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In Seattle, six men were just arrested in yet another Internet sex sting. The ages ranged from twenty to over sixty and the occupations varied including a fireman, a real estate broker and a Boeing employee. Details of the arrests are at this point unknown. In the media reports, the police claim that the men “wanted to rape little children”. My bet is that when the facts come out, it is the police undercover officers that were offering children or first posting adult profiles on adult hookup sites. What never gets publicized in the media is the true story. So far, there have been twenty seven men arrested in the greater Seattle area on child sex charges.
As a sex sting lawyer, I have handled dozens of cases where the police do the basic bait and switch. They first post on Craigslist or one of the similar hookup sites as an adult and they try and trick someone into traveling to meet a minor. In all of the cases I have handled so far, I have yet to see any real children actually contacted. In every case, it has been police aggressively seeking men in adult sites, men that were looking for a casual encounter with an adult, not a child. Time will tell as to what the facts are in these latest six arrests.
All across America, police departments are jumping on the Internet sex sting bandwagon. It is easy to generate a crime and generate publicity. The true issue in most of the cases is who is doing the luring and seducing. The police are highly skilled at entrapping and baiting unsuspecting lonely men who were really seeking adult companionship. Everyone should try and keep kids off these hookup sites. If you ever see what purports to be a child on Craigslist, flag it and report it to the police. Prevention, not entrapment is the answer. Men’s lives are destroyed forever with just and arrest, not to mention a conviction. Hopefully, when the facts come out, the true story of what happened in the latest Seattle sting will come out.  As an experienced sex crime attorney, I have handled over 3 dozen of these traveling to meet a minor for sex after communication on the internet and will be glad to talk about possible options in your case.
If you or a loved one was arrested in this latest 2016 Seattle internet sex sting and have questions about being investigated on suspicion of several charges, including child rape, commercial sex abuse of a minor and child pornography, that need answers call a sex crime attorney immediately

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Sarasota County is long overdue for another Internet Sex Sting

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Every year right about Valentine’s day the Sheriff of Sarasota runs an Internet sex sting. They have varied the approach a little but they still run them. In the last few here in Florida they seem to have focused on the telephone hookup applications like Tinder. They let the computers match profiles and then try and bait and switch men who were looking for an adult and try and convince them to text or chat with a minor. If you ever see anything like “I am only 14” or “I am mature for my age” terminate all contact. Never send a dirty pic to a minor. Absolutely, never travel to meet with a minor and do not do anything that could be construed as solicitation of a minor. You can get arrested in Sarasota for just talking dirty to a minor. You may not get convicted, but you can get arrested here and Bradenton as well.
Stay off of Craigslist Casual Encounters. That is simply not a good way to hook up, even with an adult. The best way to not get arrested is to never even chat or text with a minor. There are no young girls out there that want to hook up with some old guy. If you hear “I don’t have much experience”, terminate all contact immediately and flag the ad. Everyone’s goal should be to keep real minors off the Internet. I encourage parents to do their part. Keep your kids out of adult sites. You have to avoid all temptation and never chat with a minor. I have now been involved in dozens of these sting cases. Mostly the police entrap the unsuspecting and they catch very few real sex offenders. A sex crime arrest can ruin your life. My bet is they either are running a sting now or will within the next few weeks. Sarasota is long overdue. Practice safe sex and do not become victim to some type of jail bait police tactic.
There is also a scam running with scammers pretending to be police shaking people down after exchanging sexy pictures and videos. Never send a dime to anyone pretending to be a cop.
If a friend or relative gets tagged or think they chatted with an under cover cop in the latest sex sting, call an experienced sex crime lawyer.