False Accusations by Students and Relatives

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November 4 2017

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If you are a teacher, a foster parent or stepfather, you are at risk of being falsely accused of a sex crime.

We live in a world where because of television programs, everyone assumes that an accusation by a child is the truth. In many instances, it is not. The problem we have is that many detectives blindly assume that the minor is telling the truth. As a sex crime lawyer, I deal daily with kids making false accusations. It can be out of anger at a stepfather or resentment of a teacher. The simple truth is, some kids lie, and they lie convincingly. The huge problem is that many detectives, because they deal over and over with real true allegations, are conditioned to believe that all accusations are true. False accusation cases can be successfully defended, particularly if they are investigated before charges are filed. If you are falsely accused, speak with a qualified sex crime lawyer immediately, before you get arrested.

Not all lawyers are experienced in defending sexual battery cases.

Many lawyers simply do not want to handle those types of cases. In defending sex crimes for over thirty years, I have found teenage girls to be a huge problem when it comes to being truthful. For example, if they are living with a stepfather, and want mom to get back together with dad, all they have to do is make an unfounded accusation against the stepfather and DCF and detectives get involved. It gets the stepfather kicked out of the house immediately. The teenage girl becomes the focus of everyone’s attention, including her biological dad. Everyone immediately presumes her to be a poor victim of sexual abuse. She gets everyone’s immediate attention.


The consequences of a false accusation are huge. If convicted, a person becomes a registered sex offender for life. A person can spend years in prison for something they did not do.

Teachers are often immediately suspended during an investigation, even before the truth is known. Not all lawyers know how to deal with these situations. For example, some lawyers will let their clients be interviewed by law enforcement, before they know the real facts. It is not an admission of guilt to “lawyer up” immediately. It may be the best decision you ever made in your life. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Most good lawyers, including myself, will offer a free consultation. If you are contacted by law enforcement, politely say, “I would like to talk to a lawyer before answering questions”. Do not be lulled into a false sense of confidence by a slick detective telling you “this will only take a minute”. Never go to the police station unrepresented. The detectives will often have the alleged victim make a “controlled” recorded call where the young lady or young man tries to get a person to admit over the phone to improper contact.