The latest sex sting in St. Johns County nabs 22 men

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The sex sting arrests just keep coming. No matter how much publicity, no matter how many warnings, law enforcement keeps getting men to fall for the same old bait and switch sex sting.
It amazes me that the police keep using the same tactics over and over and men keep falling for the same bait. Get this straight…There are no young girls out there that want someone to teach them about sex. There are no single mothers that want a mentor to teach their daughter about the “ways of life”. There are no older sisters that want to find a guy to teach their younger sister about sex. All of these ads on Craigslist are placed there by police. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.

They don’t call it “jail bait” for nothing.

Many of the men arrested are shy and introverted. In my experience in the last few years, I have found that many of the young men arrested suffer from developmental disabilities including a form of Autism. If you have a son or daughter arrested in one of the stings and you child has a disability, you need to have a lawyer that knows how to raise that issue in his defense. There are specific Court rules dealing with defendants with Autism and developmental or cognitive disabilities. Sadly, the police take advantage of the mentally challenged in some of the sex stings.

People with mental challenges should not be prosecuted in these types of cases. A person with Autism simply does not understand the consequences, and can easily be let into an inappropriate situation chatting or texting on a computer or cellphone with an undercover detective. As a sex sting lawyer, I have represented many young men with mental difficulties and challenges. Prison is not the answer for mentally challenged young men.

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