Many Agencies in 2015 Now Working Sex Crimes

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Many Agencies in 2015 Now Working Sex Crimes
The Feds are becoming more and more involved in the prosecution of sex offenses. In the past, most sex crime offenses were prosecuted by State prosecutors in the State Court system.  If you get arrested for a sex crime like soliciting a minor, traveling to meet a minor or sexting with a minor you can expect to be prosecuted in Circuit Court. Having said that however, if you are under investigation for possession of child pornography, transmission of child pornography or manufacturing kiddie porn the Feds will come after you and you will end up in Federal Court. There is no doubt about it, you do not want to be in Federal Court. The Federal court has extreme minimum mandatory sentences on some Federal sex offenses, in some cases 10 years and up.
As a former Federal Agent and former Federal Prosecutor and thirty year veteran criminal defense attorney I am all too familiar with the harsh Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Sometimes, when the State really wants to load up on you they will send your case over to the Feds to get the benefit of the tough judges and the terrible penalties. Did you know you can go to Federal Prison for simply looking at a child in a sexually suggestive pose? Did you know that possession of an electronic image of two fourteen year old girls having sex can land you in Federal prison? You don’t have to actually do anything, just possess it.
Most people are not aware of how harsh and terrible the law is when it comes to child pornography. If the FBI ever comes and asks for your computer, just say no. Unless law enforcement has a search warrant, never surrender your computer, your laptop, your cell phone or tablet. As a Sex Sting Lawyer and experienced criminal defense lawyer I have handled cases where cops would not have had a case had the person simply asserted his or her constitutional rights and refused to talk or surrender a computer.
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