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Valentines day special.Talk to a cop and get arrested

Manatee County Sheriffs office has not run an Internet sex sting now in some time. Another sting is overdue. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Never engage in any type of texting with anyone underage. Do not assume that if they have an ad on an adult site that they are an adult. Never send a penis pic to anyone, much less a person that even remotely hints they are underage. If you are chatting online, and the person all of a sudden changes age, and claims to be underage, terminate all conversation and flag the ad. Everyone has an obligation to keep real kids out of adult sites and if a person you are chatting with even suggests they are a minor stop all communication and report them

There is a scam being run on the adult sites. A person posing as a woman will engage you in chat. They will get you to send a penis pic. You will then get a text, or a call if they have your phone number, from a man posing as a police detective. He will confront you and tell you that you have sent an obscene pic to a minor. He will try and convince you that by sending money you can have your case resolved with some type of program or diversion. This is nothing but a money hustle. This is not a policeman.It is a scammer
In the last year, there is a new tactic being used by ICAC chatters. The police will post a warning on Craigslist saying dont call this number, she is only 13. The posting will hint that a mother, an uncle or other relative wants someone to teach the young girl. Sadly, sometimes out of pure curiosity a man will respond and be tricked into chatting or traveling to meet a minor. As a sex sting lawyer, I have seen hundreds of postings by law enforcement, many of which are pure entrapment. Do not be weak. Never, no never, chat with a minor. There is no such thing as innocent chat and it will ultimately lead to your arrest. Dont let curiosity get the best of you. Curiosity killed the cat and curiosity will land you in State prison.

Some people engage in fantasy chat or role playing online. This is what years ago the phone sex operators would get you to do paying for it minute by minute. Fantasy is OK. Talking dirty is ok.butNever with a minor. You can end up getting arrested for even fantasy chat or role play if the person you are chatting with is an undercover chatter and if they have claimed to be underage. Here are some important things to know so you dont accidently violate the law.

There are no young girls on the Internet that need someone to teach them about sex

There are no moms, dads, uncles or aunts that need someone to teach their kid about sex

There are no young guys that are curious that need an older guy to show them anything

On Craigslist Casual EncountersDont believe anything you see

They dont call it Jail Bait for nothing. Sex with a minor equals time in prison