Don’t spend St Patrick’s Day 2016 in a Paddy


The Sarasota Bradenton area is way overdue for another Sex Sting
If the pattern holds true, another sex sting should be coming soon to this area. The Bradenton Sheriff’s office and the Sarasota Sheriff’s office usually try and make them coincide with drinking holidays like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s day. My bet would be that they lay off the Craigslist Casual Encounter site and go more for the escort sites and the social media sites that use apps to set up casual hookups. Grady Judd has had a lot of success doing prostitution stings over in Polk so it is only a matter of time until they do them here. One of the wrinkles they have been running is to pose as an escort service and then when an adult calls in, try and do a bait and switch and substitute a minor. The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not commit a crime. Never even think about hooking up with anyone even close to being a minor. Demand proof of age as an adult. Never fall for any temptation or suggestion of an underage hookup.
I would predict the cops will also be targeting gay men using “underage” as real bait. Casual Encounters in now dominated by gay “men for men” posts. If there is even a remote suggestion that the person on the other end is underage, run, don’t walk, away. The other trend is that of child pornography stings. Here in Sarasota they are really targeting child pornography and seeking life sentences on anyone possessing child pornography or worse yet sending it. As a sex sting lawyer and child pornography attorney I am appalled at the sentences being handed down. Just two weeks ago the Second District Court of Appeal held that 63 years in prison was not cruel and unusual punishment in a case involving child pornography videos. I have suspected for years that the police actually run some of the child porn sites. There is some suggestion that the FBI raided a site and then kept it up for some time offering kiddie porn getting the IP addresses of the customers. Never engage in file sharing on ARES. Law enforcement has a secret app that comes into a computer without your knowledge. Never possess child pornography and if offered it, do not bite or accept it. You now get more time for looking at pictures and videos than you do for actually committing some actual crimes.
When people are arrested in sex stings, they are usually held where they cannot communicate with the outside world for a few days. They don’t want them to talk to a lawyer. If you get a call from a relative or friend arrested in a Sex Sting, call A SEX CRIME ATTORNEY


More Teachers Getting Arrested


Almost every day you hear of another teacher getting arrested for some type of sex crime.
Are there actually more crimes or is the media just more on top of it? I have been doing sex crime defense for thirty years and in my opinion, nothing has changed. There has always been interaction between underage students and teachers. There has always been interaction between some members of the clergy and young boys. In my opinion what has changed in increased prosecution. What we are seeing more and more is interaction between female teachers and young male students. Has our society become more sexualized? Absolutely.
In past years, students were afraid to come forward. Catholic boys were afraid of the stigma of coming forward and making accusations against priests. There has been a floodgate of increased accusations against priests. This is really driven by the lawyers who see the church as a deep pocket and know that the threat of a lawsuit usually results in a big settlement. Sadly, it is the members of the church that suffer. The settlements result in the church selling property and donations being diverted to civil settlements instead of doing the work of the church. The Bishops are now paying the price for years of concealment of illegal activity by a handful of priests.
The same thing is happening in schools. An accusation against a teacher for sexual misconduct with a minor can result in a claim against the school. The other huge change, and increase to some degree, in student-teacher accusations is the smartphone. Sexting has become rampant. Kids now send sexually explicit pics to other students and sometimes to teachers. Some modern day teenage girls are sexually aggressive and actually pursue teachers sending tempting pornographic pics. If a teacher responds with a sexually graphic pic it can result in a criminal charge for transmission of obscene material to a minor and end a career forever.
The simple fact is that many times the accusations are simply false. A student, angry at a teacher, can totally make up a false allegation. Here in Sarasota and Manatee County, it has been my experience that the prosecutors routinely believe the accuser in child sex crime cases. All it takes is a young girl saying something improper happened and it will trigger an arrest and prosecution. Defending sex crime cases is tough. Everyone starts out believing the accusation. It is critical that the defense lawyer have experience in defending child sex crime cases. I have defended teachers, school employees and members of the clergy for over forty years. I have defended teachers, school employees and members of the clergy for over forty years. Sex crime defense is tough but not impossible Hard work, good investigation and thorough preparation can make a difference between freedom and years in state prison.

The Perils of Being a Stepdad


The Perils of Being a Stepdad
We live in dangerous times when it comes to being falsely charged with a sex crime. As a sex crime lawyer I often come into contact with men falsely accused by a stepdaughter, a girlfriend’s daughter or relative seeking to break up a relationship. They become good providers, good surrogate fathers and often good stepfathers. All too often I have seen a man with good intentions, through no fault of his own, falsely accused of a sex crime by a devious young teenage girl with an out of control imagination. It is true that sometimes sex crimes occur. It is also true that often the accusations are simply false. Sadly, most of the time the special victim’s detectives blindly believe what the young woman is saying. It is a stacked deck when it comes to sex crime investigations and if you get any indication you are under investigation, you need to lawyer up ASAP. Do not try and talk your way out of the false accusation. What you say will be used and turned against you.
Being innocent is not enough. Sometimes, kids lie, not knowing how their lie or exaggeration can destroy a life. A simple arrest for a sex crime will in Sarasota County result in a high bond, often beyond reach of the average person. The child may be trying to break up the relationship. The child may be jealous and seeking her mother’s attention or may be trying to get her mom back with her biological dad. The number one reason for a false accusation is to get “attention”. When they make up a story about a “touching”, they immediately become the focus of everyone’s attention. The police treat them with kid gloves. The send they to an interview with the child protection team. The stepdad is thrown out of the house. Their mother immediately believes them and turns her rage on her partner of many years. The prosecutors here in Sarasota are mostly women and always believe the child, not matter what the evidence shows. The young girls are brought in to meetings with the prosecutors. They become the focus of everyone’s attention. It takes a highly skilled sex crime lawyer It takes a highly skilled sex crime lawyer . You have heard the saying “the truth will set you free”. The problem is that often the truth is buried and justice does not prevail. Winning becomes a priority and the truth often does not come out.
Good top quality legal representation is a must. Experience is sex crime cases is huge factor when it comes to getting to the truth. I have been defending against false accusations for over thirty years. Good investigation, good cross examination and good presentation can produce good results. If you or a loved one have been arrested in Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota or Manatee County, call an experienced criminal defense attorney