Another Sex Sting November 11th 2014 in Seminole County

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Another Sex Sting November 11th in Seminole County in only 3 days
They are at it again, sex sting in Seminole County. In the recently announce sting the operation changed a little. Instead of meeting at a take down house, the police set up a meeting at a gas station. The latest sting netted only two arrests, down substantially from the previous average of twenty arrests. Waco, Texas had an internet sex sting November 5, 2014 that netted 20 suspects.The police are now using interactive phone applications for underage child sex stings and in some instances the police actually contact men who are not even remotely looking for minors. The police are also placing ads on in the adult “escort” section, craigslist and KIK. After engaging men and making appointments, in classic bait and switch, they change the age to 15.
I have now handled over twenty of these sting cases and it is interesting to follow the change in technique by the undercover officers. What amazes me is that in every single case, the man asks if “this is a set up”. There is a misconception that the police have to tell the truth when asked. Duh! Why do you think they call them undercover cops? Of course they say it is not a set up.
In these sex sting operations,the police are becoming more and more desperate in their efforts to entrap otherwise law abiding citizens. Here is a news bulletin. There are no real hot young girls on the Internet looking to hook up with older men. All of them are cops…Yes, all of them…Believe me.
If you are a young man and are looking to hook up with a young woman (not someone underage) do it the old fashioned way. Walk up to a woman. Introduce yourself. Ask to go to coffee. Ask her out for a date. I now am defending a dozen men who fell for the bait and switch. Think twice….no think even more than that….Do not think with your other head.
If you are reading this too late, there still may be hope. I have been successful in many sex sting cases in getting the charges reduced for young men who made a stupid mistake. There are other offenses in underage child sex stings that do not result in sex offender registration or sex offender probation. Not all criminal defense lawyers are familiar with the Internet sex sting defenses. You don’t want to use a family lawyer or a DUI lawyer for something this serious.
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