What Sites Are Targeted In Internet Sex Stings?


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What Sites Are Targeted In Internet Sex Stings?
It is about time for another Internet Sex Sting here in Central Florida. The police have been running on average one sex sting a month for several years now. Many lonely men looking for adult companionship are regularly entrapped into traveling to meet minors in these stings. It always starts on an adult site. Here is a list of the sites targeted in one of the latest police entrapment operations:
In this blog, I am not telling you how to commit a crime and get away with it. I am telling you do not commit a crime. Do not get sucked in by clever law enforcement entrapment techniques. They will try and talk you into doing something that in real life you would never do.
If you are on Meetme.com, Backpage.com, Craigslist Casual Encounters or some other adult social site and you see anything that even hints that the person may be a minor, do not respond. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Thousands of men are being talked into committing crimes and then being charged with Internet Solicitation.
If you see anything like “my mom is away” or “I am home alone”, do not respond and flag the post. If you see the word “taboo” or the words “family fun”, it is a police officer trying to entrap an innocent person. We all want to keep kids off the Internet. If you see anything that even remotely looks like a child on an adult site, flag it and report it to law enforcement.
Adults should be able to hook up with adults without the police trying to turn it into something it is not. The latest scam is for the police to pose as escorts on Backpage.com. When you respond they try and bait and switch you with something illegal saying something like “I am really only 14”. The police also pose as phone pimps for escorts and then try an offer you a minor saying she is “really hot” or “cute” or “experienced.
I have been involved in about 25 sting cases and the one thing I always see people say is “how do I know you are not a cop”? Do you really think they would tell you? That is why they call it a sting. Don’t be stung stupid! Never try and hook up with a minor no matter what they say. The world is full of adult women and there is no reason to ever even think about “young stuff”.
If everybody followed my advice, they would never need a sex crime lawyer. If you don’t get arrested you will not need a criminal defense lawyer in Sarasota or for that matter anywhere else. I have a special warning for military men. They are out to get you and targeting men returning from active duty overseas. Don’t let your loneliness be your downfall. When they run the next sting here in Bradenton or Sarasota, their posts and ads will be in Tampa, Orlando, Naples, Palm Beach and Miami. They want to talk men into traveling some distance. They will seize your car. The cops want the money. They will tell you to bring condoms. They want to create evidence. They will try and get you to send a penis pic. Never, no never send a sexually explicit picture of your private parts on the Internet. My predictions is that August 2014 will be another month of Stings here on the West Coast of Florida. Do not become a “pedophile” or registered sex offender for life. Do not end up on Sex Offender probation for years and do not end up a felon. Stay off the sites…..Go find and adult woman the old fashioned way. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is! Hopefully, you will never need me. God forbid, if you do:
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Could Another Sex Sting be In Progress in Sarasota?


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Could Another Sex Sting be In Progress in Sarasota?
We are now into Mid July 2014 and there may be another Internet Sex Sting coming soon to Sarasota looking for internet sex crimes. The last one a few months ago was not that successful so you can expect the Sheriff to increase the entrapment techniques by seeking charges of internet chat room and Social network solicitation of minors also trying some new stuff. In Polk County recently, Sheriff Grady Judd expanded the scope of the sex stings to include Chile Pornography and prostitution. We may be seeing the same thing coming to Sarasota soon. Instead of focusing on Craigslist like they have in the past my predictions is that they will target kiddie porn and prostitution along with the Social Media sites. There is a good possibility that these sex sting operations  it will also include targeting the gay hookup sites also.
As a Florida Internet Sex Crimes Attorney, I affirm that the police no longer simply reply to sex oriented ads. Now they are going on regular dating sites and responding to adult ads and ICAC and or the cooperating law enforcement agencies will be running the bait and switch saying stuff like, “ I hope you are not mad, I am really only 14”. As an experienced sex sting lawyer, Do not fall for this entrapment technique. Never, no never try and hook up with anyone under 18. In Florida, although the age of consent is 16, if you are older, it still may be a crime to even hook up with a seventeen year old. When you see things like “I have the house to myself” do not even think of responding. If you see an ad that mentions anything like “taboo sex” or “family fun”, never under any circumstances even think about responding. If you see an ad that hints that a single dad wants his daughters to learn about sex…do not respond. Curiosity killed the cat and it will land you in jail.
“Young love” will land you in jail. They don’t call it “jail bait” for nothing and sex offender probation or prison could be next. As a sex crime attorney based in Sarasota, I have handled dozens of these cases across Central Florida and you can expect something soon here is Sarasota. The best way to not get arrested is to have no contact with anyone posing as a minor. Never send a pic of your penis to anyone. If you are communicating on a dating site with anyone even close to 18, demand proof of age. The Internet is a dangerous place and even communicating with a minor can get you arrested. You do not want to get charged with traveling to meet a minor or Internet solicitation of a minor. Your car will get seized and you will get arrested and be looking at a huge bond and a criminal trial. It will cost you a small fortune. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Think twice and never chat with a minor on the Internet. If you are reading this too late, you can
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Why have so many Disney employees been arrested in Sex Stings?

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Why have so many Disney employees been arrested in Sex Stings?

Just this week CNN ran a special highlighting the fact that over thirty Disney employees have been arrested in Internet sex stings.  The impression given on national television is that the park is crawling with child sex predators.  I really wish CNN had focused a little more on the way Sheriff Grady Judd is running the stings.  Everyone has seen Grady Judd on television bragging that he is keeping his County safe from pedophiles.  The truth is that with the grant from ICAC he is justifying the millions received from the Department of Justice.  The task force comprised of various members of the Florida Sheriff’s Association has run numerous stings, many of which originate in Polk, Seminole and Lake County near the Disney park.  The sex stings in many instances involve conduct that is clearly entrapment.  They are not preventing crime in Polk, they are creating it.

I have been blogging on this for years.  It still amazes me how effective the undercover cops are in seducing and enticing unsuspecting me on the Internet.  The motive may be true but the way the police implement the stings is in some instances outrageous.  The police almost always post ads in adult sites or respond to ads posted in adult sites.  The undercover tactics have now been expanded to other smart phone applications.  After engaging someone on the Internet or on a smart phone the undercover officers move the discussion to sex.  They will then generally do what I call the basic “switch” and have the undercover chatter mention age saying something like “I lied, I am really 14, I hope you are not mad at me”.  I have seen chats where the undercover officers actually suggest sex and suggest travel.  This is clearly entrapment.

These cases are not totally hopeless. There have now been a number of Court decisions finding that the police conduct constitutes entrapment as a matter of law.  A few of the courts have actually dismissed cases before trial.

As a sex crime lawyer, I track the decisions across the State.  I have a number of cases working their way through the State and Federal system now and am optimistic about several more Courts making similar finding.  If you or a loved one have been arrested in an Internet sex sting or a Florida Child Pornography Internet Sting and need a sex sting lawyer, call me, Peter D. Aiken.  There is no charge for a consultation.   I will continue to blog and educate the public as to what is really happening.

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Where Will the Next Sex Sting Take Place?

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Where Will the Next Sex Sting Take Place?

If I was a betting man, I would say Polk County.  Grady Judd has conducted over a dozen stings and you can pretty much count on him to continue entrapping men into traveling to meet a minor.  The latest push has been in the area of child pornography.  In the Polk sex stings the Internet exchanges by the undercover police often invite the exchange of “pics” hinting at taboo sex, family fun and other terms hinting at underage sex.  The best way to avoid being arrested is to not commit a crime.  If you are on the Internet chatting about sex, chances are at one time or another you have talked to an undercover cop.  The stings are run primarily by departments that are members of the Florida Sheriff’s Association.  The ICAC funding for some reason seems to flow through Grady Judd’s office.  I am doing a public records request to try and find out where the money is going.  Money is usually the principal motive by the various Sheriff’s departments.  The other thing behind the sex stings is publicity.  Do not forget, the Sheriff is an elected official.  Nothing makes for better press than being able to do a special on television bragging about keeping the streets safe from sexual predators.  It makes for good press and it brings in revenue.  Palm Beach County is long overdue for a sex sting as is the Panhandle of Florida.

On a positive note, another Court just threw out another case finding “entrapment as a matter of law”.  Finally some of the judges are coming to grips with what law enforcement is actually doing. Over the next three months I have a number of cases coming up in Pinellas, Manatee and Sarasota County where entrapment is the main issue. There is now a site tracking the sex sting arrests.  You can log into Icacarrests.com to view some of the stats on where the cases are coming up as well as the dispositions.  If a loved one has been arrested for Internet solicitation of a minor, child pornography or traveling to meet a minor, you really need to understand just what the police are doing.  Do not assume your loved one is guilty.  Unfortunately many employers do just that and fire someone for simply getting arrested.

Do not give up hope.  These cases can be defended.  It has been twelve days since the last sting in Florida and you can bet another one is in the works now.  The sex stings no longer are limited to Craigslist casual encounters or Backpage.  The police are posting ads on regular social media sites and chatting sometimes for days before mentioning age.  I have one case where a man chatted for days and then traveled to meet what he thought was an adult.  After traveling 250 miles when he finally arrived outside the take down site, the undercover cop mentioned for the first time her alleged age.  This violates all of the ICAC standards and procedures and hopefully a Court will toss this one.  As a sex crime lawyer I try and track the results around the State and when something of interest happens, you can read it here.  If you are on the Internet, never chat with a minor.  Never travel to meet anyone that even hints they are a minor.  Demand age verification for anyone you plan to date.  Google the person to make sure they are real.  Assume that everyone lies on the Internet.
The Internet is a dangerous place…..Assume the worst

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Polk County at it again in Cyberchild III Child Porn Sting July 1, 2014

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Polk County at it again in Cyberchild III Child Porn Internet Sex Sting July 2014

Yet another internet sex sting was announced July 1, 2014 in Polk County.  Sheriff Grady Judd again on television announced the arrest of another sixteen men in this latest child porn sex sting.  Although the facts are not yet public, as a Florida Sex Sting Trial Lawyer,in all likelihood undercover Sheriff’s deputies were again trolling the Internet trying to induce men into either sending or receiving child porn or traveling to meet a minor.  It is important to remember that these men are assumed to be innocent.  In the past, as the true facts unfold we learn that in many of the so called sex stings, it the undercover officers that are the ones luring, seducing and enticing otherwise law abiding men into succumbing to temptation.  If a loved one has been arrested, do not assume they are guilty.  Sadly, most of the time, families and employers abandon men based solely on the criminal charges that are filed.

As a sex sting and sex crime lawyer, the one thing I have learned is not to prejudge a situation.  There is a world of difference between an accusation and proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  Over the next few days and weeks we will learn more about this the latest Florida sex sting.

As a Child Pornography Defense Attorney, I often see that some people assume that if a person possesses child porn, they go on to molest children.  In most instances, this is simply not true.  Over the years I have found that many of the men that are charged with possession of child pornography were victims themselves in their youth.  Viewing pictures of minors does not mean that a person molests minors.  Often child pornography images can end up accidently on a computer.  Even if a person tries to delete a child pornography image, it unfortunately still remains in the unallocated space part of the hard drive.  Not all criminal defense lawyers understand the ins and outs of child pornography defense or understand or appreciate the difficulty of defending sex crimes.  If a relative or loved one has been arrested in a sex sting feel free to call for a free consultation.

I have handled sex sting and child porn cases in Sarasota, Manatee, Lee, Polk, Seminole, Pinellas, Lake, Osceola Counties and have followed cases in all other counties in Florida and other States for years and have good grip on what it a takes to win.  Call my office in Sarasota at 941 366 3506 or visit our office in Sarasota 2060 Ringling Blvd Sarasota, Florida 34237. we also have offices in Ft. Myers and Punta Gorda. As a Florida Sex Crimes Attorney and an experienced Florida Sex Sting Trial Lawyer, I will be glad to answer all questions you and with your permission, your family’s questions regarding your arrest and what your future options can be.

If you are under investigation or have been arrested in a Florida sex sting operation involving child pornography, traveling to meet a minor, communicating with a minor on the internet or texting with intent to have sex with a minor or attempted lewd and lacivious acts against a minor via the internet and need a attorney that has Internet Child Sex Sting Defense and Child Pornography Defense Trial Experience call me, Peter Aiken today at 941 366-3506.

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