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The latest Florida Sex Sting Operations or Cyber Child Internet Stings have traveled from Manatee and Pinellas in West Florida, Broward and Brevard counties in the east, Seminole County Central Florida. They all have Chatting, emails, calls and texting by the accused in common on some type of social media connection. One of the new ways to communicate is with the SPEEDDATE app for IPHONES. Some of the arrested answered ads on craigslist casual encounters, backpage, Yahoo voices, and communicated then traveled to meet minors others communicated then  backed away, stopped communicating, deleted communication and were later arrested at their homes. These stings are run over the course of a week or longer and involve multiple agencies.

The latest was in Seminole County which is just in the Orlando area and involved Police from the: Apopka Police Department, Casselberry Police Department, Longwood Police Department, Orlando police Department, Ovieda Police Department, Sanford Police Departments. Seminole County was also assisted in the Internet Sex Sting by Counties: Citrus County Sheriff Department, Orange County Sheriff Department, Lake County Sheriff Department, Manatee County Sheriff Department, Osceola Sheriff Department, Pinellas County Sheriff Department, Polk County Sheriff Department, and Volusia County Sheriff Departments and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Theses Florida Sex Sting Operations in 2014 were targeting people allegedly looking for children to engage in sexual activity. The Cybercrime units looked for individuals seeking out underage children on the internet. In some instances the so called underage child asks too many times to count for nude pics or videos.

Law enforcement consistently uses tactics in the chats or at least attempt to get the suspects to admit that they have done this before and then develop evidence in the form of well documented follow up chats, texts, calls or e-mails. Is law enforcement, government agencies or State officials inducing a person to commit a crime he or she is not previously predisposed to commit and then producing overwhelming graphic evidence, that in fear, makes them confess to things that they are not sure are even crimes. Arrested people usually talk when they really shouldn’t and an attorney is needed to do damage control.  The press articles and news videos seem to be stacked against the arrested in what seems to be weekly Sex Sting take downs in Florida.

Then there is the personal side of the Florida Sex Stings. Do not believe everything you hear in the news. As a Florida Sex Crimes Attorney handling multiple sex sting cases …believe your loved one. If you have had a father a brother, son, boyfriend, fiancé, or loved one who has been accused of allegedly participating in on line chats with a minor, arrested in a sex sting, falsely accused of traveling to meet an underage child, Please call my office for a free confidential consultation at  941-366-3506 .

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