Sex Addiction and the Internet….A deadly combination

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“Operation Cyber Guardian Fall Haul” from Oct. 2 through Oct. 7 2018

They just ran another Internet sex sting in Polk County. Grady Judd was on television again telling the voters how he is keeping the children of Polk County safe from sexual predators. No matter how many times they run the sex stings, no matter how many times it makes the evening news, people still are getting arrested. The Internet is a dangerous place. You can get addicted to chatting, hooking up for casual sex or simply engaging in “fantasy chat”.
Are you old enough to remember the ads on television for the phone sex operators? The operators would keep guys on the line for hours billing them by the minute. Talking dirty was a turn on. The guys would be jerking off while they talked. The Internet has changed all that. Now people “chat” with each other in chat rooms or use Instagram or Skype to engage in fantasy sex. They think it is harmless because it is anonymous. What they do not realize is that undercover detectives are out there trying to temp people into actually living out that fantasy. The undercover chatters are good at what they do. They will compliment the guy. They will pretend they are interested in being taught about sex.

Even if the guy is looking for an adult hookup, the cops will try and temp him into doing something he would never do, that is, have sex with a minor.

There is a difference between being a predator looking for kids and being a weak easily manipulated lonely guy. I have handled over forty sex sting cases. In the majority of them, the defendant fits a profile. They are mostly single, mostly insecure and in some instances mentally or emotionally challenged. That is why they fall for the bait and switch undercover chatters.

Do you have a brother, a father, or close friend or relative who has been  arrested for traveling to meet a minor?I am willing to bet he fits the profile. People get addicted to the Internet. It is called Internet addiction. People also can become sex addicts. I have handled a lot of child pornography cases where guys sit at a computer for hours staring at kiddie porn. It is hard for us to understand, but this is an addiction. Sadly the State does not realize this is an addiction. The State want to put them in prison forever and make them registered sex offenders. There are defenses to these types of cases. In some cases it is damage control. Do not abandon a friend or relative or assume they are hopelessly guilty