. There has always been interaction between some members of the clergy and young boys. In my opinion what has changed in increased prosecution. What we are seeing more and more is interaction between female teachers and young male students. Has our society become more sexualized? Absolutely.
In past years, students were afraid to come forward. Catholic boys were afraid of the stigma of coming forward and making accusations against priests. There has been a floodgate of increased accusations against priests. This is really driven by the lawyers who see the church as a deep pocket and know that the threat of a lawsuit usually results in a big settlement. Sadly, it is the members of the church that suffer. The settlements result in the church selling property and donations being diverted to civil settlements instead of doing the work of the church. The Bishops are now paying the price for years of concealment of illegal activity by a handful of priests.
The same thing is happening in schools. An accusation against a teacher for sexual misconduct with a minor can result in a claim against the school. The other huge change, and increase to some degree, in student-teacher accusations is the smartphone. Sexting has become rampant. Kids now send sexually explicit pics to other students and sometimes to teachers. Some modern day teenage girls are sexually aggressive and actually pursue teachers sending tempting pornographic pics. If a teacher responds with a sexually graphic pic it can result in a criminal charge for transmission of obscene material to a minor and end a career forever.
The simple fact is that many times the accusations are simply false. A student, angry at a teacher, can totally make up a false allegation. Here in Sarasota and Manatee County, it has been my experience that the prosecutors routinely believe the accuser in child sex crime cases. All it takes is a young girl saying something improper happened and it will trigger an arrest and prosecution. Defending sex crime cases is tough. Everyone starts out believing the accusation. It is critical that the defense lawyer have experience in defending child sex crime cases. I have defended teachers, school employees and members of the clergy for over forty years. I have defended teachers, school employees and members of the clergy for over forty years. Sex crime defense is tough but not impossible Hard work, good investigation and thorough preparation can make a difference between freedom and years in state prison.