Child Porn Arrests on the Rise Across the Country

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Child Porn Arrests on the Rise Across the Country

In May of 2014, The Feds in New York announced the culmination of a three month investigation resulting in the arrest of seventy one people including a police chief and a Rabbi.  Most of those arrested were using peer to peer software that allowed others to view kiddie porn they stored on their own computers.  Sharing child pornography images and trading those images is a Federal crime and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines provide for incredibly harsh sentences in Federal prison.  One of those arrested, a Police chief described how he ended up becoming “interested” in child porn.  In his capacity as a policeman, he taught a sexual abuse awareness classes in elementary school and middle school.  He said the images grew into a personal interest.  Maybe the class should have been on avoiding becoming interested in the sexually explicit videos.

Over the years as a sex crime lawyerI have defended many men charged with possession or distribution of kiddie porn. Unlike other crimes, profit is generally not the motive.  Child porn on the Internet is basically free.  Years ago before the Internet took over, there was a commercial motive but now people are creating it at home and sharing it with others.  One of those arrested was a woman who was actually using her child to create the videos.  If you are on the Internet and see certain catch phrases like “family fun” or “taboo sex”, immediately terminate all contact.  Many times people end up with child pornography on their computer by accident.  In the process of downloading adult porn, sometimes the child pornography images are included in zip files and the person downloading does not realize they even have it.  Once it is on your computer, it is a real problem.  Simply hitting “delete” does not work.  It may delete the directory but the image is still in your computer.  Many time reformatting the hard drive is the only way to really get rid of it.  Do not take your computer to an “expert” for assistance in deleting this stuff.  They often will report it to the police and you will find the FBI knocking on your door.  Never surrender your computer if you are contacted.  Demand a search warrant.

Never consent to an interview and answer questions.  You may be totally innocent but there are lots of innocent men in prison.  Call an experienced sex crimes attorney before speaking to anyone. If you had a husband, a brother, a loved one, a friend, or co-worker arrested in this Operation Caireen and need questions answered, do be embarrassed call right away.  If you think you may have a problem, call today 941 366 3506




Another Sex Sting Case Thrown Out in Manatee County

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Another Sex Sting Case Thrown Out in Manatee County

On May 8th, Judge Lakin in Manatee County tossed out another Internet Sex Sting Case finding that the conduct of Law Enforcement constituted entrapment as a matter of law.  This is the third case to be thrown out in Manatee County.  Every “traveler” case is different but a pattern is emerging.  In this latest case, the undercover chatter was Shea Llabre, a Federal ICE agent that the local sheriff’s have been using because of her young seductive sounding voice.  She testified in a case I handled here in Sarasota County involving a young Air Force man that was acquitted by a jury.  The conduct of the undercover chatters in this latest case was what the judge described as a concerted effort to lure him into committing a crime.  In this latest case, law enforcement repeatedly reinitiated contact with the defendant repeatedly bringing up sex.  When the defendant balked he was rebuked by the undercover officer.  Law enforcement sent suggestive pictures of an adult woman wrapped in a towel in a motel room.  The police actually admitted that pictures were taken of an adult Sheriff’s employee named Tracy Ditori posing in the towel to induce the defendant.  This case is outrageous and just another example of the lengths the cops will go to in order to make an arrest for traveling to meet a minor and Internet solicitation of a minor.  This opinion is a “must read” for all lawyers handling these types of sex crime cases.

As a sex sting lawyer, I have now been involved in about twenty similar cases.  Many of the defendants really were not looking to have sex with a minor.  In this latest case, the young man just wanted to “hang” and “chill out”.  Over and over he backed out and over and over the cops tried to draw him back in.  Over and over the cop brings us sex and extends an invitation to come over.  Judge Lakin found that in this case the police conduct was egregious, odius and superfluous.  We can only hope that some of the other judges will have to courage to deal with other similar cases in a similar manner.  Judge Lakin found that the police actually pressured the defendant over the course of twelve days and the State failed to establish that the defendant had any predisposition to engage in sex with a minor.  It is one thing for the cops to do this type of underhanded law enforcement.  The State attorney should bring it to an end.  Time will tell because they just ran another sting here in Sarasota arresting twelve men. 

I am getting ready to litigate several of the new arrests in Manatee and Sarasota and when the smoke clears, the entrapment conduct will again be exposed.  If you have questions, call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

Undercover Child Porn Sex Sting in Polk County


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Undercover Child Porn Sex Sting in Polk County

Sheriff Grady Judd is expanding his sex sting operations to include child pornography with his latest program called “Operation Guardian Angel”.  Nine men were arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.  One man was arrested for simply not reporting it.  The Sheriff charged him with failing to report child abuse.  Child pornography is an illness and an addiction.  I have been defending sex crimes for over thirty years and it has been my observation that many of the people charged with possession or distribution of kiddie porn were victims themselves as children.  There is a misconception that men who view child pornography go on to abuse children.  The majority of them to not.  In this latest investigation in Polk County they also arrested men for actually engaging in sex with minors and causing images to be created. lately I have seen many arrests for Possession of Child Pornography in Sarasota, Hillsborough, Pasco, Lake, Seminole, Orange, Pinellas, and Lee counties. Authorities seem to be scanning the internet all counties of the State of Florida in select Cyber Sex Child Sting Operations looking for preditors.

The possession of child pornography is a crime that cuts across all economic boundaries.  I have defended doctors, lawyers and people who you would never suspect might be involved in viewing images of children engaged in sex.  Child pornography can be prosecuted in both the State and Federal Courts.  The Federal Courts take a particularly hard position based on tough Federal Statutes and the horrible Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  In State Court, the penalties can be enhanced based on the number of images.  The Internet has caused a proliferation of Child pornography.  There is another misconception that the desire to make money is behind the production and distribution of child porn.  Now, most of the child pornography is created by people who are actually engaging in relations with minors.  There are victims in these cases.  Children worldwide are being abused.  In some instances, the men who view this stuff are victims themselves having developed a desire to see it based upon something that happened to them as children.

Every case is different.  In some cases, the issue is not guilt or innocence.  The issue in many cases is “what is an appropriate sentence”.  An experienced child porn lawyer can make a difference.  There may be technical defenses regarding the search and seizure of the computer.  There may be issues with the search warrant.  In defending these cases I now work with an attorney that has a background in computer technology.  Understanding computers, the Internet and the child pornography industry is the key to winning.  As a former federal agent and former federal prosecutor I truly understand the heavy hand of the Federal Government.

These Child Pornography cases are not hopeless.  Child Porn allegations can be defended and in some instances won.  If you have questions or comments, call me at  941 366 3506 at my office in Sarasota or you can visit my website at . You can also confidentially email me at

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