Operation Cyber Vigilance Entraps Innocent Men AUGUST 2014

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Operation Cyber Vigilance Entraps Innocent Men
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd loves the limelight of the television cameras and feeds his ego with press conferences where he parades photographs of all the men whose lives he has destroyed. Hopefully Noah Pransky’s interviews with him will do something to educate the public to the huge lies and the spin put on the various stings running now almost every week in Central Florida in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Lake, Sarasota, and Manatee counties.
I am presently defending a case in Federal Court and as soon as the present trial ends, I will be filing an action in Pinellas attacking some of the illegalities and improper conduct in several of the current cases. There is something huge about to happen relating to how the Internet Sex Stings have been run and the people participating from various branches of law enforcement.
In a deposition a little over a week ago an issue came up that is going to expose the unlawfulness of some of the current police conduct. It is sad that to get votes, Grady Judd puts on a dog and pony show with photographs of the men that have been entrapped in his ICAC operations. In truth about one in ten of the men arrested ever had any intention of soliciting a minor on the Internet. The truth is that the police in almost every instance were the ones luring, soliciting and enticing socially inept young men into traveling to meet a minor. The law is terribly being abused to run up arrest statistics and create press for many of the Sheriffs who have to regularly run for election. They claim they are protecting their voters from sex predators but the truth is they are creating crime, not preventing it.
Each sting costs the taxpayers about $80,000 in manpower. That does not even take into account the money it takes to get the cases through the Court system. They have all missed the boat. The ICAC funding should be spent on educating kids and parents about the dangers of the Internet. How about changing the laws requiring a person on the Internet hookup sites to provide proof of age. Keeping kids off the Internet should be the real goal. No kids on the Internet in Adult sites is the real answer. Require anyone on the sites like Craigslist Casual Encounters, Badoo, Adam4Adam, Hookup.com to provide proof of age before being able to post, search or chat in the strictly adult site. It is a simple answer to the problem. Of course, that will not create the publicity the Sheriff needs to stay in power.
I am a sex sting lawyer and have been fighting this battle for many years all over central Florida. I can be contacted at 941 366 3506 or sexstinglawyer.com


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