Have You Chatted with a Sweetie?

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Have You Chatted with a Sweetie?
Law enforcement has taken sex stings to a new level. You have to see this link. A cyber child has been created that pretends to be a ten year old girl. Thousands of men worldwide have been chatting with a computer simulated child funded by a Dutch financed program. In Australia, one man has already been convicted and sentenced to two years for chatting with a cyber child. With modern computer programs and the ability to create computer generated images you can safely assume that nothing is real anymore.
It is only a matter of time, if it hasn’t happened already, that law enforcement employs this new tool to their sex sting investigations. Our criminal justice system is broken when it comes to sex stings. The police continue to use entrapment techniques and lure more and more innocent men into compromising situations. The police now randomly contact men and try and talk them into sex with minor. The police are all over Badoo.com posting profiles as adults. The dating site then automatically matches the undercover profile with unsuspecting men looking for adult women. A man who has no intent of ever hooking up with a child then gets a picture of an adult woman on his phone. When he responds to the adult profile, the undercover chatter changes the age and tries to engage the unsuspecting man into texting with a goal of trying to lure him into sex. This is absolutely entrapment.
The police are also still putting up postings in adult sites and then after getting hits, pretending to be moms who want men to have sex with their teenage daughters. Men are still falling for this. There are no real moms on the Internet that want you to teach their daughters. If you see an ad that says “Single dad with daughter”……read no further. Flag the ad and report it to the police. If the Internet ads are flagged, it keeps real children off the Internet and that is the ultimate goal. The police need to focus on prevention and put their efforts towards keeping real children off the sites, not tempting otherwise innocent men into crime. As a sex sting lawyer I have been involved in dozens of cases and in most of them, the men were not seeking children. The police initiate the situation, and then if the men are not strong enough to walk away from temptation, they arrest them. If a loved one has been arrested in one of these stings, do not abandon them. There is a world of difference between being weak and being a predator. Call today for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

Click the link below to view the Sweetie Cyber Child