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The latest Florida Sex Sting Operations or Cyber Child Internet Stings have traveled from Manatee and Pinellas in West Florida, Broward and Brevard counties in the east, Seminole County Central Florida. They all have Chatting, emails, calls and texting by the accused in common on some type of social media connection. One of the new ways to communicate is with the SPEEDDATE app for IPHONES. Some of the arrested answered ads on craigslist casual encounters, backpage, Yahoo voices, and communicated then traveled to meet minors others communicated then  backed away, stopped communicating, deleted communication and were later arrested at their homes. These stings are run over the course of a week or longer and involve multiple agencies.

The latest was in Seminole County which is just in the Orlando area and involved Police from the: Apopka Police Department, Casselberry Police Department, Longwood Police Department, Orlando police Department, Ovieda Police Department, Sanford Police Departments. Seminole County was also assisted in the Internet Sex Sting by Counties: Citrus County Sheriff Department, Orange County Sheriff Department, Lake County Sheriff Department, Manatee County Sheriff Department, Osceola Sheriff Department, Pinellas County Sheriff Department, Polk County Sheriff Department, and Volusia County Sheriff Departments and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Theses Florida Sex Sting Operations in 2014 were targeting people allegedly looking for children to engage in sexual activity. The Cybercrime units looked for individuals seeking out underage children on the internet. In some instances the so called underage child asks too many times to count for nude pics or videos.

Law enforcement consistently uses tactics in the chats or at least attempt to get the suspects to admit that they have done this before and then develop evidence in the form of well documented follow up chats, texts, calls or e-mails. Is law enforcement, government agencies or State officials inducing a person to commit a crime he or she is not previously predisposed to commit and then producing overwhelming graphic evidence, that in fear, makes them confess to things that they are not sure are even crimes. Arrested people usually talk when they really shouldn’t and an attorney is needed to do damage control.  The press articles and news videos seem to be stacked against the arrested in what seems to be weekly Sex Sting take downs in Florida.

Then there is the personal side of the Florida Sex Stings. Do not believe everything you hear in the news. As a Florida Sex Crimes Attorney handling multiple sex sting cases …believe your loved one. If you have had a father a brother, son, boyfriend, fiancé, or loved one who has been accused of allegedly participating in on line chats with a minor, arrested in a sex sting, falsely accused of traveling to meet an underage child, Please call my office for a free confidential consultation at  941-366-3506 .

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More Police Entrapment in Seminole County Operation Safe Net


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More Police Entrapment in Seminole County Operation Safe Net

 Law enforcement put their typical spin on the latest Internet Sex Sting in Seminole County named Operation safe Net.  The operation called Safe Net tricked 26 men into traveling to meet a minor.  Sadly, the public may never know the truth about how these men were lured and seduced by the undercover police.  When you read the media reports, they claim that the men were trolling the Internet searching for sex with a minor.  When you actually look at the facts you will see that it is the police that were trolling the Internet trying to lure men into chat, email and texting with undercover cops. As an experience FLORIDA SEX STING LAWYER I have handled a case in Seminole County.

Over 100 members of law enforcement were involved in the operation.  I wonder how many burglaries and robberies and real rapes occurred while the men in blue were chatting on the Internet with otherwise law abiding citizens.  As a sex crime lawyer, I have handled almost two dozen of what they call “Traveler” cases in Seminole, Manatee, Lee, Sarasota, Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.  The pattern is always the same.  The police are the ones doing the seducing and luring.  The police are the ones inviting travel.  The police are the ones sending seductive photographs.  Many of these cases have valid defenses and an experienced sex offense lawyer may be able to make a difference in whether or not the accused becomes a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.  Not all criminal defense lawyers have handled a large number of these types of Cyber crime offenses.  Defending a sex case is different from defending a dui or some other criminal case.  My prediction is that when the true facts come out, many of the 26 men that were arrested will resolve their cases for lesser included offenses and non sex offender charges.  The key to getting good results in Florida sex sting cases is a having a good understanding of the law, the Internet and being able to drive a hard bargain based on good facts, good law and determination.  If you or a loved one has been arrested in Operation Safe Net or some other Florida sex sting, call for a free consultation at  941-366-3596

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Internet Sex Stings take a New Approach


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Internet Sex Stings take a New Approach

As a Florida sex sting attorney, I have been tracking the various sex stings in Florida.  I have watched the police and various sheriff’s departments change their tactics.  The public is now wise (mostly) to the fact that law enforcement regularly trolls on sites like Craigslist and Backpage but new tactics are surfacing.

In the early stings in Polk, Osceola, Seminole and Lee County the police posted ads in the adult sites, certifying they were adults and then after engaging men in chat casually mentioned that they were a minor.  I have successfully defended many of those cases on entrapment.  In the last year, there has been a different approach used.  The police post a profile on a social medial sight.  It does not mention sex and the profile clearly states that the person is over eighteen years of age.  They get normal people sucked into casual banter and then after getting their curiosity aroused the then say “Oh by the way, I lied, I am really 15”.  Many men get drawn into this type of situation with this entrapment technique.  Lately the police have targeted other hookup sites and seem to have focused on men seeking a casual encounter with a man.  The truth is that gay men are being targeted, unfairly.  Winning a case where there is a “men for men” profile or post is more difficult that the typical case.  In the recent 2014 Ft. Lauderdale Sex sting, the police targeted the hookup applications on smartphones that match up consenting adults looking for sex.

The key to winning sex sting cases is showing that it is the police doing the luring and seducing.  In most of the cases, that is true.  Law enforcement is supposed to follow ICAC procedural guidelines and most of the time they don’t.  They are not supposed to send photographs of minors but they do.  They are not supposed to invite the person to travel, but they do.  They are supposed to let the suspect set the tone and pace but they don’t.  I have handled thirteen of these traveler cases as a sex sting defense attorney in the last two years and have quite a few cases pending now.  There is hope.  If you have a good entrapment defense and an experienced sex crime lawyer, you may have a good case for trial.  In many cases, when I raised good issues I was able to get the prosecutor to offer a non sex crime offense as a compromise plea bargain.

The goal is to stay out of State prison, not become a registered sex offender, not be on sex offender probation and if possible not become a convicted felon.  Every case is different.

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Double Barreled Internet Sex Sting in Broward County


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Double Barreled Internet Sex Sting in Broward County March 2014

The latest Florida Internet Sex Sting dubbed “2 YNG 2″ ” too young to” which looks like it may still be running is in Ft. Lauderdale.  This Ft. Lauderdale sex sting hosted by Broward Sheriff’s Department headed by Sheriff Scott Israel has already announced 25 Broward county sex sting arrests of both men and women.  Many of the men that were entrapped were led to believe that initially they were talking with an adult.  Ultimately, the men were talked into meeting with what they thought were teenage boys.  The other half of the sting dealt with women who were arrested for prostitution.  Men paying women for sex has been around since humans began walking upright.  It is the World’s oldest profession, and in the more civilized societies, it is accepted.  Prostitution is a necessary evil that has been around for centuries.  In Broward County, it is a crime and when the police need a few statistics it is easy to make a few arrests by simply going on Backpage and looking for a hookup.  There is a misconception that women are forced into prostitution.  Although that may be true in a few instances, most of the time it is a choice where the easy buck usually prevails.

The Internet sex stings are another thing entirely.  Most of the men arrested are not sex predators looking for children.  They are men in adult sites looking to hook up with like minded men.  That should not be a crime.  It is law enforcement that creates the crime.  Basically when the run the stings, it is bait and switch from the word go.  Who is really doing the soliciting?  Most of the time it is the police chatters.  Who is doing the seducing?  It is the cops who most of the time invite the unsuspecting victim into traveling to meet a minor.  Not a month goes by that the police don’t run a sting.  It is good for their statistics.  It generates sex offender arrests.  It makes for good press when the sheriff comes on TV and says we are protecting the public from sex predators. What a joke.  It would be sad if it were not for the lives that are destroyed by the police entrapment techniques.
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Is Another Sex Sting Coming?

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Is Another Sex Sting Coming?

Absolutely, the only question is when and where

For the police, running a sex sting in Florida is like shooting fish in a barrel. According to the data on Florida Sex Stings and consistant annual county data, Citrus County, St. Johns County, Volusia County, Orange County, Sarasota County, Lee County, Seminole County, Hillsborough County, Polk County, Osceola County, Lake County, Pasco County, and Walton County are primed ready for another underage child internet sex sting.  It creates arrests, statistics and good publicity for the local Sheriff.  It is a great way to make the public think you are protecting the County from Sex Predators.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  In the latest Internet sex stings the police changed their tactics and instead of posting ads on Craigslist as usual, the police concentrated on replying to profiles on Internet dating sites.  They pose as adult women, reply to ads looking for relationships and engage men in tempting chat exchanges.  Many times, in the first few lines they will say something like “I lied, I am really only 14 but I am mature for my age”.  If you ever see anything that remotely hints that the person is underage, terminate all contact immediately.  In some cases, law enforcement will lure, seduce and entice a person into traveling to meet a minor.  Most of the time, the travel is in response to an invitation and not the idea of the man.  The police will post a picture of a female that may or may not be over the age of 18.  In Florida, if you are on a hookup page like Backpage and you respond to an ad for what looks like a massage or possibly a prostitute, chances are, you will be interacting with an undercover police officer.

The best way to avoid and arrest is to not commit a crime

There is an old saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  If you see and ad or get a response from what you think is a woman and she says she has a little sister that is interesting in learning about sex, that is a cop.  If you see words like “family fun” or “taboo sex”, it is a cop.  If you see and ad from someone purporting to be a single dad with a daughter, it is a cop.  The simple truth is that if you are on the Internet looking for a date, chances are you will be contacted by a police officer and offered sex with a minor.  Turn it down.  Walk away.  Do not be tempted.  Thousands of men get arrested each year and many are the victims of police entrapment.  As a sex sting lawyer I am handling cases in many central Florida counties and in all of them, it is the police that are doing the real seducing.  You can expect to see a sting in Ft. Myers (Lee County) in the near future.  Lee County was one of the first Counties to jump on the bandwagon and run stings as part of the Central Florida ICAC task force.  The epicenter of sex stings is Polk County where eight of them have been run over the years.  The Internet is not a safe place to look for dates or relationships.  Everyone lies about their age, their sex and their true identity.  A simple click of the mouse or giving in to curiosity can get you arrested and branded as sex predator forever.  Think twice………

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Bradenton Sex Sting Cases now in the Court System

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Bradenton Sex Sting Cases now in the Court System

The Manatee Sheriff held suspects in “booking” for days with no contact allowed with an attorney and only one call to a bondsman.  They did this to keep the latest sex sting, Operation Green Shepherd III in February 2014 a secret.  The sex sting started right before Valentine’s Day 2014 with cops contacting men on adult dating sites.  The police would pose as adult women during the 2014 sex sting actually giving a legal age.  They would then run their bait and switch and tell the men that they were really only 14 or 15.  I was actually blogging on this sting as it was running.  Many innocent men were entrapped by this questionable tactic.  Now the cases are in the Court system and the truth about the police conduct will come out.  You cannot believe or put any faith in what the Sheriff or law enforcement says when it comes to these “Stings”.  The police do lie, really.

There are defenses to these charges.  The police claim that in many instances, the defendant lured, solicited or enticed a minor over the Internet.  The truth is that it is the police that are doing the luring, soliciting and enticing.  It is the police that are lying about age.  It is the police that are bringing up sex.  It is the police that are inviting men to travel.  It is the police that are saying “bring condoms”.  Now that the cases are in the court, the actual texts and emails will be made public.  What the police just did 2014 here in Manatee is similar to the other Sting they just ran in Clearwater.

The Sheriff has forgotten his “Mission”.  Law enforcement is supposed to “protect and serve”.

The Sheriff is not protecting anyone.  The Sheriff is creating crime so an arrest can be made.

Entrapment should be made a crime.  Lives are being destroyed by these police tactics.

If you have a loved one arrested in this sting, be supportive.  Do not believe what the press says about sex stings.  Do not believe the spin put on it by law enforcement.

Let me hear what you think.   Your replies are kept confidential.

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