Manatee Sheriff Runs another Sex Sting in Bradenton Area

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Criminal Defense Attorney
Peter D. Aiken

August 2 2016


The details should be released later today in a press conference. From what I understand, the sting has been running for several days. In the latest operation, the police targeted and other applications. The police actually initiate contact with men looking at adult profiles. These men are not targeting children. The police are targeting them. What the police are doing is outrageous. They are ensnaring mostly weak young men, some of which have disabilities. As a parent of a young man with a disability, you need to warn them to stay off of or the other adult dating sites. These sites are really dangerous, especially for young men that are not worldly and susceptible to coercion and enticement.

The laws are being abused in the interest of making arrests and getting publicity for the Sheriff.
They are not catching the real predators but instead the low hanging fruit of shy introverted young males who were lonely and looking for adult companionship.
The public never hears the real truth about what law enforcement is doing.
The police go on television claiming they are protecting young children. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a sex crime lawyer I see the other side of the story. The court files have been kept secret for days now. Arrest records have been suppressed to keep the operation a secret. Even as a lawyer, I have been unable to access what is supposed to be a public record. At some point, the public needs to wake up and get involved. Noah Pransky, the reporter from Tampa was investigating these types of situations with good investigative reporting. My bet is the formal announcement will come out today or tomorrow. If a loved one is arrested, do not assume what you see on television is true. The police reports are one sided and biased. Do not abandon a loved one in their time of need.

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