Is this the end of Internet Sex Stings?

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The new legislation is going to take a giant bite out of the ICAC sex sting operations by local police. The police were the ones posting most of the phony ads. My prediction is that now law enforcement is going to target the escort sites going after the businesses that post ads for prostitutes. The new legislation is really going to hurt the thousands of women who provided sex for money. Their number one site for posting their wares has now gone down. What will replace Craigslist personals? Someone is going to step in and fill that void. The very simple answer would be to legalize and regulate prostitution. Men have been paying women for sex in one way or another for all of recorded history. It will not stop it and making it illegal only creates a market for illegal human trafficking. Good example, there would be no Mexican Cartels if marijuana had been legalized 50 years ago. Making some things illegal only creates a greater demand. The police can go back to the street hooker stings like the ones they run here on S.R. 41 but that will not touch the higher class prostitutes who were working the Internet.

My prediction is that over the next few months many of the escort site providers are going to have to find a loophole or face prosecution themselves. Until then, where are the police going to run the stings. My prediction is that you will see an increase in child pornography stings. Never respond to anything that even remotely hints at images of an underage person. My advice is to never use any type of peer to peer viewing application. Do not even use it for music or even legitimate types of file sharing. If you use a peer to peer program in your computer, the police can come into your computer without your knowledge. The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not commit a crime. Do not be curious! Curiosity killed the cat. Do not be tempted!Giving in to temptation can land you in prison. If something is illegal and you feel a compulsion to do it, get psychological help before it is too late. Many people look at child porn because as children, they were victims. Do not spend your life in prison over looking at pictures.

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