Another 2015 Internet Sex Sting in Boynton Beach Florida

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Another Internet Sex Sting in Boynton Beach Florida
A sixty four year old retired educator was arrested in Palm Beach County by the Boynton Beach police and charged with a number of Internet sex offenses. The police claim he was chatting with and undercover cop posing as a fifteen year old boy. They claim that the chats had been going on for quite a while culminating in a meeting and arrest.
The problem with the Internet is that you cannot believe anything you see or read. Half the time the person you are chatting with is not real or not who they claim to be. You have adult men pretending to be younger. You have You have adult men pretending to be younger. You cannot believe photographs or pics that are sent. There is no way to tell what is real and what is not. Often men are lured to a meeting and when they show up they are arrested. Curiosity killed the cat. Just showing up does not mean you actually intended to engage in sex. When it comes to “sexting”, the photographs may or not be real and may or may not be photos of the person actually sending them. I once represented a man who was depicted lying on the beach with a large flesh colored rubber penis hanging out of his bathing suit. In a photograph it would appear to be real, but in reality, it was a fake.
As a sex crime lawyer, I have seen it all. As it becomes harder are harder for the police to set up stings on heterosexual men, they have begun to target gay men on Adam4Adam,, and The internet tasks forces are now moving into the less known gay dating sites. The internet tasks forces are now moving into the less known gay dating sites. Each case is different but generally the core issue is “who is doing the seducing”. Who is doing the “luring and enticing”. Some of these cases have valid defenses. Did the undercover officer ask for a dirty “pic”? Did the police solicit the sexual conduct or content. If arrested in a internet underage sex sting or child pornography sex sting, call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation

Daytona Sex Sting Arrest January 15th 2015

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Daytona Sex Sting Arrest January 15th 2015
He had been warned by his friends about cops posing as kids on the Internet but fell for it anyway. The Volusia county cops in Daytona arrested a man after he chatted with an undercover cop posing as a 14 year old girl who said she was up for anything and “could keep a secret”. It amazes me how men are still falling for the bait and switch the police use week after week. I have been blogging on this for over two years. There are no 14 year old girls on the Internet looking for an older man. It is always the police. Do not get sucked into explicit chat to an under cover cop about sex and get yourself arrested. If a person on a social media site says they are underage, terminate all contact, flag the post and report it. Do not, even out of curiosity, continue with any further contact. I promise you, it is the police. Why men continue to think that there are young girls on the Internet that want to learn about sex amazes me. The police are supposed to disclose age in the first few lines. They hardly ever do. When they do, they sugar coat it with something like “I am mature for my age” or “I had a bad sexual experience with my boyfriend”. They want men to fall for the bait and offer to teach them. The truth is, 14 year old girls in our society probably have had more sexual experience than half the guys that fall for the line. Get it through your head….there are no real 14 year old girls on the Internet that want to have sex with you. If you fall for this line, more than likely, your next sexual experience will be with a three hundred pound sweaty cellmate in State prison.
The police in the chat exchanges use phrases like “Yeppers”, “LOL”, “kewl” and “gonna”. They intentionally try and sound like a teenage girl. They make it sound tempting trying to pretend that they are young, inexperienced and anxious to “learn” from an older guy. Do not fall for this B.S. In the last three years I handled 31 sex sting cases all over Central and Western Florida. The pattern is always the same. They are now focusing on child pornography and trying to get men to send pics or videos of underage kids engaging in some form of sex. They may even be sending teaser pics to get people to reciprocate. Never, no never, possess or send any photo or video of anyone underage. I have handled both State and Federal child pornography cases and the sentences given out are outrageous. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit the crime. If you are reading this too late, do not give up hope. Sex sting cases and child porn cases are defensible and many times can be resolved for lesser charges. Call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506 or visit
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Sex Sting Results in Suicide

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Sex Sting Results in Suicide
Sadly in Idaho, a 37 year old man committed suicide as police closed in to arrest him in an Internet sex sting case. You really have to question whether or not these sex stings are really worth it. The stings most of the time are not catching real pedophiles. Most of the time the men arrested are young, lonely and shy. Taking one’s life is not the answer. Some men facing lifetime registration as a registered sex offender simply cannot handle it. Some men fear the possibility of State prison so much they would rather die. The fact is however, many of the cases do not result in prison sentences or sex offender registration. As an Internet sex sting lawyer, I have handled over twenty Internet sting cases in the last few years and in most of the cases, a prison sentence has been avoided. In over half of the cases I handled, sex offender registration has also been avoided. Although the police continue to take a hard line in arresting men, many times, the prosecutor will take mitigating circumstances into account and reduce the charges to a non sex offense like attempted child abuse or unlawful use of a two way communication device. In the cases where the prosecution will not budge, some of the Courts will still either withhold adjudication or impose County jail sentences or probation. The cases are not hopeless and suicide is never the answer.
Every case is different. Some defendants are young and naïve. Some defendants have mental disabilities or are socially inept. In some of the cases, the police have entrapped the defendant or engaged in outrageous conduct. In some cases, the police have violated ICAC standards and procedures so badly that it offends the decency of the Court. In some cases, a trial is the only answer. No two cases are the same and the underlying facts in each case have to be examined carefully. The age of the defendant is an important factor considered by the prosecutor. Even more important is the content of the chats, texts and emails. People, on the Internet will say things that in real life they would never do. Some people engage in cyber chat fantasizing about things they would never do. The problem is that the police will sometimes arrest someone for simply talking or thinking about illegal or improper sex. Not all criminal defense lawyers have defended these types of cases. In some Counties, it may be the first Internet sex sting ever run. I have worked with other criminal defense attorneys in a number of different jurisdictions. There is a lot to be said for having a local attorney but sometimes putting two heads together can produce a better result. I am committed to fighting this type of police abuse and exposing some of the really outrageous actions by some agencies. Call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506   CLICK “HERE” to visit our SEX STING LAWYER WEBSITE

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Sex Sting Police Abuses Exposed 2015

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Sex Sting Police Abuses Exposed
WTSP in Tampa is running a great series this week exposing the abuses by police agencies running the sex stings in West and Central Florida. Noah Pransky has been following and investigating the police misconduct now for months. His article last night focused on Pinellas County, Florida and the last several stings run there. As a Sex Sting Lawyer, I was involved as a criminal defense attorney in several of those cases. His article is dead on. The police are in these internet sex stings for the money and publicity. In one of my internet sex crimes cases, the undercover officer talked for two days with my client that was on a purely adult site. It was only after he drove 300 miles and showed up outside that for the first time age was mentioned. In another case a young student was misled and tricked into traveling on bicycle to meet a girl who initially misrepresented her age on the adult site.
The Public is being terribly misled by men like Sheriff Grady Judd regarding sex stings. Police are now randomly targeting any man that puts up an adult profile on an Internet dating site. They do try and establish a bond and after chatting for a while attempt the basic bait and switch thus creating the so called ” underage internet sex sting”. I have been involved in numerous sex crimes cases in the last five years and the absolute truth is that law enforcement is not catching real predators. They, in most instances, talk lonely young men who were really seeking companionship with someone their own age into compromising situations. Here is my prediction for 2015. This year, 2015,  you are going to see law enforcement shift the focus and run child pornography stings. They will try and bait men into either sending or receiving images of underage females in sexually explicit situations. There will still be regular Sex Stings in the Polk County area and in the counties where getting elected is important. Did you ever wonder why you don’t see Sex Stings in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami? The sex stings seem to be in Counties where the Sheriff is a member of the Florida Sheriff’s Association.
The investigative reporters need to follow the money in these sex stings. Noah Pransky is on the right track. When you get Federal ICAC money you have to produce results, even at the expense of arresting innocent men. In the Pinellas Sting the undercover officer doing the chatting in one of my cases was an Air Force OSI investigator. He committed a Federal felony by his participation in a purely State investigation. Of course, he has never been prosecuted or even investigated. When the abuses are exposed, the prosecutors generally make you an offer you can’t refuse to resolve the case. The consequences of lifetime registration as a registered sex offender make it impossible not to accept probation on a non sex offense. In these types of cases, aggressive representation can make a difference. A lot of criminal defense attorneys have never handled these types of cases and are not aware of the true abuses and how to expose them. It is 2015, these underage internet sex sting cases are not impossible and you should never give up hope. If you have questions feel free to call me for a free consultation at 941 366 3506


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