Internet Sex Stings….Just plain wrong

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What ICAC and the various police agencies are doing in entrapping innocent men is just plain wrong. Everyone is being misled into believing that these types of stings are making the Internet safe for kids. This is absolutely not true. The police are destroying lives, and making innocent gullible men sex offenders forever with their undercover operations.

In just this past month, over eighty men have been arrested in Florida in these sex sting operations. In every case the police publicly took credit for getting sex predators off the streets. It is a lie. As a sex sting lawyer, I see the actual evidence. I see the emails, the texts, the pictures and I hear the recorded phone calls. In almost every case, the men were not looking for kids. Sadly, most of the men have insecurities, mental deficits, disabilities or other conditions affecting their ability to make sound decisions. It is not fair for undercover police chatters to tempt men with enticing ads, sexy innuendo and invitations to travel. There is a world of difference between being weak and being a sex predator.

The Internet is a dangerous place. It is parent’s responsibility to keep kids off of it. In maybe one is a thousand cases is a real predator caught. Most of the time it is a man who was on an adult Internet dating site like or Craigslist Casual Encounters looking for adult companionship that gets sucked into chatting with an undercover cop. The truth is that it is the police that are the real sex predators. I have represented mentally challenged men, men who have never dated, men who are inexperienced and gullible, and men who have fallen for the police temptation. Weakness should not be a crime. The public has bought into a bill of goods when it comes to the propaganda put out by the various Sheriff’s departments on this issue. What we need is for the Media to expose the truth. Noah Pransky, a Tampa reporter did a good job of investigative reporting on this issue but nothing has been done lately by other news agencies. What the police say in their press releases, most of the time is one sided, and leaves out key details. They leave out the fact that they were on adult sites. They leave out the fact that they posed first as an adult. The leave out the fact they invited travel. They leave out the fact that they said, bring a condom. They make it sound like men are stalking kids when in truth, it is the police stalking weak men. This is just plain wrong.

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