Suspects Arrested In “Operation Guardian” in Clearwater as I Predicted Three days ago


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Operation Guardian in Clearwater as I Predicted Three days ago

The Pinellas Sheriff and law enforcement in Pinellas announce today April 14th 2014 the culmination of yet another Pinellas sex sting that has been running for days.  For those of us that follow this subject, it was pretty obvious the sting was running from the suggestive ads that were placed on the Internet several days ago by undercover police officers.  It amazes me that men are still falling for the bait and switch entrapment operations that seem to be successful over and over.  My prediction is that another one will run in Sarasota in the near future.  Sarasota is overdue for another sex sting.  It makes for easy sex crime arrests, good publicity for the Sheriff, and more statistics and TV time for elected officials.

This time the police were actually contacting men on adult sites trying to entice them into traveling to meet a minor or using the Internet to lure, seduce or entice a minor.  Eighteen men were arrested in the latest Clearwater sex sting and more arrests are possible.  Did you know you can be arrested even if you do not travel and meet a minor for sex?   Many men are enticed into sending a picture, usually and inappropriate one of their penis to a chatter that is really a cop.  I have been blogging on these tactics for months and it never ceases to astound me that men actually fall for this police scheme.  You can be sure that the Sheriff will be on ABC news tonight claiming that these men were sex predators looking for children.  I would bet the farm that in every single case, it was the police doing the luring and soliciting.  Does it not bother anyone that the police are actually creating crime?  Who is actually doing the trolling on the Internet?  Who is doing the contacting? 

Now each one of these men will have to appear before a judge and have a bail bond set.  They will get fired from their jobs and many will sit in jail before a bond reduction hearing can be set. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.  Do not even chat with someone that claims to be a minor.  Never send a dirty pic of your private parts to anyone, much less an undercover officer.  I wish the Media would truthfully report what is going on in these cases.

I have now been involved in sex sting cases almost two dozen times in the last few years and the pattern is always the same.  Do not lose hope.  These cases can be defended if you have good chats and emails.  Did the police send a photograph of a minor to entice you?  If a loved one has been arrested, you need an experienced sex crime lawyer who knows something about defending sex stings.  Call 941 366 3506 for a free consultation

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