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January 2020

Super bowl Sunday 2020 is coming up this week and that means, nationwide, there will probably be multiple sex stings targeting escort services and people responding to escort sites.  If this year is like the past years, law enforcement will try and lure buzzed partying fans with enticing escort promises.  The Super bowl is in Florida this year and you can count on Grady Judd in Polk County to have his undercover detectives working the escort sites.  In Florida there has already been an announcement that they will be targeting “human trafficking” which law enforcement equates to escort and sex sites.

The really sad thing is that in some of the stings, the undercover chatters will try and convert what is normally a misdemeanor (solicitation of prostitution) into a felony by telling the guy that the escort is under age (a minor).  Just “chatting” on some of the sites can get you arrested for “Internet solicitation”.  You don’t have to “travel” to get arrested.  You can get arrested for just “fantasy chat” and “role play”.

The Internet is a dangerous place, and as a sex crime lawyer, I have found that in the 40 plus cases I have handled, many times the guy was under the influence of alcohol.  Drinking and chatting on a dating or escort site can result in a person being arrested for just saying some stupid stuff.  Remember this!  If at any time the person you are chatting with even remotely hints that they are a minor or a child, immediately terminate all communication.  The police undercover chatters will try and tempt you and get you engaged in explicit sex talk and then try and talk you into traveling to a takedown site just like you see on the former TV show “To Catch a Predator”.  The truth is that in these times, the police are the predators.

In Florida law enforcement has also made a full court press on child pornography cases. Here in Sarasota and Manatee County, the State attorney’s office has gone all out in seeking life sentences on men for simply looking at a video.  Here in Sarasota, the State always files 40 counts of second degree felonies running the sentencing guidelines to life in prison.  Never, no never, even out of curiosity download a picture or video of a child engaged in sex.  If you are on the Internet, you have to know what you are downloading.  Never uses any type of peer to peer file sharing application.  If you do, law enforcement can come into your computer without your knowledge and extract stuff.  When you are not home, shut your computer down.  Never let anybody use your computer, including relatives and friends. To be safe, if you have WiFi, make sure it is password protected and don’t give anyone your password.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so don’t be tempted to do anything remotely illegal with a minor.  Have a safe and happy Super Bowl.

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Pinellas Sheriff admits it was wrong to use the military in 2014 Sex Sting

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Pinellas Sheriff admits it was wrong to use the military in Sex Sting
For the first time, the Pinellas Sheriff has admitted on television that it was improper for his office to use military investigators in sex stings. The action I filed in Pinellas Circuit Court apparently has done some good in that OSI agent Glidewell was not included in the latest sting run just last week. Also, the latest sting in the Clearwater area produced dismal results in terms of arrests. It cost the taxpayers about $8000 for each man arrested in this Internet sex sting. Many times the sex sting arrest will include a civil forfeiture which helps fund their cause. Grady Judd meanwhile ran another “prostitution” sting attempting to crack down on the world’s oldest profession.
If we legalized prostitution, like many of the other counties, and one of our States you just might see a reduction in sex crimes. The way to reduce crime is to make less things a criminal offense, particularly when it comes to victimless crime. Think about it. When alcohol was made illegal, the net result was the birth of organized crime in America. When the government cracked down on marijuana, it created the Mexican Cartels. In the latest crackdown on pills, no one contemplated the explosion in the heroin industry. Education and treatment is the answer in many situations. Here in Sarasota, in the last few weeks there has been an increase in drug arrests for cocaine, heroin and meth. The same money spent trying to eradicate drugs could be better spent on prevention and treatment.
It will be interesting to see how the vote goes on medical marijuana in Florida. Huge money is being spent on both sides. At least that is one less ad we have to watch that does not involve the race for Governor. The same money spent trying to eradicate drugs could be better spent on prevention and treatment. As a Sex Sting Lawyer,I believe the police should focus on the real problems in our society. Then again, that is why I will never be involved in politics.
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