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The Sarasota Sheriff just won’t let you call one

In the latest Sarasota Sex Sting, all of the men that were arrested were held for 96 hours on the fourth floor of the jail with no access to telephones to call relatives or lawyers. It makes a mockery of the criminal justice system and the United States Constitution and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. This is not the first time the Sheriff has done this. Every time his deputies run a sex sting, to conceal the fact that a sex sting is in process, the men arrested are put in a section of the jail without phone access. Even when the fact they are in jail is “smuggled” out by other inmates, when relatives came to visit, they were denied access.

This is a pattern by the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department to effectively deny the men arrested the right to an attorney.

What is even worse is the manner in which the sting was run and the facts manipulated.
The arrest reports do not reflect what really happened.
The probable cause affidavits distort the facts and in some instances are an outright misrepresentation.
In most of the cases, it was the undercover detective that actively sought out the defendant in an adult site.
The men were not seeking children.

The affidavits falsely state that the undercover detectives were “posing as a 14 year old girl”. That is a flat out lie.

The detectives posed as adults, posting adult profiles on adult sites. It was only after hours and days of chats that the detectives in classic bait and switch claimed they were underage. They got young men hooked in the chat and then changed the age. They asked the young men to travel to them. They asked the young men to bring condoms. The hounded the young men with texts and calls. When the men balked they actively encouraged them to come.

These are classic cases of police entrapment.

The Sarasota sheriff’s deputies are the real sex predators preying on basically young men who were seeking only adult companionship. When the true facts come out, the public will be outraged.
Almost all of the men are still in jail on high bonds and only in the last 24 hours have been able to speak with anyone. What the Sheriff’s department is doing is just plain wrong. It is wrong on many levels. Hopefully as these cases get into the Courts, juries will find out what our Sheriff is really doing. There is no excuse for law enforcement to act in this manner.

Mini Sex Sting in Sarasota nets arrests of only Young Men


It must have been a slow day for real crime.

A Couple of Sheriff’s deputies ran their own little sex sting here in Sarasota resulting in the arrest of a handful of young men ages 18 to 53. The police trolled on,,,, and even used KIK messenger. They targeted two young men that were gay. Sadly, young men, barely out of their teens are no match for savvy female detectives twice their age.

In most of the cases, it is the police that are doing the luring seducing and enticing.

In these types of sex stings, the detectives are the real sex predators.

Think of the good that could have been done if the detectives had spent that same amount of time lecturing and speaking at local schools. The real solution is to warn young girls and young men of the dangers of the Internet.

It does no good at all to arrest a bunch of young guys, make them registered sex offenders, stick them in prison and ruin their lives.


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More Sarasota Stings in progress

Peter D Aiken Sex Sting Lawyer 941-366-3506
Peter D Aiken
Sex Sting Lawyer

A couple of weeks ago I predicted there would be another Internet sex sting here in Sarasota.

The police have wised up and now when they run a sex sting they delay making it public and conceal the arrests. If the police were truly interested in preventing crime instead of creating it, they would have a loud and vocal presence on the Internet. They would advertise the fact that they are trolling and and Craigslist casual encounters.

The best way to prevent crime is through education.

They need to let the moms and dads know what their daughters are up to. Parents should be the gatekeepers. The computer with access to the Internet should be in the living room, not in the kid’s bedroom. There should be parental controls. Craigslist has about thirty parental controls they suggest you install. What needs to happen is a media campaign by the Sheriff’ office warning pedophiles to stay off the Internet.

What is really happening is the entrapment of lots of young immature men.

These sex sting cases do more harm than good. It pumps up the arrest statistics and it makes good press but does nothing to truly protect kids. The press releases are totally misinformation.
If the Sarasota Sheriff spent a fraction of what they spend on a sex sting in educating middle school kids, the potential for a real interaction between a child and a predator would be greatly reduced.

These sex stings are totally ineffective.

It makes money for the bondsmen and it gets votes for the Sheriff and the State Attorney but it does absolutely nothing when it comes to preventing sex crimes in Sarasota. My heart goes out to the families of the men arrested in this latest Sarasota sex sting.

The men will lose their jobs.

Most will have high bonds set.

They will be facing the possibility of State prison as well as sex offender registration.

Personally, as a sex crime lawyer, a former prosecutor myself, and as a veteran criminal defense attorney, I thing that true prevention is the answer. We should have learned something from the war on drugs. The police still don’t get it.

Education, not Entrapment is the solution.

I have been involved is over three dozen sex sting defenses. Some of these cases can be beaten. They can be won in front of a jury. The public is finally getting wise to what the police are really doing.

End of the Road in St. Johns County

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In the second Internet sex sting in as many weeks, twelve men were arrested by Sheriff’s deputies in St. Johns County in April of 2016. Florida leads the nation in running sex stings where undercover deputies try and talk men into meeting with minors for sexual acts. The police describe these types of stings as proactive law enforcement. I would describe it differently. As an experienced sex crime attorney, I have now been involved in over thirty sex sting cases where police post on the Internet trying to lure men into compromising situations. In almost every case, it is the police that are doing the luring and seducing. In many cases, it is the police that make first contact. In many cases, it is the police that post suggestive profiles or make suggestive comments. In many of the cases, the men try and break off contact only to be contacted repeatedly by the undercover cops trying to lure them back in. In many cases, it is the police that ask men to bring condoms, snacks or wear particular clothing. What you see in the press releases is often simply not true. When you actually read the transcripts of the conversations, you would be shocked. Sex is the ultimate bait and often the men that fall for this are introverted, shy and sometimes mentally challenged.

The police are not catching the real sex predators with these types of operations.

Many of the departments receive financial aid in the form of equipment and funding from the Federal Government. They have to justify this “aid” with arrests and prosecutions. The real solution and the answer in keeping children is parental involvement. Parents should be the gatekeeper when it comes to Internet usage. Parental controls should be on computers. The computer should be in the living room, not the child’s bedroom. Parents need to know who their kids are chatting with. Parents should routinely check their kid’s cellphones for suspicious activity. Parents should know if their kids are “sexting” with others on the smartphones. The solution to this problem is prevention not entrapment. If the police spent a tenth of the money they do on stings in educating kids to the dangers the problem would be solved. At the core of the problem is the fact that some Sheriff’s want the publicity. It gets them elected. Some State Attorney’s in election years want to appear “tough on crime”. When they do these operations they can make press releases touting the fact that they are “protecting the children in our County”. Well over half of the men arrested are young, lonely and easily manipulated by experienced undercover chatters. They know what to say to get someone to travel to meet a minor. They know what to say to get someone to send a “dirty pic”. They know how to work the system.

If you have a son or daughter arrested for traveling to meet a minor or Internet solicitation of a minor or “Sexting”, give me a call. I may be able to help or point you in the right direction.

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Grady Judd is at it again in 2016 with another sex sting in Polk County. Just when you think it is safe to go back on the Internet, Polk County deputies run their classic bait and switch sex sting. This time they call it “Operation April’s Fools”. Most were arrested for traveling to meet a minor, solicitation of a minor, transmission of information harmful to a minor and use of a communication device to commit a felony. Some of the men arrested had drugs on them including marijuana and pot. Grady’s detectives worked with other law enforcement agencies, including the FDLE. Most of the men arrested were young. They fell for the classic ploy where the police pretended to be a single dad wanting his daughter to learn about sex. The men came from all across Florida from Collier, Lake, Osceola, Orange, St. Johns, Seminole and Volusia County.
As a sex sting lawyer, it never ceases to amaze me how Judd’s deputies time after time trick men into sexual chatting, sexting and traveling. The cops in Polk have it down to a science. They know just what to put in the ad. They know just how to tempt young lonely introverted men into doing something that they would never ever do. Judd’s detectives are masters in convincing otherwise law abiding young men into doing something stupid. Sadly, for the men that fall for the sting, the arrest will cost them their jobs, land them in county jail awaiting trial, and if convicted destroy their lives. Grady always says he is protecting the people of his County. The sad truth is that most of the men arrested in the sting are not from Polk but rather young guys drawn there by the ultimate temptation, sex.
Sex is the ultimate bait for a young man. A lot of the guys were between 19 and 22. In my opinion, the sex stings, although fantastic publicity for an elected official do more harm than good. The police are creating crime, not detecting or preventing it. The crime originates in the mind of the undercover officer and he sells it to an unsuspecting young impressionable man. Most of the young men really were entrapped.
There are defense in some of the cases. Entrapment may be a valid defense depending on what is said in the chats. The police ask them to bring condoms and when they show up with condoms blame them for it. The police ask them to come and have sex and when they accept, claim that it is the defendant that did the solicitation. I have been involved in thirty six sex sting defenses all across Florida. Nine times out of ten, it is the police doing the soliciting. A conviction can result in a State prison sentence, sex offender registration, sex offender probation and a lifetime of misery.


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