Grady Judd announces another Internet Sex Sting in Polk County

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March 17 2020

This happens every few months and it is amazing that guys are still falling for the bait and switch.  The undercover cops are now targeting dating sites that match profiles by GPS when two people are in the same area.  I have handled 42 of the Internet sex sting cases and with each sting the cops “tweak’ it a little to entrap otherwise law-abiding citizens into chatting and traveling to meet minors.  They make it sound like they are targeting predators but 90% of the time, nothing could be further from the truth.  They post adult profiles on adult sites.  They target young men who are weak and easily misled by enticing comments.  There is a difference between being a predator and being weak, naïve and easily led into temptation.

There are defenses to these types of cases and often, it is the police that are doing the luring, seducing and enticing.  Many times it is a 40-year-old manipulative detective taking advantage of some young guy in his twenties, tricking him and entrapping him.  I have represented several young autistic men who fall for the bait and switch tactic in these online sex stings.

If you are ever on a dating site and anyone even remotely hints they are a minor….terminate all contact and report them.  It is always an undercover cop.  There are no real underage girls on the Internet that want some old dude to teach them anything.  If they say they are a virgin, terminate all contact.  There are no more virgins and have not been for many years, lol.  Never communicate with anyone 13, 14 or 15 years old.  They don’t call it jail bait for nothing.  Never send a dick pic to anyone, much less a minor.  The police are now targeting “Grinder” looking for gay men they can tempt into chatting with what is supposed to be a minor.  Never have sex with a minor…. Don’t even think about it, much less text or chat about it.  The latest trick is for the cops to post as an escort or prostitute, an adult, and then run the bait and switch when some unlucky guy responds. 

Never travel for a casual sex hookup with anyone unless they can show you ID that they are a legitimate adult.  Demand proof of age…..A mistake can cost you ten years in prison and make you a registered sex offender for years.  If you or a relative have fallen into this trap and want to talk you can have a confidential free consultation.  It pays to know your rights.

If you know someone who was arrested in this 2020 Polk County sex sting and want to know what options you have to help them I would be glad to talk to you. Call 941-366-3506 and ask for attorney Peter D. Aiken where all conversations are confidential.