“Thought Police” and the New Internet Crimes

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“Thought Police” and the New Internet Crimes

There is a disturbing trend in the last few years when it comes to sex crimes.  In the past, police investigated sex offenses and complaints from citizens.  If a crime occurred, if there was a rape, if there was sex abuse, the police conducted an investigation, arrested the perpetrator and a prosecution went forward.  Now, it is far easier for the police to simply create a crime by trolling the Internet and responding to adults seeking adults on dating and hookup sites.  The police now randomly target adults who have absolutely no predisposition or inclination to interact with minors.  I now see cases where the police engage people in emails and chat for hours or days trying to build trust and establish what appears to be a legitimate relationship.  After they get the person engaged they manipulate the conversation towards sex.  These officers are skilled in manipulating innocent men.  The undercover chatters will then casually mention age with some seemingly innocent comment like “I lied, I am really only 15, I hope that is not a problem”.  In several recent cases, I have seen exchanges where the police actually ask the person to travel to them long before any age is even mentioned.

We live in dangerous times.  The local sheriffs go on television claiming they are protecting the public from sex predators.  The truth is, it is the police that are the dangerous predators, preying on lonely men simply looking for companionship.  Even in cases where the police cannot trick someone into coming to them, they still arrest them for simply engaging in “chat” or email exchanges for solicitation of a minor.  The truth is, it is the police that are doing the solicitation.  The public needs to be made aware of what is really happening.  Noah Pransky of Channel 10 recently exposed some of the abuses in the latest Clearwater Pinellas sex sting operation.  The public needs to get involved.  If more people flagged the police posts on Craigslist and the other dating sites, less innocent men would get arrested.

If you see an ad on casual encounters advertising “family fun”, “taboo sex” “Sisters looking for fun” or anything that even remotely hints at sex with a minor, flag it for removal.  If you have an ad posted and someone responds and even hints at sex with an under aged person try and identify the responder and then report it to the police.  Never, no never engage in sex chat or “sexting” with explicit photos with anyone that even suggests they are not an adult.  Do not assume that if they are on an adult site, they are an adult.  Don’t make the mistake that thousands of men have made in Florida and get yourself arrested.  Let me hear you experiences with “close encounters of the police kind”.  If you have questions and want answers, and need to talk to a sex sting lawyer, call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation