Arrested for Child Pornography?

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Arrested for Child Pornography?

2945345_1-PDA.jpgIf you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with possession or transmission of Child Pornography also known as “Kiddie Porn” you may find yourself in a legal nightmare.  The situation is not totally hopeless.  Your friends and employer may have abandoned you but there may be legal defenses to the Federal or State Charges against you.

The first issue that has to be dealt with is bail bond.  In Federal Court, the judges may initially deny bond claiming you are a threat to the community.  In State Court, the judges routinely set high bonds.  You start off with the deck stacked against you.  In most instances we have been able to get a reasonable bond set.  Once you are out you need to find an attorney who really understands the ins and outs of sex crime defense.

If you are charged with possession of child pornography and the crime involves a computer there may be legal issues dealing with your knowledge of what was on the computer.  Sometimes something may end up on your computer without your knowledge and knowledge is an essential element of the offense.  Someone may have sent you illegal images without your knowledge.  The police or the Federal authorities may have illegally seized your computer or tricked you into surrendering it.  As a former Federal prosecutor and experienced sex crime lawyer, over the years I have handled many child porn cases in both Federal and State Court.  An attorney needs to really understand cyber crimes and computers to mount a good defense.

Your attorney also needs to have a real grasp of the Sentencing Guidelines in both State and Federal Court.  In Federal cases where images were transmitted you could be facing eight or nine years in Federal prison under the guidelines.  Do not take a sex crime charge lightly.  You could end up being a registered sex offender for life or under supervision for many many years.

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Does the Jury System Work in Sex Crime Trials?

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Does the Jury System Work in Sex Crime Trials?

Anytime a person goes to trial in a sex crime trial they face the reality that jurors generally come into the Courtroom with prejudices created my years of misinformation.  This is true whether you are charged in an Internet Sex Sting or some other sex crime like sexual battery on a minor.  As a sex crime lawyer I deal with this prejudice on a regular basis.  In my last trial, out of the first 35 jurors questioned, over one third had to be dismissed for “cause”, their inability to sit fairly and impartially.  If you are facing a criminal trial for any type of sex offense your lawyer need to be aware of just how tough it is to get a fair trial.  When you get charged with a sex offense, everyone presumes you are guilty.  Your employer, your relatives, your spouse and your friends generally walk away.  What people need to understand is that false accusations are made all the time.  I have seen cases where women, days weeks or months after a sexual encounter claim that it was nonconsensual.  Being falsely accused of a sex crime is a terrible thing.  Being found guilty is even worse.  You face lifetime registration as a sex offender or worse yet a sex predator.  You face doing time in prison where the possibility of jail rape is very real.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going and you really need to exhaust every possibility before making a decision to plead guilty.  Sex cases can be won and not all cases are hopeless.  Thorough investigation, an understanding of the law and good trial skills can make a difference.  The very sad truth is that in America, many times you get as much justice as you can afford.  The Public Defender is appointed when you cannot afford a private criminal defense lawyer.  Unfortunately, the public defenders carry an enormous case load and simply do not have the time and resources to tackle time intensive cases.  If you or a loved one are charged with a sex crime you need to find a way to hire a really good sex crime lawyer.  It can make a huge difference.  If you have questions, call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

Craigslist….Open Season on Sex Offenders

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Every day innocent lonely men are tricked into committing sex crimes that will land them in State prison.  Many times this starts with an innocent visit to Craigslist Casual Encounters.

The best way to avoid a sex crime arrest is to not commit a sex crime like Internet Solicitation

Here are some dead giveaway lines the undercover cops regularly use:

“I am only 14, is that ok? Lol”             If you see this, terminate all contact and flag it.

“my parents are away”                        If you see this, terminate all contact and flag it

“I don’t have much experience”        If you see this, terminate all contact and flag it

“are you a cop?”                                   If you see this, they are a cop.

“I am here for spring break”              If you see this, terminate all contact and flag it

“I am a single mom with a daughter”     Terminate all contact and flag it.

“some taboo family fun”                    If you see this, terminate all contact and flag it.

“I want my daughter to learn”          If you see this, terminate all contact and flag it.

Here is a reality check….Underage girls are not on Craigslist looking for sex…Cops are!

Thousands of men are arrested each year in Internet Sex Stings….Do not be one of them!

As a Florida sex crime lawyer I have handled sex cases all over Floirda for many years.  There is an explosion of false arrests and entrapment cases all over Florida.  The State gets money from the Feds with ICAC grants.  Don’t become a statistic or a lifetime registered sex offender.


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Two More Sex Stings in Florida over Thanksgivings


Two More Sex Stings in Florida over Thanksgivings

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Law Enforcement still at it running Sex Stings in Walton and Osceola County in the last week of November. The latest ploys involve cops posing as parents offering their kids for hookups on the Social Media sites and Chat rooms.  The ads they post usually say something like “Single mom wants help with her attractive daughter” or “Open minded single dad wants daughter to learn”.  If you see an ad like this or anything close, it is absolutely an undercover sex sting operation.  Never respond to any advertisement or text or chat that suggests offering an underage person for sex.  Do not get entrapped by this type of police conduct.  The best way to avoid an arrest is to not commit a crime no matter how tempting the police make it appear.

The simple fact is, parents do not offer their children for sex and single moms do not need your help teaching their daughters about sex.  The police in Polk and Osceola County and the officers involved in the ICAC operations run these sex stings over and over and the arrests still keep coming.  They have an incentive.  The various Counties get massive Federal funding and need to produce statistics and results to justify the money they get.  They get to forfeit the cars they seize and find it much easier to create a crime by entrapping innocent people on the Internet.

Sex is Bait and these cops are masters at manipulating otherwise law abiding citizens into traveling to meet a minor.  It is a crime to solicit a minor or a person posing as a parent of a minor so do not under any circumstances reply to any chat or text that even remotely suggests such a sexual encounter.  As a Florida sex crime lawyer I have handled dozens of these cases in Counties throughout South and Central Florida.  They are tough battles but not impossible to win.  You start off with public opinion against you.  Read the comments on the Media articles and you will see how terribly misplaced public opinion really is.  If you or a loved one have been  charged in a sex sting and want to discuss your options, call me at 941 366 3506 or for more information, visit my website at