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There has been an explosion of arrests for traveling to meet a minor and Internet solicitation in both Florida and Georgia.

Early this month the Manatee Florida Sheriff announced the arrest of 14 men. Just this week another Sting in the Daytona Deltona area claimed another thirteen victims and in the last two days, two more stings were announced in the Jacksonville area as well as South Georgia in Effingham and Chatham Counties. The Effingham sting ran for weeks and was called operation “summer heat”. In that one sixteen men in their twenties succumbed to the police entrapment techniques. That sting also roped in another thirteen men in their thirties and amazingly another seven in their forties. That is a total of four stings in less than two weeks. Law enforcement has found a way to create crimes, run up arrests and destroy lives. I would be willing to be out the eighty six men arrested, there were only a handful that ever had any intention of hooking up with anyone underage. Sex is the ultimate bait….Bait and Switch…That is why they call it jail bait
The police are scraping the bottom of the barrel now and arresting men with learning disabilities, developmental impairments and other mental deficits. The propaganda that they are “protecting the public from predators” is simply false. What amazes me is that eighty six men got talked into traveling to arrest locations. I have blogged on this issue over and over.
As a sex crime lawyer I see how these arrests destroy families and lives.

The best way to not get arrested is to never communicate with anyone underage, period.
There are no young girls on the Internet that are looking for sex…Ever
If you hear the age 12, 13, 14 or 15 terminate all contact immediately
Nothing good will ever come of talking to a minor on the Internet.

If you have a friend or relative or son that spends time on the Internet, warn them to never communicate with a minor. In my opinion the police should focus on educating teenagers to the dangers. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It is always a trap….There are no real underage girls….Do not even think about it…do not do it.
Everyone’s goal is the protection of children…My goal is to protect people from police abuse

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Summertime and the Arrests Come Easy…In Volusia

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Peter D Aiken
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August 9 2016

Here we go again. When crime slows down for the summer, the police simply create offenses. An Internet sex sting will do the trick.

The latest just announced in Daytona and Deltona is called Operation K.I.S.S., as in kiss your ass goodbye if the police have their way.

The Volusia Sheriff and other agencies are at it again claiming to protect the public from online predators. Nothing could be further from the truth. Again they are targeting weak vulnerable men who were looking not for children, but adults. What the police neglect to report is that in almost every instance, they engaged the men first pretending to be an adult. After getting them to chat they then claimed to be underage, about 14 years old. They would then with subtle hints try and get the men to talk about sex or worse yet, send pictures.
This happens every summer. It is a sure fire way to pump up arrest statistics and get publicity. The sad thing is that these sex stings ruin lives. They destroy families and try and label men sex predators for life. If you become a registered sex offender, you experience a lifelong punishment. Being on sex offender probation is a one way ticket to jail. Everyone’s goal is to get you to violate your probation and put you in Florida State prison for years. As a sex sting lawyer, I see all too often the damage they do with basically trumped up entrapment cases.
It is true that occasionally they arrest someone for traveling to meet a minor or solicitation of a minor that really was looking for a minor. Those cases are few and far between. Most of the time they arrest young introverted shy men who are simply weak when it comes to temptation.

Sex is the ultimate bait. A man thinking with the wrong head, particularly when the police send pictures and invitations to come over and have sex, can find himself, arrested, on television and in Court facing a decade in prison. These cases are not hopeless. As a sex sting lawyer, I have handled well over thirty Florida Internet sex sting cases in Seminole, Volusia, Lee, Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties. The key issue is “who is the real seducer”? Most of the time it is cops, and they are good at it.

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Sarasota County is long overdue for another Internet Sex Sting

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Every year right about Valentine’s day the Sheriff of Sarasota runs an Internet sex sting. They have varied the approach a little but they still run them. In the last few here in Florida they seem to have focused on the telephone hookup applications like Tinder. They let the computers match profiles and then try and bait and switch men who were looking for an adult and try and convince them to text or chat with a minor. If you ever see anything like “I am only 14” or “I am mature for my age” terminate all contact. Never send a dirty pic to a minor. Absolutely, never travel to meet with a minor and do not do anything that could be construed as solicitation of a minor. You can get arrested in Sarasota for just talking dirty to a minor. You may not get convicted, but you can get arrested here and Bradenton as well.
Stay off of Craigslist Casual Encounters. That is simply not a good way to hook up, even with an adult. The best way to not get arrested is to never even chat or text with a minor. There are no young girls out there that want to hook up with some old guy. If you hear “I don’t have much experience”, terminate all contact immediately and flag the ad. Everyone’s goal should be to keep real minors off the Internet. I encourage parents to do their part. Keep your kids out of adult sites. You have to avoid all temptation and never chat with a minor. I have now been involved in dozens of these sting cases. Mostly the police entrap the unsuspecting and they catch very few real sex offenders. A sex crime arrest can ruin your life. My bet is they either are running a sting now or will within the next few weeks. Sarasota is long overdue. Practice safe sex and do not become victim to some type of jail bait police tactic.
There is also a scam running with scammers pretending to be police shaking people down after exchanging sexy pictures and videos. Never send a dime to anyone pretending to be a cop.
If a friend or relative gets tagged or think they chatted with an under cover cop in the latest sex sting, call an experienced sex crime lawyer.




Is there another Sex Sting running in Pinellas County?


Peter D Aiken
The Sex Offender Defender

It is hard to tell if there is another sex sting or an isolated arrest in January 2016. When the Sheriff runs a sex sting now, the information regarding the arrests is blocked from the public and the media. The Sheriff or the Chief of police after several days will make a big press release disclosing all of the arrests at one time. The sex stings seem to have fallen off in the last year (except for the ones run by Grady Judd) and St. Petersburg is long overdue. Usually in the past the bait was a suggestive ad in the adult section of Craigslist Casual Encounters. Lately, the police have targeted the escort sites and other social medial sites and the various hook up phone applications. Whey they run an escort ad, after they get a response or a call they will try and do the “switch” claiming that the prostitute is really a minor but “you will really like her”. They try and get men who are looking for an adult escort interested in an under aged fictitious person. They will lure the unsuspecting “John” to a takedown location and then arrest them for traveling to meet a minor or attempting to commit a lewd act with a minor.
The best way to not get arrested is to never fall for that temptation to hook up with a young girl. Never, no never travel to meet anyone underage, no matter how tempting they make it sound. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit any crime, particularly something like soliciting or enticing a minor. Face it guys, there are no real underage girls out there who want experience. Face it guys, there are no real underage girls out there who want experience. They can get all the experience they want from teenage boyfriends and if you get a text even suggesting a tryst with a minor, terminate all contact immediately. Do not even engage in any “fantasy’ talk. The police will arrest you for talking dirty with a minor. It is not a crime but that will not stop them from arresting you not even engage in any “fantasy’ talk. The police will arrest you for talking dirty with a minor. It is not a crime but that will not stop them from arresting you.
The best way to do that is prevention. Parents have the prime responsibility to keep their kids from being molested. The police should be giving lectures in middle school on the dangers of the Internet.  If a loved one has been arrested in one of these Internet sex stings, call an experienced sex crime attorney


Another 2015 Internet Sex Sting in Boynton Beach Florida

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Another Internet Sex Sting in Boynton Beach Florida
A sixty four year old retired educator was arrested in Palm Beach County by the Boynton Beach police and charged with a number of Internet sex offenses. The police claim he was chatting with and undercover cop posing as a fifteen year old boy. They claim that the chats had been going on for quite a while culminating in a meeting and arrest.
The problem with the Internet is that you cannot believe anything you see or read. Half the time the person you are chatting with is not real or not who they claim to be. You have adult men pretending to be younger. You have You have adult men pretending to be younger. You cannot believe photographs or pics that are sent. There is no way to tell what is real and what is not. Often men are lured to a meeting and when they show up they are arrested. Curiosity killed the cat. Just showing up does not mean you actually intended to engage in sex. When it comes to “sexting”, the photographs may or not be real and may or may not be photos of the person actually sending them. I once represented a man who was depicted lying on the beach with a large flesh colored rubber penis hanging out of his bathing suit. In a photograph it would appear to be real, but in reality, it was a fake.
As a sex crime lawyer, I have seen it all. As it becomes harder are harder for the police to set up stings on heterosexual men, they have begun to target gay men on Adam4Adam,, and The internet tasks forces are now moving into the less known gay dating sites. The internet tasks forces are now moving into the less known gay dating sites. Each case is different but generally the core issue is “who is doing the seducing”. Who is doing the “luring and enticing”. Some of these cases have valid defenses. Did the undercover officer ask for a dirty “pic”? Did the police solicit the sexual conduct or content. If arrested in a internet underage sex sting or child pornography sex sting, call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation

Pinellas Sheriff admits it was wrong to use the military in 2014 Sex Sting

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Pinellas Sheriff admits it was wrong to use the military in Sex Sting
For the first time, the Pinellas Sheriff has admitted on television that it was improper for his office to use military investigators in sex stings. The action I filed in Pinellas Circuit Court apparently has done some good in that OSI agent Glidewell was not included in the latest sting run just last week. Also, the latest sting in the Clearwater area produced dismal results in terms of arrests. It cost the taxpayers about $8000 for each man arrested in this Internet sex sting. Many times the sex sting arrest will include a civil forfeiture which helps fund their cause. Grady Judd meanwhile ran another “prostitution” sting attempting to crack down on the world’s oldest profession.
If we legalized prostitution, like many of the other counties, and one of our States you just might see a reduction in sex crimes. The way to reduce crime is to make less things a criminal offense, particularly when it comes to victimless crime. Think about it. When alcohol was made illegal, the net result was the birth of organized crime in America. When the government cracked down on marijuana, it created the Mexican Cartels. In the latest crackdown on pills, no one contemplated the explosion in the heroin industry. Education and treatment is the answer in many situations. Here in Sarasota, in the last few weeks there has been an increase in drug arrests for cocaine, heroin and meth. The same money spent trying to eradicate drugs could be better spent on prevention and treatment.
It will be interesting to see how the vote goes on medical marijuana in Florida. Huge money is being spent on both sides. At least that is one less ad we have to watch that does not involve the race for Governor. The same money spent trying to eradicate drugs could be better spent on prevention and treatment. As a Sex Sting Lawyer,I believe the police should focus on the real problems in our society. Then again, that is why I will never be involved in politics.
If a loved one falls victim to a Sex Sting, call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation

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Suspects Arrested In “Operation Guardian” in Clearwater as I Predicted Three days ago


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Operation Guardian in Clearwater as I Predicted Three days ago

The Pinellas Sheriff and law enforcement in Pinellas announce today April 14th 2014 the culmination of yet another Pinellas sex sting that has been running for days.  For those of us that follow this subject, it was pretty obvious the sting was running from the suggestive ads that were placed on the Internet several days ago by undercover police officers.  It amazes me that men are still falling for the bait and switch entrapment operations that seem to be successful over and over.  My prediction is that another one will run in Sarasota in the near future.  Sarasota is overdue for another sex sting.  It makes for easy sex crime arrests, good publicity for the Sheriff, and more statistics and TV time for elected officials.

This time the police were actually contacting men on adult sites trying to entice them into traveling to meet a minor or using the Internet to lure, seduce or entice a minor.  Eighteen men were arrested in the latest Clearwater sex sting and more arrests are possible.  Did you know you can be arrested even if you do not travel and meet a minor for sex?   Many men are enticed into sending a picture, usually and inappropriate one of their penis to a chatter that is really a cop.  I have been blogging on these tactics for months and it never ceases to astound me that men actually fall for this police scheme.  You can be sure that the Sheriff will be on ABC news tonight claiming that these men were sex predators looking for children.  I would bet the farm that in every single case, it was the police doing the luring and soliciting.  Does it not bother anyone that the police are actually creating crime?  Who is actually doing the trolling on the Internet?  Who is doing the contacting? 

Now each one of these men will have to appear before a judge and have a bail bond set.  They will get fired from their jobs and many will sit in jail before a bond reduction hearing can be set. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.  Do not even chat with someone that claims to be a minor.  Never send a dirty pic of your private parts to anyone, much less an undercover officer.  I wish the Media would truthfully report what is going on in these cases.

I have now been involved in sex sting cases almost two dozen times in the last few years and the pattern is always the same.  Do not lose hope.  These cases can be defended if you have good chats and emails.  Did the police send a photograph of a minor to entice you?  If a loved one has been arrested, you need an experienced sex crime lawyer who knows something about defending sex stings.  Call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation

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If you are a man and posted your profile on here is Sarasota or Bradenton, you can expect to be contacted by a Sarasota County Sheriff’s undercover deputy.  If you get a wink, a smile or some response, like “you look cute”, do not assume it is an adult.  When they run the next Internet Sex Sting here in Sarasota the police will be replying to profiles trying to lure, entice and seduce unsuspecting men into compromising situations and traveling to meet a minor.  They will lure you in and then mention that they are only 13 or 14.  They will suggest you send a “pic” in the hope it will be sexually explicit.  As a Sarasota sex crime lawyer, I have been tracking the Internet sex stings all over Florida for the last five years.  Sarasota is overdue for another sting.  The police just ran another sting on Valentine’s day in Bradenton and usually Sarasota follows within a month or so.

If you post on Craigslist, you can expect to be contacted.  If you see something like “my parents are gone for the weekend” don’t even think about responding.  If a person even mentions they are underage, do not respond and flag the post.  There are not young girls on these sites.  Young girls don’t need men to teach them about sex.  There are lots of boys their age to do that.

Do not get talked into doing something and do not be tempted out of curiosity to respond.  Your only “hookup” will be with handcuffs.  Another Operation Intercept is long overdue for Sarasota and sure to come.  You don’t want to see yourself on television as part of the Sheriff’s pronouncement that “more sex predators have been arrested in Sarasota.  I have defended these sex crime charges in Lee, Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Seminole County.  In the next Sarasota sex sting, you can expect to see the police target gays and military men and others looking for a NSA relationship.  You can also see them post ads implying that a parent or guardian wants someone to teach their son or daughter about sex.  If you see “Single Mom”, do not respond.  If you see “home alone”, do not respond.  Curiosity killed the cat.

Do not become a registered sex offender for life.  Do not end up in State prison or on Sex offender probation wearing an electronic monitor.  Think twice

If you are reading this too late or have a friend or relative arrested in Sarasota in the next Operation Intercept sex sting call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation oryou can visitmywebpage at    or Se habla espanol, llame 941-366-3506, o mande un correo electronico

About Attorney Peter D Aiken

“Thought Police” and the New Internet Crimes

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“Thought Police” and the New Internet Crimes

There is a disturbing trend in the last few years when it comes to sex crimes.  In the past, police investigated sex offenses and complaints from citizens.  If a crime occurred, if there was a rape, if there was sex abuse, the police conducted an investigation, arrested the perpetrator and a prosecution went forward.  Now, it is far easier for the police to simply create a crime by trolling the Internet and responding to adults seeking adults on dating and hookup sites.  The police now randomly target adults who have absolutely no predisposition or inclination to interact with minors.  I now see cases where the police engage people in emails and chat for hours or days trying to build trust and establish what appears to be a legitimate relationship.  After they get the person engaged they manipulate the conversation towards sex.  These officers are skilled in manipulating innocent men.  The undercover chatters will then casually mention age with some seemingly innocent comment like “I lied, I am really only 15, I hope that is not a problem”.  In several recent cases, I have seen exchanges where the police actually ask the person to travel to them long before any age is even mentioned.

We live in dangerous times.  The local sheriffs go on television claiming they are protecting the public from sex predators.  The truth is, it is the police that are the dangerous predators, preying on lonely men simply looking for companionship.  Even in cases where the police cannot trick someone into coming to them, they still arrest them for simply engaging in “chat” or email exchanges for solicitation of a minor.  The truth is, it is the police that are doing the solicitation.  The public needs to be made aware of what is really happening.  Noah Pransky of Channel 10 recently exposed some of the abuses in the latest Clearwater Pinellas sex sting operation.  The public needs to get involved.  If more people flagged the police posts on Craigslist and the other dating sites, less innocent men would get arrested.

If you see an ad on casual encounters advertising “family fun”, “taboo sex” “Sisters looking for fun” or anything that even remotely hints at sex with a minor, flag it for removal.  If you have an ad posted and someone responds and even hints at sex with an under aged person try and identify the responder and then report it to the police.  Never, no never engage in sex chat or “sexting” with explicit photos with anyone that even suggests they are not an adult.  Do not assume that if they are on an adult site, they are an adult.  Don’t make the mistake that thousands of men have made in Florida and get yourself arrested.  Let me hear you experiences with “close encounters of the police kind”.  If you have questions and want answers, and need to talk to a sex sting lawyer, call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation