Operation Green Shepherd III Suspects Denied Counsel

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Operation Green Shepherd III Suspects Denied Counsel

“You have the right to an attorney”, I am sure you have seen it on TV.  But if you are arrested in an Internet sex sting in Manatee County, the Sheriff will do everything he can to prevent you from calling one.  In order to keep the latest Green Shepherd operation secret, when suspects were arrested, they were held in the “Booking” area for days with no real access to an attorney.

The law requires that you be brought before a judge within 24 hours.  First appearance before a judge is a big deal.  That is when your bond is set.  The suspects were not allowed to make key calls to relatives or friends to hire attorneys.  They were allowed one call to a bondsman (if they even knew one).  When you are arrested on a sex sting, your phone is taken from you as evidence.  Most people do not remember phone numbers and once you are deprived of your phone have no way to contact friends or relative.  The Sheriff is manatee made sure these men would not get private lawyers.

To further prevent people from hiring lawyers, information about their arrests was intentionally kept off the Sheriff’s web page until the public announcement of the “sting”.

Many of the men arrested were not seeking minors like the Sheriff said in the release.  Most were men seeking adults on the Internet that were tricked into communicating with undercover cops posing as minors.  It was the police offering sex and the police requesting travel, not the suspects.

The right to an attorney is a super important right.  As a sex crime lawyer I know how important the first few hours are.  If you have a pet and are held for days without a call, the pet will die.  If you can’t reach relatives or friends, how can you hire a lawyer?  If you can’t hire a lawyer, how can you get a fair bond hearing?  If you cannot communicate with the outside world you will lose your job.  If you have a medical issue, you are out of luck.

There was a deliberate attempt by the Sheriff to deny the men the right to an attorney at a critical stage of the proceedings.  I will be addressing this issue with each of the Manatee Judges immediately.  If arrested, Call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation or visit my site at


Operation Green Shepherd III Finally Made Public February 18, 2014


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Operation Green Shepherd III Finally Made Public February 18, 2014

The Bradenton Sheriff, Brad Steube, finally on February 18th 2014 came forward with the public announcement that another 25 men were arrested in the latest Internet sex sting in Manatee County.  I have been blogging on this since it started last week.  In the press release they make it sound like they have apprehended sex predators.  The truth is that, just as in the Pinellas County, Clearwater, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Tampa, Hillsborough, Seminole, Polk, Pasco, lake County, St Johns, Jacksonville and north Florida Cyber underage sex stings, it is the sheriff’s office and the participating police agencies that are the real sex predators.  If the public only knew the truth.  Twenty five lives have now been destroyed by police entrapment.  When the truth finally surfaces, and it will, the public will find out that the police were contacting adults on adult sites on the Internet.  The police were lying and posting profiles as women as old as thirty one.  The police were bringing up the subject of sex, inviting men to travel and were the ones doing the soliciting and seducing.  What the police are doing should be a crime.

In the latest sting, the police went way overboard.  When they finally did the bait and switch and mentioned age, many of the men balked or terminated conversation.  The police at that point are supposed to quit.  In many of the cases, they did not.  They, the cops, would reinitiate contact and go out of their way to entice the men into further conversation.  Some of the men traveled to warn what they thought was an under aged girl about the dangers of the Internet.

I watched this one unfold all weekend.  You could see the police ads and profiles in some of the dating sites like Craigslist Casual Encounters, Datehookup.com, and Meetme.com.  The police were contacting men who were not even remotely looking for a minor.  They were engaging them in chat and texts and actually suggesting sexual encounters.  They would say things like “I am not happy with guys my age”.  Law enforcement is supposed to let the suspect set the “tone and pace” of the conversation.  In most instances, the cops would send a picture of an adult they claimed to be a minor.  The police did all of the luring, seducing and enticing.

If you have a loved one arrested in one of these stings, do not assume they are guilty.  They need your support and help now.  The police held these men in “booking” all weekend to keep them from getting in touch with lawyers and their relatives.  The men now have all lost their jobs and many cannot afford an experienced sex crime lawyer.  These cases are defensible.

As a Florida Sex Sting Attorney, I want you to know the other side of these stories. If you want to know the truth about what the police really are doing, read all of my blogs.

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Datehookup.com With a Cop in Bradenton February 2014

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Datehookup.com With a Cop in Bradenton

The Manatee Sheriff and other law enforcement agencies have been running a sting called Operation Green Shepherd III in Manatee since last Wednesday February 12, 2014.  In this Bradenton, Manatee County Sex Sting Operation there has been no press release yet but it will come any day.

This time, in addition to Craigslist, they also posted profiles as adults on other sites like Datehookup.com.  They actually solicited adults and engaged them in emails, texts and chat. They police lied initially saying they were an adult looking for an adult.  The police actually solicited the people to travel and were in some instance the first to mention sex.  All of this is in violation of ICAC standards and procedures and constitutes entrapment.

I was blogging on the sting as it was happening.  The police agencies all over in Florida seem to be in a contest to see who can entrap the most people.  A sting was also running in Lake County.  In the last couple of sex stings the police have changed their focus and are randomly targeting adults looking for adults.  The police are the true sex predators targeting innocent young men who are on adult sites looking to meet other adults.  In just the first half of February of 2014 here in Central Florida there have already been two stings that have run for sure.

The police undercover ads on Craigslist are obvious.  They use terms like “home alone” and when they get someone to respond say something like, “I am only 14, I lied”.  Many times after they engage someone in texts they will say “I don’t have much experience”.  They will often say, “parents are away” or use a term like “spring break” and mention high school.

Never have contact with anyone who could be a minor.  If anyone even hints they may be underage, terminate all contact and flag the ad.  I know that most of the people arrested never intended to hook up with a child and were only talked into it.  Do not let simple curiosity get the best of you.  Stay away from Datehookup.com and Craigslist.  If you even text with an undercover officer you may get arrested for simply thinking about sex.   So when you see a text that says “I am shy and inexperienced lol”, walk away.  Never send a pic of your penis to anyone.  The best way to never get arrested and need a sex sting lawyer like me is to not commit a crime to begin with.  If you have questions call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation or visit my sex crime defense site at www.sexstinglawyer.com

Arrests in Lake County Internet Sex Sting Blog as I Predicted

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Arrests in Lake County Internet Sex Sting Blog as I Predicted

As I predicted over the weekend, the cops ran another sex sting in central Florida.  If you have been following my sex sting blog, I predicted the arrests would come.  There were ads on Craigslist all weekend running in various Counties including Hillsborough, Lee and Sarasota.  The ads ran the teaser catch phrase “Home Alone Again”.  There was another ad that suggested “Family fun” with a “Dad + 3”.  I also predicted that the police would be replying to legitimate adult ads with their typical bait and switch tactics.  I actually watched this one unfold on the Internet in real time blogging on it as it was happening.  It is amazing how effective the police are at entrapping people into traveling to meet a minor.  Sadly, most of the people that get tricked into responding had no intent of soliciting a minor.  Could it be that the true sex predators are in law enforcement?  Who is really doing the soliciting?  Who are posting the suggestive ads on the hookup sites?  Who is really asking people to travel?  Who first brings up sex and who is pushing for a meeting?  It most of the cases, it is the police promoting the sending of pictures and suggesting a hookup.  It is the police that say “bring condoms” 

Another 22 lives have now been ruined in this latest Lake County sex sting.  In this latest sex sting called “Be Mine” the police have lured 22 men into compromising situations.  My guess is that most of these guys really are not pedophiles and had no predisposition to engage in sex with a minor.  As a sex sting lawyer I see this happen month after month.  Thousand of guys are getting sucked into these sex traps.  Hopefully, eventually when enough lives are wrecked the public will become aware and pressure the Legislature to do something to stop this police abuse.  I am now handling these cases all over Central and Gulf Coast Florida.  If you want to respond, do so or if you have a friend or relative busted in the latest sting, call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

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Lake County Hub of Latest Internet Sex Sting in February of 2014

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Lake County Hub of Latest Internet Sex Sting in February of 2014

As I predicted in my blogs over the weekend, a sex sting was in fact running with ads posted on Craigslist in Sarasota and Lee County.  The police were soliciting with their old standard catch phrase home alone again and who knows how many people responded.  Another ad they were running mentionedFamily Fun and a “Dad + 3”.  The police were also targeting military men with catch phrases.

So far, six arrests have been made public but that number is going to rise as the day goes on.

As a sex sting lawyer, I track stings and the arrests as well as the cases as they go through the Court system.  Who knows how many men responded and did not fall for the bait and switch entrapment tactic?  Who knows how many people were contacted and solicited by a Sheriff’s detective or FDLE agent and did not fall for the entrapment scheme.  Hundreds of lives have been destroyed by police entrapment.  I am sure their press release will brag that the cops are arresting sex predators.  The absolute truth is the police are the sex predators preying on lonely adults simply looking to hook up or date another adult.  As more and more people realize the police are on Craigslist, the cops turn to the other dating sites and randomly respond to normal adult ads with the goal of luring, soliciting and enticing normal men and women into compromising situations.  They want you to travel and will invite you to come.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in this Orlando area sex sting, call for a free consultation.  Not all criminal lawyers regularly handle sex stings.  The law in this area is evolving daily with more and more Courts ruling on the entrapment defense.  I have handled Internet sex crime cases, including child pornography in central Florida as well as the Gulf Coast Counties.  Many people are tricked into sexting, sending sexually explicit videos and images to what they think may be an under aged person.  Never send a penis pic to anyone.  When you see a phrase like “I am really only 15” or “I don’t have much experience” terminate all contact and flag the ad.  Kids should not be on the Internet and in fact they are not.  The only so called kids on the Internet are cops.  When you see “NSA”, no strings attached, what that really means is that “handcuffs are attached”.  Call Today for a Free Consultation :941 366 3506

Sarasota Internet Sex Sting This Weekend, February 9th 2014?

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Sarasota Internet Sex Sting This Weekend, February 9th 2014?

Are the Police in Sarasota running another police sting trying to entrap people?  Who knows?

There are some ads running on Craigslist Casual Encounters that really look suspicious.  One of these ads has a post in the “adult” only w4m section that says “Family Fun time”.  The ad goes on to say “I have a unique situation here that is not for everyone. Serious Inquires only. Dad +3 hit me up if you are interested.  For some reason, Craigslist has not flagged this ad.  It is one of two things.  It is either an ad suggesting sex with a minor which is illegal or it is a post by police that will try and engage a person in emails or texts about sex with minors.  The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.  Never engage in texts or email with a minor.  Do not do it.  If you respond to a suggestive ad that even remotely suggests sex with a minor, notify law enforcement and flag it on Craigslist.  You may think you are in an adult site looking to hookup with an adult.  Do not continue to converse with any person that even hints they are a minor.  Do not unintentionally commit a crime.

There is another ad running on Craigslist right now captioned Home Alone Again.  This is either a child or an undercover police officer.  Never, no never respond to an ad like this.  Do not let simple curiosity get the best of you.  This ad suggests travel to Orlando.  Never, no never travel to meet a minor for anything.  Do not do anything illegal.  Minors do not advertise on the Internet.  Only police post ads suggesting sex with a minor.

The best way to stay out of trouble is to not commit a crime.  Never, no never converse with anyone that could even remotely by a minor.  As a Sex Sting Lawyer, the best advice I can give you is to not commit a crime.  If the people posting these ads are real, they should be arrested.

There is another ad running now called “Off the beaten Path”.  If you are a law abiding citizen and have no interest in children, keep it that way.  Get off Craigslist and get a life.  Sex is a terrible temptation and never give into temptation to have sex of any type with a minor.

If you find yourself in trouble, call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

“Thought Police” and the New Internet Crimes

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“Thought Police” and the New Internet Crimes

There is a disturbing trend in the last few years when it comes to sex crimes.  In the past, police investigated sex offenses and complaints from citizens.  If a crime occurred, if there was a rape, if there was sex abuse, the police conducted an investigation, arrested the perpetrator and a prosecution went forward.  Now, it is far easier for the police to simply create a crime by trolling the Internet and responding to adults seeking adults on dating and hookup sites.  The police now randomly target adults who have absolutely no predisposition or inclination to interact with minors.  I now see cases where the police engage people in emails and chat for hours or days trying to build trust and establish what appears to be a legitimate relationship.  After they get the person engaged they manipulate the conversation towards sex.  These officers are skilled in manipulating innocent men.  The undercover chatters will then casually mention age with some seemingly innocent comment like “I lied, I am really only 15, I hope that is not a problem”.  In several recent cases, I have seen exchanges where the police actually ask the person to travel to them long before any age is even mentioned.

We live in dangerous times.  The local sheriffs go on television claiming they are protecting the public from sex predators.  The truth is, it is the police that are the dangerous predators, preying on lonely men simply looking for companionship.  Even in cases where the police cannot trick someone into coming to them, they still arrest them for simply engaging in “chat” or email exchanges for solicitation of a minor.  The truth is, it is the police that are doing the solicitation.  The public needs to be made aware of what is really happening.  Noah Pransky of Channel 10 recently exposed some of the abuses in the latest Clearwater Pinellas sex sting operation.  The public needs to get involved.  If more people flagged the police posts on Craigslist and the other dating sites, less innocent men would get arrested.

If you see an ad on casual encounters advertising “family fun”, “taboo sex” “Sisters looking for fun” or anything that even remotely hints at sex with a minor, flag it for removal.  If you have an ad posted and someone responds and even hints at sex with an under aged person try and identify the responder and then report it to the police.  Never, no never engage in sex chat or “sexting” with explicit photos with anyone that even suggests they are not an adult.  Do not assume that if they are on an adult site, they are an adult.  Don’t make the mistake that thousands of men have made in Florida and get yourself arrested.  Let me hear you experiences with “close encounters of the police kind”.  If you have questions and want answers, and need to talk to a sex sting lawyer, call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation

Jurors Acquit Man in Deltona Florida Sex Sting

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Jurors Acquit Man in Deltona Sex Sting

Thank goodness we have a jury system.  In December in Deltona a man was acquitted based on an entrapment defense.  The issue in the case was “who was doing the soliciting?”  In all of the Internet Sex Sting cases a defendant is charged with either using a computer or cell phone to solicit a minor or traveling to meet a minor after using the Internet to solicit a minor an a parent of a minor.  In the Deltona sex sting, the police initiated the contact.  A juror sent a question to the Court asking about “solicitation” and who did the initial “contacting”.  Ultimately, it is for the jury to decide but as a Sex Sting lawyer I have found that most of the time, it is the police doing the soliciting.  In the Deltona case the undercover cop was posing as an adult woman with a sister age 14.  The man was interested in the adult, not the minor.

The common ploy now is for the cops to pose as sisters, brother and sisters and parents.  One of the two will be an adult and the other a minor.  With their basic bait and switch tactics, the undercover cop will get the person interested in the adult and then try and move the conversation to the minor.

The police no longer are limiting themselves to Craigslist.  They are now trolling the regular dating sites and not just the sex hookup sites.  If you see an ad or if in a conversation someone even mentions a minor, flag the ad and never go back to it.  There are no real minors on Craigslist looking to hookup.  They are all cops looking to entrap you.  Stay off of Craigslist.

The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.  Don’t even think about even emailing or texting with anyone even remotely suggesting they are underage.  Let me hear your comments on this subject. If you have been charged in a sex sting, sex crime or crimes against children, please call today for a free consultation at (941) 366-3506 0r in Ft. Myers call (239) 334-8890

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Sex Sting Entrapment in the Media

Trey Gennette floridascandal.com treyfsu7@yahoo.com

I really appreciate all the help you have offered to include the news story we were able to air.  We now have 2 stories within a months time frame. It has taken so long to get to that point, but we are making it happen. It is because of attorney’s like yourself who go above and beyond the call of duty that we are able to do this. Thank you