Will there be a Valentine’s Sex sting?

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Will there be a Valentine’s Sex sting?

February 13 2020

To the extent that the police undercover chatters target lonely, introverted men on Social Media, chances are that they will do it again on February 14thAs a sex sting lawyer, I remember the sex sting they ran in Manatee County where they posted on Craigslist an “escort” advertisement that said “Let April take you to the highest pleasures on Valentine’s day” and then when the customer responded, switched the age to that of a minor.  In that case the police were actually soliciting for prostitution (which is a crime).

The police now no longer are using Craigslist Casual Encounter and have instead switched to the Social Media dating applications that match profiles and use geo-location to match consenting adults.  Some of the applications match people who have profiles posted when they come within a certain distance of each other.  Even though the applications are for adults, the police pose as adults initially, and when the random geo-location matches them with someone, they switch the age.  The police have now become the sex predators.  Typically, they target not men looking for children but instead, lonely young guys seeking someone to talk to.

The lonelier and more desperate the young man, the greater the likelihood he will fall for the police bait and switch entrapment technique.  Lately, in several cases I have seen law enforcement post profiles of adult prostitutes on escort sites and then when they get a response, they do their classic bait and switch.

The best way to not get arrested is to not fall for this type of entrapment technique.  Never be tempted to meet with a minor or underage person.  Never, no never, travel to meet a minor under any circumstances.  If in a chat you ever see “I am not very experienced” or “I am a virgin and want to learn new things” terminate all contact and report the person and the post.  There are no young girls out there that want to hook up with some old dude.  It is always the police.  Some people mistakenly believe that if they say “are you a cop” that the chatter has to tell the truth.  That is a total fiction.  They don’t call it jail bait for nothing.

I have handled over forty of these types of cases and in almost every one, it is law enforcement that is doing the luring and seducing.  The police create a crime and then solve it with an arrest and destroy lives.  For them, it is all about numbers, not protecting real children.

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No sex crime case is identical and all cases and facts within cases are unique. Some lawyers promise things that may not be possible to get your case. I will be happy to review the facts of your case and give you an honest evaluation and suggest options based on my experience in these types of cases.

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