Who are the real Internet Sex Predators?

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July 30th 2016

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There appears to be another Sex Sting operation in Bradenton that should be announced soon.

Over the last few days of July of 2016, a number of arrests have been made in Manatee County of young men who were on sites like POF.com and Meetme.com. The police still use the bait and switch ads on Craigslist casual encounters but seem to be making more arrests where they initiate contact responding to legitimate adult profiles on Meetme.com and Plenty O Fish. Almost all of the men that they arrested were not looking for, or targeting minors. In almost every case, it is the undercover detectives that are targeting gullible and sometimes young men with learning disabilities.

Over the last few years as a Manatee and Sarasota sex sting lawyer, I have seen more and more young men with disabilities get lured into compromising situations.

The police seem to be of the opinion that they can entrap men who had no prior intention of ever hooking up with an underage female by contacting them, tempting them and talking them into traveling to meet a minor. It is particularly sad when men with autism or significant learning disabilities are trapped. If you are a parent of a young adult male with a disability, you must warn your son not to interact with anyone on the Internet that says they are 12, 13 or 14 years old, no matter how tempting it sounds. Men with disabilities simply do not understand the consequences and fall prey to police entrapment. It is the police that are really doing the Internet solicitation, the luring, the seducing and the enticing.

When the police do their public announcement they make it sound like sexual predators are on the Internet targeting young girls. In my experience, it is just the opposite. In almost all of the cases I have seen, the police are the real Internet Sex Predators. The best way to not get arrested is simply not interact with anyone on the Internet that even hints they are a minor. Many times the police will use a subtle hint with a name like “Debbiesue14” or in the ad hint at being in school or hint that “mom is away for the weekend”. Most adult men understand and do not respond. Young men with disabilities simply do not comprehend the seriousness of the situation. If you have a son with a disability, you need to protect him from the police.

The public announcement will probably be made Monday.

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Massage Parlor Sex Sting Nets over 200 Arrests

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This last week, in Seattle, over two hundred men were arrested when they showed up for a $100 hand job.

Law enforcement in King County took over and ran what used to be the Bamboo Spa. It was renamed the “Euro Spa” for the operation. The police advertised on Backpage.com and when men showed up, they were greeted by a number of hot undercover women posing as “massage” employees offering various forms of sex.

It is all about money.

The minimum fine if convicted is $2733.00 and the department expects to net $550,000. Wait until Grady Judd in Polk County hears about this. You can bet that given the huge amount of money to be made in the hand job business, the Polk County Sheriff’s office will open their own spa. When terrorists are attacking, when police are being shot, when thousands are overdosing on heroin, do our police have nothing better to do than offer hand jobs to consenting adults? Prostitution should be legal and regulated. It is the world’s oldest profession. What possible harm comes if some guy is so desperate that he will pay $100 to get jerked off? Wasting police resources on operations like this, in dangerous times like this, is in my opinion “criminal”. Think how many officers it took to run the massage parlor. Think about how the courts will be clogged with misdemeanor cases.

It is all about money.

The police basically created over 200 crimes and will profit to the tune of a half million dollars. They actually will make more money than the real prostitutes. They net $2733 and the prostitute would have only made $100. Go figure. This only goes to show that Backpage.com is an incredibly dangerous place. A hookup can result in a lockup. Do not go on Backpage.com or Craigslist.com for consensual sex. As a Florida sex sting lawyer, this one even amazes me. I thought I had seen it all. It gives a whole new meaning to “protect and serve”

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In Greenville, North Carolina, in Pitt County, the latest Internet sex sting netted 36 arrests. It targeted Craigslist Casual Encounters and Backpage.com.

The operation ran for a month. In the first phase, the undercover chatters targeted men they could lure into a meeting with a fictitious minor. In phase two the police targeted men looking for prostitutes on the hookup sites. In phase three the police targeted the prostitutes themselves. The police were amazed at the number of responses, particularly in the prostitution phases.
You have to be nuts to go on Craigslist and even remotely try and hook up with a minor or hooker. These days, I would be willing to bet that most of the people chatting on Craigslist are police undercover detectives. The typical bait and switch goes like this: The police post in the adult section, generally for an encounter as say “W/4/M. This is a lie. They first falsely hold themselves out as an adult woman. When the chat starts they will respond with something like “I hope you are not mad, I am only 14”. If you ever hear of see this…terminate all contact. Do not even consider responding to any chat if the person on the other end is underage. Do not respond even out of curiosity. There are no real young girls on Craigslist. I have handled over 36 sting cases. I have reviewed hundreds of chats. There are no real young girls on that site, ever.

The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not commit a crime. As for Backpage.com, don’t even think about it. You will get rolled, robbed or catch something you will regret. You may hook up only to find out later that you are a blackmail victim. If you want hook up for sex, do it the old fashioned way.

The Internet is a very dangerous place.

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Operation “Net Nanny” results in 40 arrests in Washington State

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The latest Internet Sex Sting was carried out in Washington State. Most of the arrests were in the Spokane area.

The undercover detectives did this one a little different. The ad was on Craigslist and the catch phrase was “looking for young family fun”. According to the news reports the detectives in twenty days received over 1068 responses. The undercover chatter was posing as a mother offering her six and eleven year old daughters as well as her thirteen year old son. The police were shocked at the response of over 1000 people. The police also said more arrests may be in the pipeline. This sting was an apparent huge success so you can expect more to follow.

For years as a sex crime lawyer I have been blogging warning people about the dangers of the Internet, especially Craigslist Casual Encounters. I have repeated over and over, the best way not to get arrested is to not commit a crime. Many people out of curiosity respond to these ads and get drawn into chats and emails by enticing comments by undercover detectives. Sadly, many of the “sex stings” entrap unsuspecting young men. They are lured and enticed by officers that are “masters of deception”. In the latest sting, out of forty men arrested, only two had priors for sex offenses with minors. As a sex sting lawyer, I have seen many men arrested who have low IQ’s and learning disabilities. Many are introverted and lack self confidence and are easily led astray. Rarely do the police catch the real predators.

In many respects, the sex stings are like shark fishing where the fisherman puts out chum to attract sharks. The chum attracts little fish and for every shark caught, there are 20 small “throw back” fish brought in. The difference is that in fishing the “by catch” is thrown back whereas in the Sex stings they keep them all. These cases do have defenses and an experienced criminal lawyer can make a huge difference in the ultimate outcome.


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