Is there another sex sting running now in Sarasota ?

Peter D Aiken
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May 2018

Is there another sex sting running now in Sarasota?

Sarasota is long overdue for anotherInternet Sex sting. Now that Craigslist Casual Encounters has been taken down and now that has been shut down it will be interesting to see how law enforcement entices men to respond to their ICAC investigations. My bet is that they will be using the smart phone applications like Tinder, snapchat and other dating sites like or Right now, May 21st, if things go as usual, the Sheriffs department will be blocking the release of public information and denying the men their right to an attorney by not allowing them to make outgoing calls to family, friends or even an attorney. I fully expect that there will be a press release today or one day this week. Time will tell.

As a sex crime lawyer, I have defended over forty sex sting cases all over Florida. I am curious to see what tool the undercover chatters will be using to entice men totravel to meet a minor. The usual charge is unlawful use of a computer to solicit a minor or traveling to meet a minor after using a computer to solicit a minor”. For years I have blogged telling both men and women the best way to not get arrested is to never communicate with anyone that ever even hints they are underage. In the stings, typically, the undercover chatters claim to be adults and then when the chat gets going they say something like I am sorry, dont be mad, but I am really 14. They try and sucker the guys into continuing the chat with enticing hints that they are really old for my age or they like older guys. Sadly, over the years I have found that the men who fall for this are insecure and sometimes autistic or mentally challenged.

Do you have a husband brother or father you have not heard from in days? Have you checked to see if they are in jail? Until the sting breaks, they may not be able to call. I will be following this over the next few days to see if the sting is really running and see how many guys get entrapped.


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