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The Internet Stings seem to never stop working. Another ten men were arrested in Operation Blind Date in Osceola County. A joint task force consisting of the FDLE, the Orlando Police Department, the Polk County Sheriff’s office and the Osceola Sheriff’s Department under the wing of the Central Florida Crimes against Children (ICAC) task force just busted more men after luring them into compromising situations. The men were mostly in adult sites and using adult Internet applications looking for a date with an adult. As usual, after gaining their confidence the age was switched to that of a minor. It saddens me that lonely young men consistently fall for this entrapment ploy. If anyone on the Internet even remotely suggests they are underage, flag their post, report them and correspond no further. The best way to protect children is to discourage them from even thinking about being on the Internet.

I personally think that the better approach is parental controls and focusing on keeping young girls off the Internet. If parents did their job, children would not be there. The truth is that there are hardly any real children ever on the Internet looking for sex. The posts are almost always by undercover police. There is also another scam running now. A man was recently arrested for pretending to be a police officer conducting a sting. An ad was posted and when a person responded, nude photos were sent and some sexy texts exchanged. Days later the man received a communication saying he had been discovered texting with a minor. The scammer, posing as a sting participant solicited money to prevent an arrest. It was all a scam. There never was a minor. As a SEX STING LAWYER, I have received a number of calls from men being scammed like this. The bottom line is to never communicate for a second with a minor. Never send a “dick pic” or any other inappropriate image. Never, no never, travel to meet anyone under the age of 21. Demand proof of age in all Internet dating situations. Do your part to keep kids off the Internet and you will never need a criminal lawyer like me or a bail bondsman.

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