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In the US task forces have been assigned to take down people downloading and sharing child porn in 2015. In Florida recent 2015 child pornography stings are the new sex stings. A child pornography investigation, indictment or arrest can destroy your life. There is however a world of difference between arrest for child pornography and convicted of child pornography. Hiring an experienced sex crime lawyer, a criminal lawyer that understands computers and the internet, may make the difference between winning and losing.
It is possible to view or download kiddie porn accidentally, often from a pop-up. Even more common is to accidentally acquire sexually explicit images of children as a result of peer-to-peer file sharing through the use of P2P software. Gnutella was the first decentralized network. Bearshare, Limewire and Frostwire are frontrunners in this file sharing known as “ultra peers”. Most recently sites such as Facebook, dating access site, and google sharing as well as emails and smart phones are monitored for hash values containing known child porn.
The FBI and sheriffs detectives regularly visit and monitor activity in these networks. If you receive child pornography, it can be traced to your IP address and a search warrant can be issued and served to you. Policing authorities monitoring internet security also hold you responsible for having an open public network which your internet provider may or may have not told you that you have.
When you hit “delete”, it does not delete an illegal child porn image. You may delete it from your search history or your directory but it still exists on your computer in “unallocated space” and can be recovered by law enforcement. You may find yourself arrested and facing a long prison sentence.
As a Sarasota child pornography lawyer, I have questioned forensic experts and detectives. Not all criminal lawyers understand how to defend cyber sex crimes. If you have been arrested for child pornography in Sarasota or Bradenton or have charges from Pinellas Sarasota, Manatee, Polk, Orange, Seminole, Highlands, Brevard, Osceola or Pasco County, call my criminal defense firm at 941.366.3506 for a free consultation or visit my website at: Sex Sting Lawyer

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