More Police Entrapment in Seminole County Operation Safe Net


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More Police Entrapment in Seminole County Operation Safe Net

 Law enforcement put their typical spin on the latest Internet Sex Sting in Seminole County named Operation safe Net.  The operation called Safe Net tricked 26 men into traveling to meet a minor.  Sadly, the public may never know the truth about how these men were lured and seduced by the undercover police.  When you read the media reports, they claim that the men were trolling the Internet searching for sex with a minor.  When you actually look at the facts you will see that it is the police that were trolling the Internet trying to lure men into chat, email and texting with undercover cops. As an experience FLORIDA SEX STING LAWYER I have handled a case in Seminole County.

Over 100 members of law enforcement were involved in the operation.  I wonder how many burglaries and robberies and real rapes occurred while the men in blue were chatting on the Internet with otherwise law abiding citizens.  As a sex crime lawyer, I have handled almost two dozen of what they call “Traveler” cases in Seminole, Manatee, Lee, Sarasota, Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.  The pattern is always the same.  The police are the ones doing the seducing and luring.  The police are the ones inviting travel.  The police are the ones sending seductive photographs.  Many of these cases have valid defenses and an experienced sex offense lawyer may be able to make a difference in whether or not the accused becomes a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.  Not all criminal defense lawyers have handled a large number of these types of Cyber crime offenses.  Defending a sex case is different from defending a dui or some other criminal case.  My prediction is that when the true facts come out, many of the 26 men that were arrested will resolve their cases for lesser included offenses and non sex offender charges.  The key to getting good results in Florida sex sting cases is a having a good understanding of the law, the Internet and being able to drive a hard bargain based on good facts, good law and determination.  If you or a loved one has been arrested in Operation Safe Net or some other Florida sex sting, call for a free consultation at  941-366-3596

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