Are the Police the true Predators?

As a Florida sex crime lawyer, I have a unique perspective on the Internet Sex Sting arrests.  Having handled 42 such cases, and an interesting pattern jumps out at me.  Although the police claim they are making the County safe for children and claim they are arresting predators, nothing could be further from the truth.  Out of the 42 men I have represented, only two were men even remotely interested in Children.  Three were Autistic.  Many more were shy, introverted, socially inept and some, what I would describe to be as “slow”.  Many did not meet the legal definition of “insantity” . Most were what I would describe as the low hanging fruit.  Most were manipulated by savvy undercover police chatters who did the classic bait and switch and after posting as adults then claiming to be a 14 year old girl.

Technology is a dangerous thing.  Many of the dating applications have a GPS (global positioning application) which randomly matches profiles based on geographic proximity.  In other words, if a guy has posted looking for an adult 18-23 and the cops post (falsely) as a 21 year old woman, the application will match them up.  The man, clearly is not looking for a child, but the cops, by posting first as an adult, get a random match with the man looking for an adult.  The undercover chatters then do the “switch” claiming to be underage.

When the man balks or is hesitant, the undercover chatters will say things like” I’m sorry, I lied, but I really like older guys” or “I am looking for someone to teach me”.  Some clever chatters even claim to have had experience with other older guys.  This is entrapment and the cops are doing more than offering “opportunity”

Sex sting cases are defensible if you have a sex crime attorney experienced in defending these particular types of cases.  The police now are posting on “escort” sites where men are clearly looking for an adult. This is particularly true in Polk County and other central Florida Counties.  After pretending to be a prostitute, the undercover chatters again claim to be underage.  The police are not catching the true predators.  The police are the true predators.

These types of cases are destroying the lives of men who had no intention of hooking up with an underage person.  Sadly, many prosecutors are going along with this type of misguided law enforcement.  It makes for easy statistics and easy convictions and gives the false impression that children are being protected.

I try and warn the parents of young Autistic men.  Do not let you child fall victim to this type of police predation.  If you have a brother, a nephew or someone dear to you, be sure they know the dangers of the Internet.  The police are targeting the dating hookup applications that use GPS.  I try and warn people that if ever someone mentions they are underage, immediately terminate and block the other party.  The best way to not get arrested it to not commit a crime.  There are no young girls that want any older guy to teach them anything.  It is always the police. Do not be weak.  Do not succumb to temptation.  Demand proof of real age in any Internet dating situation.  Never have sex with anyone underage.

They don’t call it jail bait for nothing

If you have been arrested it is not too late to challenge the police conduct.  Attorneys are not cheap and the public defender may sound like a bargain, but do you want a bargain lawyer?  The decision you make in hiring a lawyer should not be based on advertising alone.  Check out the lawyer and the representations or claims he may make.  Ask him or her how many actual sting cases have been handled.  Look at the results.  Each case has unique facts and each defendant is unique.  Make an informed decision in hiring the person you want standing next to you in court.

Creating Crime in Volusia……More Sex Stings 2015

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Creating Crime in Volusia……More Sex Stings
Sheriff Ben Johnson announced yet another Sex Sting in March of 2015 targeting prostitution and men on the Internet. Forty three arrests were made as a part of two operations. The sex stings called Operation Volusia Broadband and Operation Preda Tour 2015 targeted two different types of alleged sex crime. When the Sheriff went on television, he claimed as usual that he was protecting the public from horrible men targeting young underage girls on the Internet. The claims simply are not true and are merely an exaggeration to cover up what is really being done in these sex sting entrapment operations. In some cases, the police pose as parents offering children for sex. I have yet to see a single case in Florida of any real situation where a parent is offering a child. The police are not targeting actual crime. They are creating crimes. They are not interrupting crime, they are luring and tempting men into compromising situations. This is the exact same thing that happened in Bradenton with Operation Green Shepherd IV, just a week ago. The law enforcement agencies are getting huge sums of Federal money and have to justify it with arrests. The so called ICAC task forces are composed of various law enforcement groups such as local sheriff’s departments that need to justify taking money from the Feds.
More and more of the judges handling these cases are beginning to see the light and see what is really happening. If you are on the Internet and anyone even remotely suggests a meeting or tryst with a child, immediately terminate all contact, flag the posting and contact law enforcement. Prevention is the answer when it comes to crimes against children. There are no real parents, single moms or single dads on the Internet offering children. That is a total fiction created by the police to justify entrapment. The truth is that there are no 14 year old girls on the Internet that want to learn about sex. That is a total fiction created by the police to justify these sex sting operations. Internet dating is dangerous and now the police are using cell phone applications to match up unsuspecting men with fictional underage girls. The latest bait and switch involves child pornography and chat rooms. If you are on the Internet and anyone suggests any type of sexual activity with a person 13 or 14 walk away. Report suspicious activity to Craigslist,, or any other site that allows such postings. Law enforcement has also targeted the world’s oldest profession, women selling sex. They have taken it one step further and are posing as prostitutes. When a man accepts their offer, the police then try and create a felony by pretending to be under 18 years old. The police actually try and create a human trafficking crime. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Do not interact with anyone on the Internet that even hints they are a minor. Month after month more men fall for the temptation of underage sex. Get real….there are no real children on the Internet seeking sex with older men. Most of the time, the real predators are the police and catch weak men that are not strong enough to walk away or terminate contact.
If a loved one has been arrested in the March 2015 Volusia Cyber child sex sting, we may be able to help. As a Florida sex crime lawyer, I understand what the police are really doing and understand how a false accusation can destroy a life. You can contact me for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

Deputies said Operation PredaTour wrapped up Saturday night and targeted child predators, prostitution and distribution of child pornography, If you had a close family member arrested in this sex sting operation and have numerous unanswered questions call Peter Aiken today at 941-366-3506 for a free consultation, do not doubt your loved ones get answers.

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