Double Barreled Internet Sex Sting in Broward County


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Double Barreled Internet Sex Sting in Broward County March 2014

The latest Florida Internet Sex Sting dubbed “2 YNG 2″ ” too young to” which looks like it may still be running is in Ft. Lauderdale.  This Ft. Lauderdale sex sting hosted by Broward Sheriff’s Department headed by Sheriff Scott Israel has already announced 25 Broward county sex sting arrests of both men and women.  Many of the men that were entrapped were led to believe that initially they were talking with an adult.  Ultimately, the men were talked into meeting with what they thought were teenage boys.  The other half of the sting dealt with women who were arrested for prostitution.  Men paying women for sex has been around since humans began walking upright.  It is the World’s oldest profession, and in the more civilized societies, it is accepted.  Prostitution is a necessary evil that has been around for centuries.  In Broward County, it is a crime and when the police need a few statistics it is easy to make a few arrests by simply going on Backpage and looking for a hookup.  There is a misconception that women are forced into prostitution.  Although that may be true in a few instances, most of the time it is a choice where the easy buck usually prevails.

The Internet sex stings are another thing entirely.  Most of the men arrested are not sex predators looking for children.  They are men in adult sites looking to hook up with like minded men.  That should not be a crime.  It is law enforcement that creates the crime.  Basically when the run the stings, it is bait and switch from the word go.  Who is really doing the soliciting?  Most of the time it is the police chatters.  Who is doing the seducing?  It is the cops who most of the time invite the unsuspecting victim into traveling to meet a minor.  Not a month goes by that the police don’t run a sting.  It is good for their statistics.  It generates sex offender arrests.  It makes for good press when the sheriff comes on TV and says we are protecting the public from sex predators. What a joke.  It would be sad if it were not for the lives that are destroyed by the police entrapment techniques.
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