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If you are a man and posted your profile on here is Sarasota or Bradenton, you can expect to be contacted by a Sarasota County Sheriff’s undercover deputy.  If you get a wink, a smile or some response, like “you look cute”, do not assume it is an adult.  When they run the next Internet Sex Sting here in Sarasota the police will be replying to profiles trying to lure, entice and seduce unsuspecting men into compromising situations and traveling to meet a minor.  They will lure you in and then mention that they are only 13 or 14.  They will suggest you send a “pic” in the hope it will be sexually explicit.  As a Sarasota sex crime lawyer, I have been tracking the Internet sex stings all over Florida for the last five years.  Sarasota is overdue for another sting.  The police just ran another sting on Valentine’s day in Bradenton and usually Sarasota follows within a month or so.

If you post on Craigslist, you can expect to be contacted.  If you see something like “my parents are gone for the weekend” don’t even think about responding.  If a person even mentions they are underage, do not respond and flag the post.  There are not young girls on these sites.  Young girls don’t need men to teach them about sex.  There are lots of boys their age to do that.

Do not get talked into doing something and do not be tempted out of curiosity to respond.  Your only “hookup” will be with handcuffs.  Another Operation Intercept is long overdue for Sarasota and sure to come.  You don’t want to see yourself on television as part of the Sheriff’s pronouncement that “more sex predators have been arrested in Sarasota.  I have defended these sex crime charges in Lee, Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Seminole County.  In the next Sarasota sex sting, you can expect to see the police target gays and military men and others looking for a NSA relationship.  You can also see them post ads implying that a parent or guardian wants someone to teach their son or daughter about sex.  If you see “Single Mom”, do not respond.  If you see “home alone”, do not respond.  Curiosity killed the cat.

Do not become a registered sex offender for life.  Do not end up in State prison or on Sex offender probation wearing an electronic monitor.  Think twice

If you are reading this too late or have a friend or relative arrested in Sarasota in the next Operation Intercept sex sting call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation oryou can visitmywebpage at    or Se habla espanol, llame 941-366-3506, o mande un correo electronico

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