There are Defenses in Internet Sex Sting Cases


All across Florida they are continuing to run Internet Sex Stings.  In Polk County this month, June of 2013,  it was the ninth sting and it resulted in 41 arrests.  True, they may catch a real predator now and then but in the process they arrest dozens of innocent people destroying their lives forever.  There are valid defenses to these sex crime arrests and having an experienced sex crime lawyer can make a difference.  Under the Florida sentencing guidelines if you are convicted of traveling to meet a minor you are looking at a State prison sentence.  If you get convicted of solicitation of a minor, you are looking at jail.

The truth is that many people simply get drawn into chatting, texting and emailing with no intent to ever have sex with a minor.  Remember years ago when they had phone sex operators where women kept people on theline talking at three dollars a minute.  The Internet has replaced this business.  People sit for hours at a computer simply chatting and engaging in a pure fantasy with no real intent of ever acting out on it.  The Internet has become a trap for the lonely and many men who are simply lonely find themselves being lured by the police into compromising situations.

Entrapment is a defense in some cases.  Were the police in and adult site?  Did the police bring up sex?  Did the police send a photograph?  Did the police invite you over?  Did the police suggest travel?  Did the police ask for a “pic”

These are all issues that may give rise to an entrapment defense.  I have defended Internet sex crimes going as far back as the “To catch a predator” TV series by Chris Hansen.  As a sex crime lawyer, I understand how ordinary people get drawn into these situation with no real intent to ever interact with a minor.  I have handled cases in Sarasota, Lee, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Charlotte, Polk and Manatee County and in every County the police seem to be engaging in entrapment.  A judge in Manatee just this month threw out two cases.  The State is appealing but in my opinion will not win.  If you or a loved one have been arrested in a sex sting, do not give up hope.  Prison is not a certainty and having a public defender may not be a good choice.  I am not here to judge you, I am here to defend you.  Call my Sarasota office at 941 366 3506 or you can visit my site at


Details Emerge from Ninth Internet Sex Sting in Polk County



More and more details are coming out about the latest sex sting in Polk County Florida.  This is the ninth time the Sheriff there has run and Internet Sex Sting and the people still keep coming. Forty men and one woman were arrested in the latest sting.  Most were charged with traveling to meet a minor and various other crimes relating to Internet sexting and use of a communication device to lure or seduce a child.  As a sex crime lawyer, I have been blogging about this for almost two years warning people not to communicate with minor, much less cops.  Sheriff Grady Judd is proud of the fact that he can lure people into his jurisdiction and arrest them.  He claims to be protecting the citizens there.  The truth is that the police are creating crimes, luring and entrapping people into coming into Polk County.  Could it be because of the Federal Grant (money from the Feds) that is really at the bottom of this entrapment program?  In the latest round up, many law abiding people were tricked into coming to Polk County only to get arrested and humiliated.  The undercover detectives go on Adult sites looking for unsuspecting people to entrap.  Entrapment occurs when the police lure and induce a person to do something they would not otherwise do.  In Manatee County just this month (June 2013) two cases were dismissed by the Court based on the outrageous conduct of the police.  The cases were dismissed based on entrapment as a matter of law.  I have been defending sex cases for thirty years and am sickened at the way the police are doing these stings.  The cops go on adult sites and lie about their age.  They certify they are adults.  They send enticing emails and texts.  When they get the people hooked they mention that they are a minor.  This is classic bait and switch.  The problem is that they are destroying lives. I have learned not to judge people.  I defend them, I don’t judge them.  Many of these cases are defensible and no case is hopeless.  If a loved one has been arrested you can call for a free consultation.  To review my qualifications, visit my website at or call me in my Sarasota office at 941 366 3506

Another Internet Sex Sting in Polk County


The sheriff in Polk County has announced the arrest of another forty people in the latest Internet sex sting.  Again the undercover officers have targeted people in adult sites. These people were looking for relationships with adults.  In classic bait and switch operations, the officers first certify on entering the sites like Craigslist that they are over 18. After getting people to respond they will casually throw in the comment that they are really only 13 or 14.  These officers run “chat houses” where they sit for hours trying to get otherwise law abiding people to engage in sexual chat and innuendo.  Their ultimate goal is to induce and lure people into traveling to meet what they think is a minor.

Polk County gets a Federal grant to fund these operations.  That is why so many of them are run.  They work in conjunction with the Central Florida Task Force which is composed on members of law enforcement from many counties and police agencies.  The big issue in most of the cases is that of Entrapment.  Who is actually doing the seducing and luring?  In Manatee County earlier this month, two cases from “Operation Green Shepherd” were thrown out based on the Court’s finding that young men were entrapped as a matter of law.

As an attorney handling sex crime cases for over thirty years, I can tell you that many of the sex sting cases have valid defenses and no one should give up hope.  There is a terrible downside to being convicted of traveling to meet a minor or solicitation of a minor.  If convicted you face at least 42 months in State prison, not to mention being labeled a sex offender for life.  Having to register as a felon and a sex offender is a situation that will follow you for life.  It is a lifetime punishment.  I have defended sex crime cases in Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, Seminole, Orange and Polk County for years.  Call today for a free consultation at my Sarasota office.  You can visit my website devoted to sex offenses at or call for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

My job is not to judge you, My job is to defend you.  For compassionate aggressive and competent representation call for an appointment.